Sunday Favorites....Colorado Dreaming!

I am joining my friend Chari @ Happy to Design for Sunday Favorites!
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Our trip to Colorado in the summer of 2010.   One of the best parts......I got to meet our hostess Chari and her hubby Russ.  
One of the highlights of our recent trip to Colorado was our visit to the town of  Estes Park and our drive through Rocky Mountain National Park.  I often see 4 legged creatures with antlers around our neck of the woods, but none as big and majestic as these guys.

We were very excited to get up close and personal with the elk.  They are really big and I wouldn't want to get on their bad side.


Just look at those antlers!!  Aren't they incredible creatures.

And the drive through the park was both breathtaking and at times a little bit scary. 

We drove to the highest peek some 12,000 feet or more.

Seeing snow up here in July is really something.  The temp dropped a good 25 degrees and the air was thin and made me a bit dizzy and headache.

There were just a a few little yellow flowers up this high.  Our info said that it can take 50 years for these plants to grow an inch.  That just blew me away.

Amazing Views.

I kind of thought this house could work for me.
Can you imagine their views? 
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  After I'm home about a week I'm ready to go again. 
I'm also joining Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.
Thanks for coming by my friends,


  1. Incredible photos! Those elk are so beautiful and the views are wonderful!

  2. HI!!!
    I have always wanted to go there, Heard it is AMAZING!!!!!
    I saw some BIG elk in Alaska, they are magnificent!!!
    RAIN 2 nights in a row, right now, in the 70's!!!!!SO HAPPY--HaPpY--happy---I could dance!!!!

  3. Colorado holds such incredible views! Glad you enjoyed a few of them and thanks for sharing them with us today!

  4. Simply gorgeous photos, Cindy!!! Thank you so much for sharing them here with us. I feel as if I were there myself :)

  5. Beautiful, Cindy! We love Estes Park and I'll be posting about it this week as well.
    xo, Beth

  6. Those are some incredibly beautiful photos and views, Cindy....I've been to the Denver airport (too many times for my liking) but have never been outside it. Wow....it's like a slice of heaven....And those elk truly are regal and majestic....Amazing creatures. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Wishing you a blessing-filled day....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hi sweet friend...

    Ahhh...what a beautiful post to revisit for the Sunday Favorites party! I sooo enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of Colorado once again! They truly are amazing and deserve a second showing! Of course, I guess I am a bit partial to Colorado! wink! Hehe! Ohhh my...that elk was huge! He's a beauty for sure! I'm with you...sure wouldn't want to tangle with one of those...eeeks!

    Well sweet friend, your post brought back so many fond memories of our visit! It truly is one of the highlights of my life! I have just loved you for soooo long and then to get to meet you "face to face"...well, it was a dream come true! I just love Dan too! He sure is a sweetheart! You guys are welcome at our home any time!

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

    PS...tell that hubby of yours that I said Hi!

  8. It's nature at its best, simple breathtaking! Those elks are really something...Christine

  9. Oh Cindy, your dreams are beautiful... and became a reality ; )
    Happy fall.
    We had 90 degree weather yesterday, and as I type this, we are having a MAJOR hail storm... it's still pretty summery here right now.
    What's next?

  10. This is one part of the country that I haven't seen and is on my wish list. Your photos are stunning! Now I really want to go!


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