Copycat and Cloching!

I'm on a different schedule these days and not always ready to post when a party comes along.
But I love Debbie's idea of a copycat party and although I am fashionably late I still would like to join in.
I am also joining Marty for her cloche party.  I am actually on time for this one!

My inspirational pic!  I found it on Pinterest and there are no tags saying where it came from but it's so charming and homey to me!

Well of course I just had to (the one minus toddler hands) choose the darkest and dreariest day around to take pics of my version. 

My version has a swan gourd as the centerpiece along with a few prickly apples!

I used 2 yards of burlap for my tablecloth.   I also bought one yard of check broadcloth for the napkins and the material under the plates.
Otherwise I had everything available in my home.

Napkins tied with twine...talk about cheap napkin holders!

 A little raffia.

 I am sorry about the darkness of my pics....even with the flash on they're just too dark.

Nubby Apples.

And my only cloches live on top of my fridge these days!
Not exactly where I would like them, but their out of reach of little bitty hands.
These little, bitty hands!
Trying on her kitty costume for Halloween!
Now it's time to head out for Trick-or-Treating!
I'll be around to visit with you all soon!


Also joining


  1. I'm waitin'....I have candy! Heeehehehe!!!

    That's gotta be one of the most adorable kitties ever!!!

    I just love your copycat...very charmin' sweetie!

    God bless and have fun out there this evenin'...I'll leave a light on for ya'll. :o)

  2. Very pretty tablescape and a great copy cat challenge!! Oh yes your little one is soooo cute!!

  3. Beautiful copycat table, Cindy -- in fact, I like your better .. love the swan gourd!

    Cutest thing in the post of course is your little pink and white pussycat!
    How darling is she?
    Very darling!!!

  4. Beautiful copy cat Cindy! I love the burlap used a a tablecloth and your little kitty is adorable!

  5. Your table is so close to the one you copied. Very well done. I can imagine cloches are very difficult with that cutie pie around.

  6. I prefer your version - very pretty!
    Kitty is so cute!! My littlest is a lady bug - waiting for pics now.

  7. Cindy, what a great copy cat!! Love the checks!! So whimsical and happy! You did a great job! And your cloches are great too!

  8. Cindy you have the best table scapes even without copying! This is very charming. Love that funky centerpiece too, now that makes a statement. Cute cloche, of course I am lame and only have one..I need to get more! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  9. I love your copy, Cindy. Beautiful! And it looks perfect with your drapes in the background too. Your grandbaby looks so cute in her kitty costume....Christine

  10. I thought I didn't like burlap...but I love this combination and it is homey, so cute! Love that little kitty in the steps too! :D

  11. Hi Cindy, Love your tablescape! You did a great job on the copycat challenge. What a fun party!
    I have decided to cancel my travel party - just wanted to let you know. I appreciate your participation last month.
    Hugs, Beth

  12. Oh Cindy, your tablescape is wonderful. I love the gourd and the apples and of course the red dishes are fabulous. Your burlap and checks are perfect, just like the inspiration pic. Very pretty. Love you cloche and the apothecary jar, and they can come down when Addison grows a little, she is a lot more fun anyway. Love her kitty costume. So cute. Thanks for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  13. Hi Cindy! I love your copy cat table! You did a wonderful job and I adore that swan gourd!
    Little Addison looks darling as a pink kitty! I've been enjoying seeing the little miss on FB! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  14. What an adorable puddy tat! :))) She really is precious and I would keep my cloche up high with those sweet little hands around too. I love your copy cat setting. You did a wonderful job and I like how your version is more original to you but yet I can definitely see the resemblance to your inspiration! Way to go!

  15. What a cute table setting. I love the colors and those nubby apples are adorable. But your granddaughter is even more adorable in that kitty costume!

  16. Oh, I love Kitty! She will get soooo many lovely treats. I hop you had so much fun tonight.
    I love your copy cat table, you did an excellent job and the pics are great as well.

  17. Great table...oh my goodness she is just precious....love it..

  18. Perfectly catty post Cindy!!! Your table is positively gorgeous....and that little Addison makes the cutest dang kitten around....Hope she scored lots and lots of treats!! Smiles & Kitty Kat Hugs ~ Robin

  19. What pretty display!The little one is so cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  20. I really liked your copy cat table scape! You did a great job and loved the way you photographed it. I can see why your cloches are on top of the refrigerator...they look nice there though and those sweet little hands are safe. Your little pink kitty is adorable ":o)

  21. Am I too late??
    LOVE your gourd, it looks like a cute green duck with a bow!!
    Ok the cute pick of Madison on the right in the wheelbarrow is adorable.
    You did good Cindy girl.
    Love you
    Love me

  22. That is the cutest kitty cat I've ever seen! I saw that table on Pinterest too and loved it. You have recreated it beautifully. Love that gourd, and your transferware is beautiful. The rooster apothecary is so good looking. I don't remember ever seeing it before. Please don't tell me you painted that rooster on there. I am sooo unartistic, I'd have to be very jealous if you did. laurie

  23. Beautiful copycat Cindy.

    Cute toddler too.:-)

  24. What a beautiful tablescape and the little one is adorable! Do you know the name of the china pattern? It looks like the one I inherited from my husband's grandmother. It's called "Castle on the Lake" I really love it. It's elegant, but yet it can fit in with a rustic table setting.

