Outdoor Wednesday/ Hoar Frost!

    " Isn't is beautiful, my mom proclaimed" !   "Isn't what beautiful," I asked?  "You know, the hore frost."  "What is hore frost" I asked , thinking she had mispronounced or was a bit confused.  "The trees", she said.  "They are filled with hoar frost."

     Like a good little daughter, I looked it up on the internet, and sure enough she was right!  Hoar Frost; Tiny, solid deposits of water vapor from saturated air when the temperature of surfaces is below freezing.

 Moral of the story, I guess your never too old to learn from your Mama!  Join our hostess, Susan, for more Outdoor Wednesday posts.

  And yes I was driving, but hey, I was only going about 10mph and I came to a stop to snap the pics! 


  1. Cindy, your hoar frost photos are gorgeous. I have to say the days of hoar frost are my favorite winter days - it just seems like we are in a winter wonderland with all the trees sparkling with frost.

    Good thing you stopped for the photos :)

  2. Hoar Frost?? More like VERY COLD FROST!!!
    My Gosh what was the temp?......and aren't we bloggers a hoot with our cameras....i was driving home from HomeGoods tonight when the sun was going down and I looked up and the sky was actually shades of pink and blue....never seen anything like it before....I pulled into the parking lot of Domino's and grabbed the camera from my purse and took a few shots....

  3. We had hoar frost here on Monday too - - - but not NEARLY this much nor this pretty!!!! We didn't get enough fog to have this much. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!!! and FURTHERMORE, I don't see a car in sight, so I'm OK with you snapping away while you drive!


  4. Oh Cindy...
    Sweetie your photos of Hoar Frost are absolutely breath taking. So beautiful. Your Moma is such a smart cookie, now you know where you get the brains from. Those Moma's are somethin else.

    I love the scenery you have shared. So magical, but ooh so cold looking. Nope not for me. I don't like the cold to live in. Those days are long gone.

    It is raining here tonight in the valley. I love it. I have missed the wet stuff. Everything needed a drop or two, but at the moment in our area of the valley it is pouring.

    Have a beautiful day tomorrow. Country hugs sweetie and oh so much love, Sherry

  5. Cindy, these are stunning photos! I learned something from this post as well. Thank your mom! ~ Sarah


  7. .... so funny. I've know about hoar frost since I was a girl! You are so right about never being too old to learn from Mom.

  8. It certainly is beautiful...I didn't know it had a name though! Hoar frost...now I can hardly wait to use it!

  9. The hoar frost is beautiful, the frosty trees look stunning. Great photos.

  10. The beauty of winter.
    Happy Outdoor Cindy.

  11. Beautiful pics! I have never heard of Hoar frost...we learn something new everyday!

  12. Enjoyed your pics! I'm sure you kept one hand on the wheel at all times, right?

    Have a great day!

  13. ALL these photos are stupendous. Such beauty.

    My Wednesday post & sketch can be found HERE. I invite you to stop by for a visit if you can find time in your busy day.

  14. Beautiful. Breathtaking. I want to be there!
    Several fb friends have posted similar pics from back there and I have loved everyone of them.
    It's raining all week and I mean LOTS of rain. Makes me sooo happy!
    Thanks for sharing Cindy.

  15. Glad to hear you were practicing safe driving camera techniques. I've never heard of hoar frost before, so your momma taught me something also. The photos really are beautiful.

  16. Cindy...I learned something new today also...beautiful photos...glad you were careful...

  17. Cindy,
    The pic's are beautiful! Your Mother is right!
    We do not get anything like that in Florida,maybe I should move North for the Winter!

  18. Beautiful pictures. It does look cold!.

  19. Hi Cindy,
    Yay! We are at the same party today! I'm the one still wearing the jammies.
    Love your photos! We get this same glittery frost when the clouds go by low. It is soooo beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Love the photos! I can feel the cold just by looking at them.

