More Inspiration at the Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair is the largest in the country (in terms of daily attendance)
It's also one of the best!  We live in Wisconsin, but we're closer to St.Paul than we are to Milwaukee so that is how our Minnesota State Fair experience started.
I also was a member of 4-H all of my growing up years and attended and exhibited at the State Fair when I was in high school.

These flowers took my breath away with their beauty!  I wish I had that kind of green thumb, aren't they gorgeous!

Some fun fair trivia:
Teddy Roosevelt, gave his famous "Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick" speech here in 1901.

I always admire the quilts and the amount of work that goes into them!

I love the colors here!

More fair trivia:  The famous composer John Phillip Sousa appeared at the fair in 1927.

I love smocked dresses for little girls!
My Mom used to make them for me when I was little.
 And I just recently purchased one for Addison on E-Bay.


Love these adorable knit dresses too!

More cute doll clothes!

Hubby loves the wood projects!
How cute is this school house?

Amazing wooden train.

A cute sleigh for the little ones!  A lot of hours went into this adorable sleigh....would love it sitting on my porch for Christmas!

There were some great floral displays inside the AG. building.
See the tombstone?  Lily Bloom....I Told you I was sick!  lol!
And Halloween is just around the corner.

This was part of a centerpiece for this pretty table-scape.

Pretty huh?

The next few pics are of some of the amazing art work that we saw!  When you see them you might think, well those aren't that great....until you see how old the artist is!

Done by a 2nd grader.

A kinderg√§rtner!  Can you believe it?

A first grader did this piece!
I was like totally blown away.  To think they have only lived 6 or 7 years and they can already do something like that!

More fun fair trivia:
F. Scott Fitzgerald who was from St. Paul wrote his famous poem " A Night at the Fair" in 1928 in tribute to the Minnesota State Fair.
The Minnesota Fair stretches out over 320 acres....no wonder I am so tired.    hehe.
Have great week everyone!



  1. This looks like it was so much fun, Cindy!! I have only been to county fairs and the most interesting thing is the animals and food!! lol! Love the quilts and the paintings by the young ones made my jaw drop!!

    Now...if you could just get Dan to make a little schoolhouse for Addison!!


  2. Cindy-What a great tour through the fair. I love all the displays and those quilts are just amazing. I love the paintings at the end too. I can't imagine how talented those kids are! xo Diana

  3. The artwork is amazing, can't believe little kids did that! It does really look like a great time:@)

  4. Love the dahlias...they are very pretty and that art work by the kids is amazing...even if an adult did them I would like them...but such young artists...awesome!!

  5. Those quilts are gorgeous! I admit, I've never been to a state fair and didn't even know they had flowers!

  6. the dahlias are sooo beautiful! And the quilts too. It's hard to believe that the artists were really that young!

  7. HI Cindy, ok, that last picture (was it a watercolor) by a 7 year old? Unbelievable. Hey, I'm working on a paint by number picture! Love the quilts and smocking - beautiful. Oh, my claim to fame - my grandparents met John Philip Sousa....my grandaddy was an army band director and composer. Such an interesting post! Linda

  8. Hi Cindy, what a fun filled place to go. I haven't been to a fair in years. Independence just celebrated Santa-Calgaon Days, it is huge in our area. We used to go years ago, unfortunately now Mr. P isn't able. What talent the children displayed...
    No.. Cindy I don't sell on-line, "Yet"... I hope to soon,just too much going on to get it set up and monitor it. I do sell from the store and ship, however I hate to admit it the shipping is so high I don't blame folks from not ordering. If I sold more I could get a better break, those days too will come. I'm so glad you like the post of the dough bowls. hugs ~lynne~

  9. Cindy, what fantastic photos and trivia!!! We didn't make it to the fair this year, but you are so right...it's fantastic!!! thanks to your post I feel like I had a quick visit :) Thank goodness children love art, and these are very talented artists~~~

  10. Hi Girlfriend...

    Wow...you have been busy, my friend! The Minnesota state fair looks like soooo much fun! I always love that you share you photos with us of some of the beautiful and interesting exhibits! I love looking at all the quilts! They never seize to amaze me...the beauty...and all the many hours that go into making them! Ohhh my gosh, I couldn't belive my eyes...looking through those fabulous paintings done by the very young children! That is just extrodinary!!!

    Well dear friend, I have been doing a little catching up at your place. I'm so sorry that I have missed your last couple of posts! Loved getting to see Addison take her very first pony ride!!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome photos with us, dear friend!

    Not doing much today...been really sick with allergies and I can't breathe! Eeeks! I have been wanting to get into my fall decorating but just haven't felt good enough. Anyway, enough whining! Hehe! Hope that my note is finding ya'll doing well!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  11. Darn right that's PRETTY.... Love the flowers, but the little knit dresses... those are my fav.

  12. Oh....now I so wish I could go!! Thank you dear Cindy for the wonderful "mini" tour - those flowers are gorgeous - and the quilts, and the smocking....Oh my!!! But what truly gave me chills was that artwork by the children. You have got to be KIDDING me!!! Holy Heck!!! How can a first grader possibly grasp the play of shadows like that??? Simply, incredibly amazing.....I am stunned wordless!!! Have a happy day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. Oh Cindy, what wonderful treasures! The flowers are all beautiful, but those quilts stole my heart. so many gorgeous quilts. I love the woodwork too. If my husband could make what yours makes, he wouldn't let me attend that section of the fair. I'd be saying ..."and make me one of these, and one of these...". Love that little sled and the school house bird house is soooo cute! I've always wished I was artistic, but seeing those pieces painted by children made me feel like a complete failure! I would never have guessed that children had done those. I had a great time going to the fair with you. Thanks for taking me along. laurie

  14. Always love seeing all the fabulous quilts at a fair... Just LOVE them!!

  15. Oh what a fun event,Cindy. Everything looks so pretty, just the kind of events that I like to see. I want some of those baby dresses for my coming little baby girls!...Christine

  16. I love to go and see all the creations too...people are just so talented! :D

  17. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, Cindy! I love seeing all the beautiful exibits!

    Wonderful post!

  18. Awesome inspiration. Can't believe elementary school age could be so talented. Those are God given gifts for sure.

  19. your post makes me look forward to our state fair at the end of the month...

  20. I love evrything, but especially the bird house and quilts so nice!

  21. I loved the children's dresses best of all. The flowers were beautiful..but the dresses stole my heart and from the little I know about your mother, it does not surprise me one single bit that she went to a lot of trouble to make little smocked dress for you.
    How is doing by the way?
    Hugs and love,

  22. We didn't go to any fairs this year, so this was fun! I love the quilts...so pretty!

  23. HI Cindy! Oh, my , this looks wonderful! Those are some of the prettiest quilts I've ever seen! Love the flowers and the little children's clothes! I could get lost here!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. What wonderful photos. Each one was impressive, and then you shared the artwork done by little ones...Wow!!! Thanks for sharing all of these :)

  25. HI!!!
    OH I LOVE ALL THAT YOU SHOWED...our fair.....oh my do not get me started, some of it is good, but you MUST go during the day through the week or your life is in danger when leaving....Not kidding
    so sad........FAIRS in the midwest are the best.
    I believe all those trivia questions answers are right where you were...right???


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