The Pumpkin Patch!

Hi Friends!

Yesterday was the most perfect of Autumn days!  Sunny, in the low 60's and the trees are really starting to turn.
We have the sweetest little pumpkin patch just up the road from us.
They grow nearly every pumpkin imaginable and they also provide fun entertainment for the kiddies!

Addison may have liked the resident dog the best!  Look at his cute scarf!

Checking out a little bit of the scary stuff with Grandpa!  I thought at 11 months she might be too young to be scared but there was this horrible, scary looking cat in there that totally freaked her out!  Now Addison loves kitties, we have two, but not ones that look like that!

The mums are so pretty!

They have everything decked out just perfectly for fall!

Lots of cute stuff to buy inside as well.

See that little inflatable haunted house?  They have a mummy inside that light's up and makes freaky noises.
There is a witch outside that does the same.  Addison toddled in on her own and then made a rapid beeline out the door when the mummy went off!

The cutest little pumpkin is right here!

And there are pumpkins nearly as big as she is!

More haunted happenings!

 Of course there are scarecrows!

Down below they have this beautiful pond.  Well actually they have two ponds and it's such a peaceful setting.

Arbors and...

birdhouses and....

Shrubs that are turning beautiful shades of red!

More pond views.

And then a wagon ride for the sweetest little pumpkin around!

Thanks for visiting!  I will be around this week to visit all of you!

I am joining the Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.


  1. Bellissimo e ricco l'autunno a casa tua!Rosetta

  2. Looks like she had a great time! :D The pumpkin patch has a nice/pretty setup - looks like a fun place to visit. Weather is suppose to be really nice here this week, but right now some storms are rolling in. :(

  3. Oh that's one of the prettiest pumkin patches I've ever seen! Looks like someone had a great time!

    Hugs XX

  4. How fun! Looks like you had a great visit to the pumpkin patch Cindy-enjoy:@)

  5. TOTALLY SWEET...looks like a mighty fun place to go for all ages.
    Addison is adorable...getting cuter every time you post her photo.


  6. Adorable! Addison is as cute as can be. I loved all the pics of hers. I don't blame her... I don't do scary, either. LOL! I would be running with her. ;-)

    Loved that red bush, the scene with the ducks, and all the pumpkins and mums and scarecrows. Scarecrows, I can handle! LOL!

    I know you are having a marvelous time with her, Cindy!



  7. Talk about fun! Love the pumpkin patch, especially the photo of Addison in the wagon and of course the yellow lab! Thanks for sharing. Aren't the little ones awesome? They bring us so much joy.
    Hugs, Beth

  8. Love that old ladder! OH, and the mums... they're everywhere and gorgeous!

  9. What a gorgeous place..love it! And her face as the pumpkin face is the cutest thing ever! ;D

  10. What a fun pumpkin patch, Cindy! Looks like little Addison had a ball. She is so cute, have the sweetest smile. What a fun place for her to be!..Christine

  11. What a fun place to visit!! And the smiles on sweet little Addison's face say it all - she obviously loved it as much as we are!! Gorgeous place to pumpkin shop - and, wow - the variety!! But, I think I said it before - are you sure we live in the same Wisconsin??? We have nothing like that in these parts...and yesterday (and today - and the 4 days before that as a matter of fact) have been rain-laden and dreary....Yikes! I need to get my duck disguise on!!! Thanks for sharing a little of your sunshine!! Smiles & Hugs & A Happy Week to You ~ Robin

  12. What a wonderful place to visit. I can see the fun the little one had.

  13. How darling; I'm traveling now, away from New England where I live, out in California, not seeing leaves changing, a little homesick even though I'm visiting with family! Love your Blog...put me right in the mood. Your baby is adorable, the perfect model! Thank you!

  14. Such a sweet post, looks like an amazing place to visit. Your "punkin'" is adorable!!!

  15. What a perfect way to spend the day with Addison! She is so cute!! The burning bush sure is pretty. Mine haven't changed color yet.

  16. OH HOW LUCKY you are.....FALL weather and fall leaves and Feeling like fall, it is a feeling in my book...like something is about to happen......we DO not have fall around here...we pretend we do...or we drive UP North...we will be doing that in a few weeks
    Addison is the cutest pumpkin ever!!!!Sad she was afraid......darn those scary things!!!

