Happy First Birthday Addison Lou!

Today is my grand-daughter Addison's first birthday!  She was born at 12:03 a.m. and I cried right along with my daughter!
I think I felt everyone of her labor pains too!
She has enriched our lives so very much and I can't imagine life before her!
Who knew being a Grandma would be so much fun!

Newborn Addison, 6 lbs, 9 oz. and lot's of black hair!

about 3 week old.

1 month.

 2 months.

2.5 months

3 months.

4 months.

5 months

6 months

7 months

Tutu Addison at 8 months.

9.5 months and starting to walk.

At 10.5 months she is pretty sure on her feet and really starting to talk more.

At 11 months, a day at the park with Grandma.

Thanks for coming by everyone!

We are expecting highs in the upper 70's to about 80 all week long.
Amazing weather for us this late in the season!
And I am also busy preparing a B-Day party for little Addison.
We are having it this upcoming Saturday, can't wait!
Any great 1st birthday party ideas would be gladly accepted.



  1. She's adorable and I'm sure you are very proud of her! Enjoy your baby girl, Clara.

  2. WoW girl, this is just fantastie!!! A year in the life of the cutest little gal around...Addison Lou. I knew it all along, she just keeps gettin' more adorable every day. What a blessin' she must be to your heart!

    Happy first birthday little Princess!!!

    Have the best day filled with blessings, celebration and cake baby. All the cake of that little charmers desire.

  3. Cindy, I can' believe it's 12 months since you shared that wonderful news with us!! What a special time it has been for you. I am expecting my 4th grandie any day now. My second daughter and I are going to our beach house (with her little girl) to wait for the big day. (The beach house is only 40 mins from the hospital whereas their farm is 2 1/2 hrs away!!) Looking forward to having some special times in the next few days.
    Have a great day on Saturday,

  4. HAppy birthday to your little big fantastic dream!!! Hugs, Flavia

  5. Can't believe it has been one year. She is a happy baby. I hope you has a very very happy birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Miss Addison !! Hard to believe the girls are a year old already.

  7. Wow! The year really went by so fast. Happy birthday, little Addison! I can imagine the delight she has given you, Cindy. What a blessing! She is always so happy too and I know part of that is the love and care that you give her. Such a beautiful and cute little girl!..Christine

  8. Happy Birthday to that precious girl! I can't believe it's already been a year, Cindy. I've so enjoyed seeing her growing up. Such a doll!

    Love to her and to her sweet grandmother, too.



  9. Happy Birthday to Addison Lou! She is a beauty. Aren't grandchildren wonderful???

  10. Time does fly when your having fun, and what fun she must bring into your lives. Being a Grma is a very grand thing!! Happy Birthday sweet girl.

  11. Really ... I tried to choose my favorite Addison Lou image and finally gave up - they are all perfect! Oh, I do know how you feel Cindy! Give her an extra squeeze from Woonie in Bend.

  12. What a doll...always happy!! Happy Birthday, Addison!


  13. Happy Birthday Addison!! How wonderful it must be to have such a sweet little grand daughter!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Addison! You are such a little doll!

  15. Happy, happy, Birthday Sweetie!! What an absolute living doll she is....I loved the year in pictures - and, yup, she gets cuter by the day....no small feat given that she was born being cute as a button! Hope you enjoy planning her special party! Have a great week....We're supposed to get in the 70's....woo hoo!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. Happy First Bday to Addison!

    The only thing I remember about my gkids 1st bdays was that Elmo came! They hired someone, but maybe you could rent a costume and get a friend to do it. The kids loved it.
    The 3 y o had a clown who painted their faces and made balloon animals.
    We went to our 6 y old gson's yesterday, in a gymnastic place Everyone has them out here, Build a Bear, Petting Farms, Ice Rinks, crazy! It costs a small fortune!
    I used to have the 26 classmates in the house!

  17. Times flies by so darn fast. Adorable photos, just adorable. You are so blessed to have her so close.

  18. time sure does fly by...Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!!! she is precious...

  19. She is just so beautiful and precious, Cindy! May God bless and keep that sweet child for many, many, many more birthdays! xo Diana

  20. I can't believe she's a year old already! Where did the time go. She's such a little doll :) Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!

  21. Cindy..where has the time gone. I remember it all. I fell in love with that tiny face when you showed the first photo of her.
    Probably why I had seven of the little darlings! LOVE little ones and another generation of them are beginning to come along.
    She is So darned adorable!!
    Happy Birthday, Addison Lou!!!

  22. She's so adorable, Cindy! Happy birthday to little Miss Addison!...hugs...Debbie

  23. Happy First Birthday Addison Lou! Her precious face must bring so much sunshine to each day. What a little doll!!

    Susan and Bentley

  24. Hi Cindy....wonderful post...I didn't realize she walked so early....and I remember that adorable purple address....she certainly is a doll and how lucky you are to have her so close by to see all these moments in her life....Happy Birthday Addison!!

  25. Happy Birthday, little Addison! Cindy, she is just a little living doll! She had more hair at birth than my little Carter has now! ;) I just love her precious smile. Don't you love being a grandma?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. I loved seeing beautiful Addison's first year. I have always said, she is such a happily pleasant baby girl!

  27. Hi Cindy I enjoyed seeing Addison's first year, where has it flown to? There is nothing greater than being a Grandma.. lol.. She is one adorable baby.. hugs ~lynne~

  28. How quickly the time goes! Happy Birthday to a real cutie-pie...Addison! Linda

  29. Happy first birthday to sweet Addison!

  30. Oh my gosh, how did I miss the P A R T Y?! I love seeing all the pictures again..she was a cute from day one as she is now. Some really great pictures of grandma's little angel! :D

  31. She is so precious, no wonder you are so proud! If it's possible I think she just gets cuter and cuter. Belated happy birthday Addison.

  32. She is a doll, her pictures are adorable. My Lily turned 7 mo. on the third. They are fun aren't they? Congrats and happy bithday to your sweet girl! Being Grandma is so fun you were right!

  33. Happy Belated Birthday Addison!!! What sweet pictures of your Granddaughter over the past year...oh how quickly they grow. I hope your weekend was a good one Cindy!
    Maura :)

  34. Belated happy birthday, Addison! Sorry I am late but we just got home from Charleston, SC today. You are so pretty and I know you make your grandma so happy!

    Cindy, it is AJ's birthday today and I just did a birthday blog post for her...Christine

  35. Thanks for your SWEET comments on my blog... I often think that no-one ever reads my posts... and if they do.... I scare them away! LOL!!! But thank your for your sweet message! It made my night! ... AND...

    I just have to agree ... those little grand~babies are the BEST!!!! SHE IS A DOLL FOR SURE!!!! And guess what else!?!?! Your little Addison shares a birthday with my daughter too!!! (only she just turned 15! and OH HOW I HOPE I SURVIVE THE TEEN YEARS.... again!!!! What was I thinking??? LOL!!! And... to think I have one more to go before we are done with the TWEEN years..... I'm exhausted just thinking about it!! LOL!)

    Well, I'm following you now lady!!! :) Hope you don't mind! Thanks again for stopping in... oh... one more thing... I'm so envious of your "COTTAGE!!!!" your pictures are just GORGEOUS!!!! I think you live in heaven lady!!!! awe.... Heavenly!

    Have a great week!!!!


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