  21. it must be very cold! i like your neddle works;have a good day! catherine

  22. The pics are beautiful and I have never heard of that either.


  23. I love those snow filled trees, I just don't like the cold.. brrrr. I just became your follower Cindy.

    My Outdoor shots

  24. HI!!!!
    I learned a new word today!!!! And the definition with a picture!!!!!!I will never forget about Hore Frost again, and I may call my family in Chicago and say did you see the hore frost today!!!!See if they know what it is!!!haha
    I will let you know!!!!
    Beautiful pictures and thanks for the lesson!!!!
    Flagstaff was beautiful and Not to cold over the week-end!!!!

  25. OMG! Those are awesome pictures! And I'm glad you let us know that you stopped first! :)
    Hugs! Karen

  26. It was freezing rain for us today, nothing this gorgeous! The pictures are amazing. It really is pretty when this happens and the sunlight twinkles through the trees. Beautiful!

    Giveaway on my blog today...make sure to check it out!


  27. Hadn't heard of this eitehr ... neer too old to learn!

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

    Please make sure you have reset your following me to our new blog ~

  28. Hi Again!
    My son is visiting me in Oregon from Minneapolis ... we all lived there for 24 years ~ thus the Vikings nuts!

  29. Oh Cindy, these photos look like a fairyland! I don't know why (since I've lived in Ark. most of my life), but I knew what hoar frost is. I'm thinking it is a line in a poem or book I read long ago, and not knowing what it was, I had to look it up. In any event, I have never seen it, and I think your beautiful photos are about as close as I want to come to seeing it. Please be very careful driving. laurie

  30. Your photos are really spectacular. Give Mom a high-five for me. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  31. Hoar frost......so funny :o)
    Our snow is mostly melted, Yeah !
    Suppose to snow here again in a day or so...

  32. The hoar frost is truly beautiful, Cindy, lol! Your mom is one wise and smart mama!....Christine

  33. Mornin' Dearheart...

    Ohhh my...what beautiful photos!!! I loved your story too..hehe! Mama knows best, my dear! You know...hoar frost is my favorite thing about winter! We often have that type of frost here in Colorado...and I really love it when it's like that and the sun comes out to shine on it...it's breathtaking!!! I have a few winter photos with hoar frost in the trees and a perfectly clear blue sky with the sun shining for the background. All those little snow crystals just glitter in the sunlight and Ohhh...that beautiful winter white against the blue of the sky...magnificent!

    Well sweet girl, what are you up to today? I need to get busy and finish my projects from yesterday! Finally getting my studio organized...OMG, you should have seen it during and after Christmas! It seems to be my "catch-all" room because I can throw my things in there and close the door! Hehe! I had all of my new treasure finds from after Christmas sales in there...you couldn't even see the floor...soooo bad! Hehe! Thought I'd better get it cleaned up before the house appraisor gets here today! Hehe! Just wanted to stop by this morning to say hello though...and see what you were up to! Have a fabulous day, Sweetie! I'll talk to you later...

    Love ya,

  34. Beautiful pics! I never heard that name before... you learn something new everyday! hehehe

  35. Beautiful Beautiful pictures!! I keep telling my daughters that they are not to old to learn from me!!

  36. Hi Cindy
    I had to scroll down and low and behold I and Randy have learned something from your mama also.
    Our trees are always filled with hoar frost...sounds funny saying it though lol.
    About the Audrey cups...no not CC, but good guess. A little sweet southern 7 year old. One of my blogging friends Teresa's daughter, from Cherry Checkers.
    Yes I get to meet the infamous Mrs. Magpie, Smiling Sally, CC, hopefully Kim from Daisy Cottage and a few more. I have an image also of Sheila, but I bet it's nothing like I picture. It will be hard NOT to take pictures with her throwing the party for me. Aren't I a VERY LUCKY GIRL? I just can't wait. It's actually around the corner, and I'll be back before I know it.
    Thanks for popping in, and for the nice compliments on our little space.
    Love Claudie

  37. We don't have that here, or we don't call it! I learned about it from Marsha.

    It does look beautiful!


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