Autumn scenes at Applestone Cottage

Hi Friends,
After the unseasonably cool week we had, fall is coming at us fast and furious.
Happily we're going to be in the 70's this week and with some sunshine too!
AHHHH, perfect fall weather!

Time to get busy with a little more Autumn decor.

A basket full of fall colors.

And nothing says Autumn to me like Mums.  I bought these at a little greenhouse down the road.
She has very healthy ones unlike some of the big box stores.

I love the look against the roughness of our stone cottage.

 A little re-arranging on this side table.
Sunflowers and white pitchers are a great combo!

Our apple trees are still producing....although the deer are getting their share, I've still managed to make some yummy apple crisp.  See the little flying saucers?  Hmmmm, should I be concerned! lol!

And they can get a bit competitive out there!  I shot these pics of the two bucks early one morning last week.
They were really going at it.  I tried to lighten up the pics... taken through our living room window so they were quite dark.  The does are also going into rut so that may have factored into their horn locking too. 

My Mil made this adorable smocked dress for Addison!  I think it's so cute!  She used an old pattern from the 60's and added a a little slip underneath.  Did I say my Mil is in her mid-eighties and still quilting and sewing and knitting and crocheting!  She is also a fabulous cook...and makes the best homemade buns and other goodies!

And of course I have to throw in some pics of the little girl who is going to wear that dress!
The little girl that will be 1 years old in about 2 1/2 weeks!
Addison loves going outside!

And how can I refuse those big brown eyes?

She heads right on over to the apple trees.

And she always manages to find some of the most rotten apples still on the ground.

Oh heck, a little bite won't hurt me Grandma!

And then she's off, toddling along as fast as her little legs will take her!
And one happy but tired Grandma trotting behind.

Have a great week everyone!

I am joining Marty @ A Stroll thru Life for Table-Top Tuesday.


  1. Beautiful scenes around Applestone Cottage, Cindy.

    That sweet baby girl is the best scene/seen around your cottage.:-)

  2. Yes.. the bucks can get a little crazy this time of the year. Would not want to get in their way. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness glory, every-time I blink that little doll of yours gets more adorable...if that's even possible!

    Yep, bucks and flies are both a little wackes this time of year.

    My mums are just beginnin' to show a little color, they should be opened by the weekend!

    God bless ya and have a terrific day!!!

    See...I used my 'loud' voice today :o)

  4. I love seeing pictures around your pretty home, Cindy!!Are those deep really going at it?? Great shots. Thankfully no bears!!

    Addison looks darling and she really loves those apples. I bet you have 1000 recipes!

    Isn't the weather great? I have been busy with Emily's party and leaving for Vegas next week. Things never slow down around here!!

    Take care,


  5. Oh I just love the scene around your home Cindy. Addison is way too cute eating the apple. Those deer are really going to town. We have a family in our yard too, but I never see the buck.

  6. I'm glad for cooler temps in our neck of the woods too! Addison is so cute ~ I think she looks a lot like her Momma! I'd love to have some of that yummy apple crisp. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream please! :)

  7. What a beautiful fall setting you have created Cindy and your granddaughter is just adorable!

    Enjoy your evening,

  8. Love your Fall decorations! I haven't bought any mums yet. It's too hot here but I love them and will look forward to getting some soon.

  9. Cindy- It is looking like Fall around your place! I LOVE that little Addison-she is just a doll...and can you even remember what your life was like before she came along? What a blessing! xo Diana

  10. Love that stone on your home, Cindy - makes me think of old English cottages and all the wonderful lore of "back then." You have such a beautiful home - and surroundings....and one of the cutest dang granddaughters I ever did see!! What a beautiful brown-eyed doll!!! Looking forward to the warm up - it's been too, too, chilly here - too soon! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Your Granddaughter has grown so much and she is getting prettier every day. I love your fall decorating. That picture you have on your wall of the house is so pretty. Who is the artist if I may ask?

  12. Hi Cindy, I love all your Fall decor on the porch and those Bucks...wow! We have deer but I have never seen that! And your little Addison, what a dolly she is!
    And in answer to your question about the bedroom on my post, yep its our master bedroom last Christmas and wedding gown is mine hanging on a vintage Mannequin...wish I was still that size :0)
    Thank you for stopping by and not forgetting my blog even though I haven't posted for a while...

  13. HI CINDY!!!
    Addison is so cute, running outside after all those apples!!!miss c is sitting on my lap...we are UP LATE(I know mommy will be mad) but she said oh Look at her teeth, so cute......I told her she is a little bit older then baby brother, she also loved her little dress!!!!Those deer are so funny, they know where to go and get a good snack!!!!
    hugs and Yeah for warmer weather....wish it would COOL off here!!!!
    hugs again,

  14. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my gosh, that is just sooo cute! I bet Addison just loves playing in all those apples! Hehe! It looks like your trees put on alot of fruit this year! Girlfriend, I just love your bushel full of yellow mums! They're gorgeous!!! I totally agree...nothing say autumn like MUMS!!! I bought a little orangey-yellow colored mum last week to put on my bar. I don't know how well it will do in the house...so far so good! Did you make the pretty autumn arrangement in the basket that is hanging above the mums? I love that!!!

