ON A COLD DAY LIKE THIS.... Dreaming of Mackinac Island.

On a cold day like this, I need to go deep into the recesses of my memory and pull out some summer days to cheer me up.  Lucky for me, I  have pictures from our trip to Mackinac Island,  to help it along. 

Because this is my outside thermometer at 8:30 a.m. with the sun shining on it.  Our low last night,
   -14 without windchill.  You know it's bad, when the weatherman mentions that this part of the country is the coldest in the world right now.  HUH?  Colder than Antarctica?  Surely he must jest.

So today I will go  to one of my favorite places.  Michigan's Mackinac Island.  You know it's good, they even filmed the movie Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour here.

Where the only way to get there is by Ferry.

Where the only mode of transportation besides walking and biking is this. 

Where every home is amazing even though  most of them are summer homes.

To visit the Grand Hotel
With their beautiful lush gardens...

On a beautiful June day.

And admire the beautiful flowers that are everywhere.

Spend some romantic, quality time with my husband away from the stresses of every day life.

And then top it off with the most glorious sunset!
So that's where I went today, if only in my imagination.  Have a great week-end everyone, I am off to spend quality time with my husband.  Cindy


  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit even if it is only in your mind! Hope your little "trip" warmed you up!


  2. Cindy, what a great trip. YOur pictures are just gorgeous. Hope you get some warmer weather soon. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your favorite places are beautiful just like you.

    You have a warm cozy weekend filled with the love of a good man and heaps of blessings!!!

  4. Cindy,
    What a charming place. Love places you can only get to by ferry. A whole world away. Enjoy your weekend and your time with your husband.

  5. Cindy....this was just what i needed...and it's not even cold here..i am just tired of january...

    have a great weekend


  6. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh...I remember these photos of Mackinac Island! Ahhh...what a beautiful way to retreat from the wintery blahs!!! I remember watching the movie...and this fabulous hotel! It really is so romantic looking! Bet you and Dan had a great time! I sure would love to go there sometime! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and trip to Mackinac Island with us...like a breath of fresh air!!!

    Well Darlin', what have you been up to? Sorry that I haven't been by sooner...just been busy! We have the kids coming tonight so I've been busy cooking and baking today! Trying to feed growing teenagers! Hehe! It will be another busy weekend...guess will head up to the big city on Sunday to take them home! I'll have to see what I can get into up there! Hehe! Hmmm...it's been awhile since I've been to TJ Maxx! Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays...bummer! Well sweet girl, I hope that you and Dan have a wonderful weekend! I'll talk with you later...

    Love ya,

  7. So beautiful! I really want to visit sometime.

  8. I live on Mackinac year-round and trust me, it was darn cold here today. I think it was -9 today...

    I'm glad you enjoyed you visit in June.

  9. What a fabulous place to visit - even from memory! Wish I could send you some of our sunshine, but it is going to rain here tomorrow...

    ~ Tracy

  10. Oh Cindy, I was just looking at our pictures from Mackinac Island the other day. I would love to return.

    Enjoyed your photos!

  11. Cheer up, Cindy - - - Mackinac isn't warm right now either. :-)

    Throw an extra log on the fire and cuddle down under your favorite Badger throw!!!!

    I know that's what I'm about to do!

  12. Thanks, I needed this. Though it isn't very cold here is is gray the rain is on its way.
    What a beautiful place to visit.

  13. I remember when you first posted this!! I have never been. Would love to go but it is waaaay up there in Michigan, isn't it? If it is more than a 4 hour drive, I fly! lol!!

    Beautiful pictures!! Stay warm, sweetie!


  14. ~Wow! Gorgeous photos Cindy! I would love to visit there.

    Thank you for entering my giveaway sweet friend!

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  15. Oh Cindy! I have visited this amazing place many times and would love to travel back one day! thanks for the memories ......

  16. One of the highlights of my life...was visiting Mackinaw. I will never forget. It is beyond beautiful!

  17. Looks like a good place to vacation. Thanks for sharing - I needed to see pictures of green grass and flowers, I Need Spring time!! We got about an inch of snow and sleet this morning, freezing rain off and on this afternoon, and "they" are saying more tonight. :(

  18. what a beautiful place Cindy...got my mind off this cold rainy weather for a few....

  19. What wonderful pics for you to share. I loved that movie and had no idea where they filmed it. Maybe I can talk my Hubby into going there one day.


  20. Fabulous photos and they took me away from this Oregon rainy day! You are the sweetest!

  21. Brrrr! I can't believe how cold it is there, Cindy, and I thought it is cold here tonight, it's 39 degrees. What a beautiful island, love the gardens. Try to keep warm..Christine

  22. Thanks for the summer trip. Warmed my heart...
    Waiting for spring at Lakewood,

  23. Hi! What a lovely escape! My daughter used to live in N. Milwaukee, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, & Kenosha, Wisconsin while her hubby was getting his PhD at Marquette. She taught @ Greendale HS, home of Taste of Home magazine! So we spent many visits in cold Wisconsin...an extra deep snow around 1999, when the lake was frozen near the shore...

