Autumn 2011 Scenes at Applestone Cottage

Hello friends,
Sad to say but our beautiful Autumn colors are fading quickly.
We've  had some strong winds over the past few days and the trees are starting to look rather bare.
So today I would like to share some scenes from our brief but beautiful Autumn 2011.

Apple picking time!

 Fall Mantel.

Outdoor decor.

Glorious Mums!

 Autumn tablescaping.

The cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

 Our deer have very full bellies!

  Wild turkeys roaming our beautiful countryside.

A glimpse of a big buck in the making!

Corn fields and autumn colors.

Our small but pretty maple trees.

More Wisconsin countryside.

My pumpkin topiary!
Made from a variety of fresh pumpkins, an urn I got on clearance at Wally World for $5 and some Autumn pics.
The top pumpkin is a turban, the bottom one is a French, the gray one is a jarradale and I believe the beige one is a long island cheese.

 Thanks for coming by......how is Autumn progressing where you live?


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  1. We had a lot of rain and wind over the past few days.... it took a lot of fall colored leaves with it, but there are still many trees that have not yet turned. I need to get up into the mountains and snap a few soon!

  2. Cindy your photos and Fall lovelies are just wonderful. Loving your Pumpkin topiary, how cute. What a great shot of that gorgeous deer family. Happy Sunday!

  3. Amazing and gorgeous! I am in NW Florida and green with envy! We are supposed to get cooler temps next week, which is probably a laugh for northern folks...our highs are only gonna be in the low 70's!!! It's a big deal to us! Oh, I wish we had REAL seasons!

  4. Ok..now this is what I call a creative, homey, Halloweeny, inspiring post! (and you call my old raggy falling apart grapevine wreath creative!) :)
    What wonderful fall touches...actually full BLOWN splashes! Just beautiful! I loved all of it. And baby girl!!! So adorable. Those deer..what a bounty harvest for them. Cindy..what a beautiful place to live..and for baby to toddle around in.

  5. Thanks for sharing your pretty Fall color. Not any to speak of around here. It has been so dry recently, it may just turn brown.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us, Cindy. We haven't had fall yet. Well, except for the fact that the rain trees have bloomed. Loved seeing this.



  7. Don't you just look the deer and turkey? We see them here in Missouri and I love it. I guess the deer are a bother to some people, I don't mind. I=Our leaves have lost there color also. Thanks for letting me see your world. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  8. The deer are so lucky to have a 'feast' of apples and how lucky for you to see them and the turkeys. We used to see deer before all the subdivisions moved in.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Fall.

  9. Gorgeous Cindy!! Loving it all - your fall decorating with all the naturals is so inspiring - love your mantle and your outdoor pieces especially - but oh, I'm seriously loving that pumpkin topiary....How fun is that!! Alas, our color is gone here - blown halfway to Kansas by now - we've had 3 days of gale-force winds and it's supposed to continue through tomorrow. Me no likey.... Thanks for sharing your beauty...Wishing you a blessed Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Happy Fall Cindy, it does seem to go fast! Lovin' your topiary, beautiful pumpkins-enjoy:@)

  11. what a beautiful place you live in. So pretty! I love your pumpkin topiary, very, very nice. And you collage is spectacular.

  12. You live in such an awesome area...the deer and turkeys and beautiful fields and trees...it takes my breath away! If it weren't for the bears, I would be outside every moment I had!! Love the cute pictures of Addison and your topiary is gorgeous. I'd love to make one next year...I just need an urn.

    Hope you had a great weekend...I think the weather was good. We decorated the front porch and I think I'll post about it this week. Not much else new. Let's think about Galena in December.


  13. Beautiful pics, Cindy! Love the pumpkin topiary with stacks of pumpkins. Wildlife and a cutie pie - what more can you want?! Linda

  14. Cindy, you asked about our beach pics...they are from Hilton Head, SC. We've been going there since 1972. It's our favorite place! Linda

  15. Cindy- What a wonderful Autumn we have had! We lost just about all our leaves here with the big wind storm that came through...and it is still blowing strong tonight.

    The kids sat out at the Packer game today but said it wasn't too cold...just windy.

    Your little Addison is surely the cutest pumpkin in that patch! She is just a beautiful child! xo Diana

  16. Oh my goodness! Cindy what awesome photographs you've shared with us, I'm sitting her thinking how lucky you are to live in the middle of such beauty! What an autumn! Thank you for sharing this with us, truly incredible post. And that little one, is just a cutie pie!