    Well sweet friend, your home is looking sooo beautiful all dressed up in autumn! Thanks for sharing it with us! And...I sure enjoyed your photos of Addison too! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  15. What a beautiful picture of your precious granddaughter among all those apples on the ground. Honey, that is the life! I love it! I do love the mums on the box against the stone, it's very appealing to me. Your stone cottage is so wonderful every time I see it Cindy. It is just so cozy and homey and especially pretty this time of year! Thank you also for all your sweet and supportive comments. I really appreciate that! Have a great day!

  16. What a lovely post, Cindy. Of course, my favorite is Addison. I cannot believe she is almost a year old. Where did the year go? Your fall decor is beautiful. I have to get me some mums.....Christine

  17. I love Autumn colors...but your baby girl is better....ciao Flavia

  18. Cindy, all of your flowers outside are so pretty and I love seeing all the apple trees. Pretty vignette on the console table inside too. I love the lamp and the flowers are such a pretty addition. Addison is the cutest ever. Love that precious smile and her twinkling eyes. The little dress is absolutely precious. So much work with all the smocking and lace. A fabulous keepsake. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  19. Hi Cindy, Addsion is going to look adorable in the sweet dress.. then again she's already adorable.. love her sweet smile. I loved the deer butting their heads. Man alive your apple trees are bursting..been years since I picked apples off the trees at Grandma's and Grandpa's, thank you for bringing that cherished memory to mind... Love all the fall decor you having going on.. hugs ~lynne~

  20. Addison is so adorable! Your apple trees look good. I enjoyed seeing the deer and your big basket of mums, too. Happy Fall!

  21. Addison is adorable! Our grands are growing up so fast! We had a B.Day party here last weekend.

  22. love that dress...your MIL is awesome...that baby girl is just too cute....

  23. Loved this post..love the stone too and such pretty Fall things. She looks like an angel that is hovering in the air in that that one pic where she is looking up at you...what a doll! :D

  24. Oh Cindy...she brings back such great memories. I remember my little Grands at that age and now they are all grown up. Every single one is out of high school and out making their way in this world and my children are becoming grandparents. Your mother knows how I feel, I'm sure. I cannot remember if she is my age or not. I will be seventy five in a couple of weeks...and it's hard to believe.
    She is just the cutest baby!! Seems like she was just born!
    Tell your mother hello for me. I hope she is doing well.
    I can't believe you have such wonderful scenes right out your window. How exciting..and just plain wonderful!
    Now..that's what I call Country Living! :)

  25. Addison is absolutely adorable!! and what a lucky grandma you are to be chasing her. The check dress has so much detailing it's just unbelievable all the skill put into making it. Didn't realize that about the mums but the two I purchased at a big box store already look half dead.

  26. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love your pretty fall flowers outside and your little redo on that precious table. I still love your blue and white drapes. I'm trying so hard to be budget conscious since Mr. Precious retired a year and a half ago. I think I'm doing pretty good! Look at little Addison! She is so pretty and looks like such a happy little girl and she has so much hair! :) Look at her eye lashes. I know you're in hog heaven getting to have her around so much.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Cindy, I love your adorable helper! She is learning young to be talented like her grandmother. SO cute.

    One of my favorite things about your house is the stone on it, and I love how the fall decor looks against the stone walls. It is just made for fall.

    Warm hugs, my friend. Off to a meeting...



  28. Addison is just precious and she will look adorable in that sweet little dress! I can't believe your MIL can do all that, that is remarkable and truly awesome! Loving all of your fall decor and those apples, lucky you!

  29. That sweet child has the prettiest smile and eye lashes!

  30. Hard to believe Addison is going to be a year old. Seems like she was born only a few months ago. She has got to be one of the most photogenic children in the world. Those pictures are adorable. What a smile! Love the way you elevated your flowers on that wooden box. laurie

  31. Cindy, I just stumbled onto your site and love your fall decor!! Everything is just lovely! I am a newbie to blogging and your newest follower. I hope that you will follow me too! Many blessings to you!

  32. Beautiful Photos! Thanks for sharing!

  33. so many great shots but your grand daughter is so adorable, what priceless shots~

  34. She is such a sweetheart and so lucky to have all that space to run and play! I wish we had an apple tree! We made a trip the the nearest orchard last weekend and they were sold out of apples. They said the crop was very small because of the spring weather. So far I haven't had a "fresh" apple and I'm going to have to fix that problem!


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