    I loved that movie "Somewhere in Time" too...

    Check out my blog w escape pictures from warmer climes...Bahamas, Key West, Disney, Hawaii, Malibu...it's time for a "mental vacation"

    xoxoxo Jennifer aka Gigi jerseyshorejournal@blogspot.com

  24. is THAT what summer looked like??? oh yeah...it's slowly coming back to me as i sit in a flannel nightgown over jeans!!!! brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. What lovely photos...this is a place I quickly put on my list of "must sees" after watching the movie, "Somewhere in Time"...one of my faves!

    Just came across your blog and I am really looking forward to catching up!

  26. Ahhhhhhhhh! Green lawn, leaves on the trees and beautiful flowers! I needed that! It's been cold here too, 6 degrees this morning, but thankfully no snow! The snow's staying just south of us. Hope it warms up by you soon! Hugs ps I'll have to pull that movie out and watch it tonight.

  27. Cindy, I love Mackinac Island. Haven't been in a long time, so I really enjoyed going there with you today. I know it doesn't sound like much, but we have 6" of snow in my little corner of Ark. I'm enjoying the beauty of it (from inside the house), but the wind is blowing, and it is really cold outside (or so I'm told by those who have been outside!). laurie

  28. As a native Michigander, now a long way from home, I have spent a lot of time on Mackinac Island. Your pictures are wonderful - the next best thing to being there.

    Lindy in AZ

  29. Oh how wonderful to see these pictures! I visited Mackinac Island in the summer of 1983 and your pictures bring back such lovely memories. It is truly a magical place! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  30. I would love to visit there some day!!

  31. I've always heard this island is beautiful. I'd love to go there someday. Your photos are wonderful. I can't imagine weather as cold as it is there. I laughed when I saw the video on your previous post, because we go to Snowmancam all the time just to try and watch something like you see right outside.
    Have a wonderful week!

  32. I loved that movie. It was one of those that really stuck with me for a long time. We love Michigan. We haven't done the Island yet, but I'm sure it will be on the list for future trips. It is so gorgeous.


  33. I want to go there so badly! I think it would be quite a nice change from Missouri's humid summers.

  34. Wow, Cindy! That place is gorgeous - cold, but gorgeous! Beautiful pics! Linda

  35. Cindy, thanks so much for stopping by. You always leave the nicest comments. I really look forward to chatting with you. I hope when you come back again we can get together. You asked about the tray hanging on the wall. I just hung it up there with one of those regular wire plate hangers. I found a really big one that is big enough for platters at Walmart and it would go around the tray. Hugs, Marty


  37. HI Cindy!!! This is one place I dream of going to. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place with us!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  38. HI!!!!
    Michigan was my 50th sate!!!! I got them all 4 months before my 50th birthday!!! I saved Michigan for last hoping to go to Macinaw Island, I have read about it and seen the movie somewhere in time!!
    I am going to make it there one day, on my bucket list!!!Maybe my helicopter ride and the island both in one trip!!!!!Do they fly helicopter's there!!!!haha
    I will be taking you with me to the Olympics!!! Right in my heart!!!I wish all of you could go with me, wouldn't that be fun??
    Loved this post and the deer one!!!
    It is a beautiful magical place I am sure!!!

  39. Hi Cindy, your pictures are so lovely!!

    Oooo, I hope you get some warmer weather soon. Sending you some Florida sunshine.......♥


  40. What wonderful scenery and architecture. I remember that movie too, from a long time ago! I can't imagine cold like that. I won't complain about the rain any more!

  41. What fun photos - that hotel and island is so pretty - super neat place to take photos...
    No, I am not whyininging....o.k. maybe a tad...
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  42. Oh PLEASE take me with you! Our temps aren't much better than yours. Those were awesome pictures you shared with us. Really, really peaceful and just gorgeous!


  43. Good evening Cindy, I love to go to Macinaw island and have been there many times. It really is pretty isn't it? Thank you for posting these lovely pictures. I enjoyed a little bit of summer on a cold winter day.

  44. Oh Cindy... two amazing things about this post. 1: the COLD READING on your thermometer! EEEK!
    2: those amazing pictures of Mackinac Island. What an enchanted spot!
    Soooo beautiful, and I don't blame you for "going" there at such a cold time of the year, at least in your memories. Hope you had a lovely quality time with hubby this past weekend, too!

  45. Cindy,
    Thanks for the trip to Mackinac Island...even if it's only in your memories and photos. I visited there when I was a child. It's a magical place! I remember it so well...and hope to get back there one day with my husband. I remember dreaming about being there with the love of my life...Yes, I was a romantic child.

    Stay warm!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  46. When I remember Christopher Reeves, I remember him as he was in that film. That is also my favorite film of Jane Seymore.
    When I first saw that hotel in this post, I immediately thought "Oh my gosh, that is the hotel in "Somewhere In Time"! Isn't it just beautiful?
    I doubt I will ever be able to visit, but is certainly a place I dream of seeing.
    What a nice post today, Cindy!


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