  17. Your decorations look lovely! Yes, you are way ahead of us in the color. We haven't had a frost yet!
    Love that pic of A in the wagon!
    What have you been doing with all your apples?

  18. Beautiful Autumn scenes! I envy you your deer, how I would love them in my garden! Lovely post, thankyou! Annemarie xx

  19. OMG look at all the apples!
    Don't you pick them? CAn't you sell them?
    Your fall is ending and ours is just beginning. It's still HOT here. (I do not like the heat - do you remember that?)
    You let me know the MINUTE the first snowflake falls.
    Wish I could be there when it does.
    I still can't get over those deer - you'd think they'd get bellyaches!
    :) HUGS! Me.

  20. Hi Cindy dear,

    I went through this posting (yes, that little pumpkin is precious) and then back through one other I'd missed. It was the one about you two meeting up with Jane and Al. Perfect to read about.

    Sending love, our leaves are blowing away too,


  21. Cindy, Everything looks so pretty. I LOVE that pumpkin stack in the urn. I want to try to copy that. That precious little girl IS the cutest pumpkin, and I love the photo of her in a wheelbarrow on your sidebar. Your mantel looks so pretty, and oh, that maple tree took my breath! Since all I ever see in my yard are squirrels, I love seeing all of the wildlife in your yard. laurie

  22. Loved all of your fall decorating! Wonderful pics. Such natural Fall colors and wildlife. Reminds me of my previous home in NH. I am just finishing up my decorating, I should have pics this week on my blog.Thank you for the inspiration. Blessings ~Sara

  23. I know, I know! I already had my turn at commenting..but I just wanted to say...something. :)
    I forget...oh..yes..

    No..that's not what I wanted to say..I wanted to ask you HOW you got all those pumpkings to stand on top of each other without falling over??? :) There HAS to be a secret!!

  24. Hi Cindy...

    I don't think autumn could get any prettier than in your neck of the woods, sweet friend! I loved looking through all of your beautiful photos! One of my favorites was the photo of the corn with the different color autumn trees in the background! Simply gorgeous!

    I love your new pumpkin topiary!!! I have been wanting to make one and seem to never get around to it! Was wondering if the pumpkins are fastened to one another? You sure found some pretty and unique pumpkins! I love the turban pumpkin on top! You're so creative, Cindy!

    Well dear friend, how are you doing? Just thought I would stop by...couldn't sleep tonight so I'm stalking blogs! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  25. Oh Cindy, such pretty pics and your decor is so lovely. I love the pumpkins in the urns and the mantel is fabulous. Everything is so pretty. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  26. You have had a stunning fall, and lots of photos to prove it. Your "WI countryside" shot looks like it should be on a calendar! Very nicely done. Thanks for linking up, Cindy!
    Hugs, Beth

  27. Oh my goodness, that baby and the apples -- what a perfect picture! Those chubby little feet! I just want to give that little one a hug, which of course would scare the daylights out of her since she hasn't a clue who I am!

    And wow -- our deer are SO jealous. They have decided to walk around with picket signs, asking for equal treatment with the Wisconsin herds.


  28. Cindy, I love all your fall pictures. Your granddaughter is too cute picking up an apple and those are some mighty lucky deer.

  29. Cindy all of these images are simply gorgeous. Your pumpkin tower, the deer!! Wonderful!!

    Oh I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway! I hope you will join! ( a great resource as well)

    Art by Karena

  30. Your little pumpkin is adorable! I love your topiary and looking at all your wildlife.
    I love the plaid on your Fall table!

  31. I just love your Fall pictures! Beautiful! We are barely getting started here in Northern California! We usually end up seeing most of our color in November.

    I just started following you on Pinterest and sent you a friend request on Facebook. :0)

  32. HI Cindy! Oh, I just love seeing all of your fall! No wonder those deer love hanging out at your house - they come to get their groceries! :)
    Little Addison is just adorable.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. What a neat place you have with all the deer and birds...your little pumpkin is the cutest of all for sure! Love her picking up the apples, bet there are lots of little baby bites in them! ;D

  34. I looked at all of these BEAUTIFUL pictures again, and I have to say that my favorites are that adorable Addison. And I love the scene over on the right with her in that wagon with the purple mums and white punkies behind her.

    She is adorable, and I can see why she is the light of your life. What a doll baby!




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