First Birthday Party and Wild Turkeys on the run!

On Saturday, we celebrated Addison's first birthday with a party at our home.
I am hoping this picture will make you smile!
It was a beautiful and sunny day with highs in the low 80's!  Our Indian summer has been amazing and we have a couple more days of it before reality sets in.

This was the look on her little face when we were all started singing Happy Birthday .    I could tell she just couldn't understand why we were all standing there looking at her and singing too!  I got such a kick out it!
And notice her little scraped up nose?  She was running down our gravel lane with me in fast pursuit, when she took a tumble.  Grandma cried right along with her!

Digging into that birthday cake!

Want a bite Grandma?

Two peas in a pod...my daughter and grand-daughter!

I made a banner to hang in the window with pictures from each month of her first year!
I think it turned out ok and it cost me nothing because I had all the materials around the house already.

We had a flock of wild turkeys in our yard last week.
They are so humorous when they start to run!
I think they were after the pile of apples my hubby had placed in the woods.

They reminded me of an army of little soldiers marching up the hill!
Well that's about it for me guys.  Last week was very tough on me.  My daughter started a new job and was working two jobs while I planned for Addison's birthday party.   I was babysitting night and day and still trying to cook for a crowd.
This week should be more settled and less hectic.
I have toughened up but not that tough! he-he.
Take Care,



  1. How cute! Looks like she was really enjoying that cake! I can't believe she is already a year old. Time sure does fly! It's amazing how much her and her Momma look alike! Beautiful ladies! Hope you get some much needed rest this week, my friend!!

  2. That little cake face is just too stinkin' cute!!!

    That look on her face reminds me of Ian's first birthday. He had that very same look when we set his cake on fire! Heeehehhe!

    What can I say...the 'girls' are just beautiful sweetie!

    God bless and have a terrific day my friend! :o)

  3. That banner is such a clever idea, and it looks so cute! I'm going to have to remember that, so I can steal your idea. Looks like that precious granddaughter enjoyed her first b'day party. Those turkeys DO look so funny marching in a line. I get excited if I see a hummingbird in my back yard, and you get turkeys and deer in yours. What fun! laurie

  4. Addison looks so cute with all the cake on her face!! It looks like she enjoyed it! I love the banner...very clever! I made what my younger son called Joey pops for my older son's college graduation party...I made circles of paper and put Joey's pictures in all of them and then put it on wires and stuck them in the center pieces...but I like your banner so much more!! Love the turkeys!!

  5. I love the tutu sticking up. Just adorable.
    She may not have known what the singing was all about but she had no trouble with that cake.

  6. What a cutie! She is adorable, and I know how you love being with her and watching her grow, Cindy. It's fun for us, too.

    I'm sorry she took that little tumble, and I can see both of you crying together!

    I love wild turkeys. I was driving down the street the other day, and there were some getting ready to get in the road in TOWN. Not sure what they were doing there, but there must have been woods nearby. So I honkeed and honked, and they sauntered back off the road. I had visions of them becoming dream catchers at a flea market if they hung out in the road. LOL!

    Sending you hugs. I slept late, and it looks like this storm has finally cleared. BLUE skies and no wind. It was the wind that had me crazed. I don't know how you would stand that for weeks on end during winter. This house is pretty creaky and old, and the noise was maddening. My ears are still ringing, Cindy. Just another reason to go eat more chocolate. LOL!



  7. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Hehehe...don't you just love getting photos of food faces? This is just too cute, Cindy! With all of that lavender frosting on Addison's face...she looks like a little indian painted up for a war party! Or...maybe I should say "birthday" party! It sure didn't take her long to figure out what to do with that cake..did it! These photos are just precious...you are such a sweet Grandma! Ohhh nooo...I see where she scraped up her little nose. That just hurts my heart too! Well dear friend, it looks like little Addison had a wonderful first birthday! Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Ohh my...you sound like you are so busy, my friend! Will Katie continue to work both jobs or was that just temporary? Hope you get to relax a little bit, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  8. Awww! Look at her! :-D Your banner is so cute - great idea. Thanks for sharing her party with us.
    Only wild life around here this morning is the squirrels making a mess.