  25. Your table looks beautiful...love the dishes. it looks a lot like the picture!! I was going to be in the party and I lost my copy cat picture in the kitchen mess. I really wanted to do it...it looks like so much fun. Love your gourd...funny that they look like swans, I have one on my porch, it needs a ribbon!!

    Your cloche is so pretty. I have only 3 and two are at the lake so I didn't join. Plus, the arrangement is permanently glued inside! lol!

    Sorry I have been missing your posts, my blogging has been erratic. I have been keeping up with you on Facebook though, lots of great pictures of Addison!

    Galena is still so up in the air...Al is talking about a secret get away, I don't like surprises. And the kids have hinted of a 25th Anniversary surprise party. Surprise, surprise!! If we don't get together in December, there is always the spring.

    Take care and enjoy these beautiful days!


  26. HI!!!
    SO sorry to be so absent!!!
    I have been so busy!!!I love those pics of Addison!!!So cute, love that hat too....going to be COLD here this weekend, we have a storm coming...high SAT is 64......can you believe that???If it does come, that will for sure toss us into Fall....maybe winter!!!!HAHA

  27. Love your copycat table and the nubby apples are so "you!" What a precious little reason to keep your cloches up high!!!!

  28. What a pretty "copy" table you created -- just lovely. Your little kitten is adorable!

  29. I love that table, Cindy! It is a shame someone pinned that pic without linking back to the owner, I got so many emails about that. Some had pics stolen from them and were pretty upset about it. I still haven't figured the whole thing out!
    Love your little Kitty! Ours were a devil, count Dracula, an astronaut and a Dalmation. :)
    And yes, finding a bargain is a challenge to me. Anyone can pay full price! :) I enjoy the hunt!

  30. OH NO! Even though my cloches are few...ok..two...I still wanted to do it..but just so much happening. I missed it.
    Been gone, gone, gone...the kids are taking us on whirlwind fun times..and we are loving it.
    Baby girl is ...sooooo darn cute!
    I can't stand it!! :) Honest..she should be in magazine ad's...

  31. Cindy, you did a SUPER job on the copycat table. Very, VERY cute. And I love the cloche, too. But you know I love that Kitty Cat! Oh, how ADORABLE!

    Love you...



  32. Always love your table settings, Cindy - they are gorgeous. I had to laugh at you putting your breakables and other "pretties" on top of the fridge because of little hands...I have the opposite problem at this time in my life - I can't decorate my kitchen table in anything lovely because my CATS knock it down or chew on things! lol

  33. Thought id say hello while passing your blog by, and i hope you folks have a very nice weekend. We are maybe a little past fall peek colors for taking pictures of our tree's here in central Pennsylvania, but ill try anyway to go out one last time to snap some images. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

  34. Fabulous copy! I love the homey feel the burlap gives and the mixture of the plaid and check is awesome!

  35. Oh that kitty is the cutest I have ever seen!

    I love your copy cat idea. I too always seem to be late to the party. :)

    Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers dear friend.

  36. Cindy..this table top is just wonderful. I especially love the burlap tablecloth. Where did you get it? I wonder where I can buy that fabric. Think I will check tomorrow. It's wonderful
    The red check with it...and the plaid...all of it...totally adorable!!

  37. very nice table, I just love those fun shaped gourds . and oh that Pinterest! such wonderful ideas

  38. Hi Cindy,
    I love that gourd!! Your table looks great with your cute apples and checked napkins! So cute!

  39. HI Cindy!! I'm still enjoying your pretty table and so glad you liked my little crocheted pony!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  40. I am late commenting but I knew I'd get here eventually!
    YOUR COPYCAT IS PERFECT...you pretty much got it perfect....what a gorgeous table. I'd be happy to join you there for dinner lady.

    Love the little one in her costume...too cute.

  41. Wow, that is some great copy-cat table you created. I have that same table & chair set, but mine is still the same origianal honey color. Now you've got me thinking about making it white -- just added that to my project list....lol!

    Little Addison is precious. We have an almost 10 month old who is in non-stop motion, too! Do you have Gymboree's where you live? A couple of my "Grands" have gone to these, & it seems to be really fun for the little ones.

    Good luck on everything!

  42. Such a pretty table. I love it. And that sure is a cutie in the last picture.

  43. Beautiful tablescape, love red & white!!! And as for the precious little kitty you have there...adorable!


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