  17. The cutest pumpkin in that patch is most definitely that little Pumpkin Addison. Just precious!!!

    Looks like a most colorful visit. My mums are in full bloom right now.

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful fall day!!!

  18. Cindy, I just can't get enough of that cute little Addison. What a great place to take her - especially for photo ops. Her little face in that darling knit cap, sticking out of the pumpkin is just precious, and I love her with the big pumpkins and the big dog. I bet there was a lot of giggling that day and not just from her. Looks like fun. laurie

  19. Where we went apple picking has a pumpkin patch too. It is a block from the ocean and it was still warm, everyone in shorts! And where you are they are wearing sweaters!
    It looks like a beautiful spot,Cindy! The baby is adorable, but all grandparents think their gkids are!
    I think you are right about the apples! I only picked Mutsu as I like them for baking. Many of them were nearly a lb each! Less peeling, more apple!
    What variety are yours?

  20. What a great place to get pictures of you precious little pumpkin. She is adorable and it looks like she had a great time and I know you had a great time seeing her exploring it all.

  21. Those pumpkins never looked so adorable before. I am guessing it has something to do with the addition of little Addison. She is so adorable and sweet!

  22. Hi Cindy....I have been away from blogging for so long Addison grew up overnight!! I can't believe she's walking and she's getting so big....How lucky you are to have her near you....My Miss B is visiting but just for two weeks and then it's back to NYC....I hate to see my girls go home.....But my house will go back to normal...LOL. Hope all is well with you....Sue.

  23. Such a gorgeous pumpkin patch! The fal mums add the perfect punch of non orange coloring. I love fun pumpkin patches.

  24. Oh my gosh, Cindy, that granddaughter of yours is absolutely YES the cutest of all the little pumpkins!

    What a sweetie. Smart, too -- otherwise she wouldn't have gotten scared!

    Just adorable.
    Gorgeous pumpkins too. You can never post too many pictures of that baby, though. What a lucky Grandma!

  25. What a perfect way to spend the day! I love places like that. We have to drive a little while to get to a nice pumpkin patch, but we try to go somewhere each year.

    We have had the cooler temps (until today) but the trees just don't seem to notice yet. I really hope the green leaves don't just drop without turning!

    Giveaway at my place!

  26. Hi Cindy, love the pumpkin patch. Soooo many interesting pumpkins! But the cutest pumpkin is Addison. Wow - she is growing like a weed (as we say down south!). What a cutie! Linda

  27. I am so jealous. You just have way too much fun with her. And at a PUMPKIN PATCH to boot! I love all the different types you have! (Are they terribly expensive?)
    I am still working on the house. Good grief - will this never end? But it'll be great when we are done!
    HAGD! Hugs! Karen

  28. Cindy, she is so cute and growing so fast. How fun is this. She looks like she's having such a great time with all the pumpkins and all the fun things. How cute to hear about the scary stuff. She is so aware and so into what all is going on. Cute, cute, cute. I also love your previous post. Your tablescape is gorgeous.

    The Fairy Hobmother just appears out of the blue. How fun is that. The new cakeplate was a fun find. We're getting ready to leave for Maui on Thurs and will be gone for 9 days. I can hardly wait. It will be so nice. I am just going to sit by the pool and on the beach and do nothing. Can't wait. Hope you have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  29. Hi Girlfriend...

    Awww...this is just the sweetest, most precious post, my friend!!! I loved getting to see Addison having fun in the pumpkin patch...simply adorable!

    Ohhh my...what a gorgeous place that is! I love the pond area with the bridge! Ohhh...and ofcourse all of the pretty pumpkins! I don't think we have any pumpkin farms anywhere nearby. I'm sure that a few fold raise pumpkins...but not whole fields of them. I loved that little tricycle with the scarecrow...would love to have one of those! Hehe! Well sweet friend, thank you so much for sharing your day out to the pumpkin patch with Addison! This was sooo much fun and just sooo sweet!

    Love ya,

  30. This brings back memories of us taking our 10 month old Daniel to the farm many years ago! Little kids are fascinated by all the sights. Luv the ginormous pumpkins almost her size. :-) Gee, you're having such a good time with her. ~ Sue


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