  9. Her birthday party reminds me of our children when they were little. Smartest thing letting her go topless HA!HA! Saves on the laundry. That was a clever idea with the pictures. Everything looks so pretty. Happy Birthday to her.

  10. She is so cute! Sorry about that owie on her nose. I just thought it was icing. :-) Working two jobs must be really hard on your daughter. So glad she lives near you.

  11. Ahhh, poor little nose...looks like it didn't hold her back any though! I LOVE the banner you made for her party...what a wonderful grandma you are! :D

  12. Isn't it wonderful,being a grandma!

  13. Oh yes, brought a smile and a big chuckle! Addison is really enjoying her first birthday party and in great style! She is just adorable, love her little hairdo!

  14. Family birthdays are so much fun. I just got back from my granddaughter's birthday and will have to post pictures. Coming up is my son's b day this coming weekend. Love the wild turkeys--we have seen a lot of them in the mountains of NC!

  15. Cindy...that banner is fabulous! Great idea!!

  16. Those are some the cutest dang cake face pictures I've ever seen - and such a photogenic model!! LOVE these Cindy....Sorry to hear of her boo-boo on her nose....good thing she had frosting to disguise it....Hmmm...I'll have to remember that next time! ;o) Thanks so much for sharing your precious moments with us....Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. What beautiful girls! Love the photo banner you made. You have captured many darling pics of your pretty little Addison.
    Hugs, Beth

  18. Addison is just such a beautiful little girl. I love the look on her face while you were all singing. You couldn't plan that!

    We have turkeys here too...several of them in the fields around us! xo Diana

  19. tooo precious for words....time sure does fly doesn't it....but isn't it the best thing being Grandma...and being a part of their lives....hard work though...

  20. Hi Cindy!
    Well let me just say this little dolly is so cute and I love the "cake face"...what wonderful memories you are sharing together!

    And really...wild turkeys??? Wow I can't believe the "wildlife" you have in your yard and around your home...way more than we've ever had that's for sure! I love all the pics you are sharing of all the critters!

    And thank you so much for the nice compliment about my cushions I mad., I must say they weren't as easy as I thought they were going to be and it took me 2 months to finish them!! Now I'm on to my next project, a Fall quilt wall hanging; I love getting back into sewing again but it infringes on my blogging time :O) Oh such problems to have!
    Have a great week,

    Look at those darling pics!!!She sure loved that cake!!!!!I love the cake all over her face!!!!!
    glad your weather is nice and perfect, enjoy it!!!

  22. How precious. The banner is such a cute idea. It looks like she really enjoyed her party..Blessings to her in the coming year. Balisha

  23. Oh my gosh I want cake, and I want it smeared all over like that...HOW CUTE CINDY! These kinds of pics are priceless. I can't wait to pass mine of the boys down to their wives for their wedding day LOL!

  24. Happy birthday to that cutie Pie! The pictures are so precious, Cindy and I love the banner that you created. She is growing so fast before our eyes...Christine

  25. Oh Cindy..I remember those days well. So do the Grands! The banner you did for little doll face is adorable. My little Great grands live so far away..that I have never really gotten to know them...that makes me sad. Really very sad!
    Skype is helping...a lot!

  26. She's adorable....looks like she really enjoyed her cake! I love the birthday banner....what a great idea! Those turkeys are too funny!

  27. Happy Birthday to your precious Addison!

    We have sooo many turkeys like that around here in central Wisconsin. They can be pretty annoying when they are on the road!

  28. Love your banner for dear A.!
    You are a very good mother to do that for your dau. You must be exhausted. I am sure she appreciates you and tells you every day, I hope so anyway! God bless you!


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