The House that Dan and his students built!

Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July weekend.  We spent yesterday at my brother Matt's home.  Lot's of food and family, it was lovely!
 Today I want to share with you the house that hubby and his students built.  This is the 10th year and home that his construction I and II classes have built.  Mind you, these are high school students.

They start in September shortly after school begins.  Each class works approximately 1.5 hours a day.
They have block scheduling and the home they build needs to be located within 3 miles of the high school.

The students are generally juniors and seniors although a few have been younger.  There are prerequisites to entering the class and each student is assigned projects to complete each day.  Dan assigns a foreman to each group, usually an advanced student with good work habits.

As you can see he has his hands full.  With students working on the roof...

And the fact that there are numerous power tools that they handle daily.  Hubby always spends the first week of school doing safety courses which they have to pass before they begin work.

Autumn moves into winter and they continue working away.

Garage work in the snow.

Things are taking shape but it's a cold one out there.
Often they have to shovel snow at the beginning of class.

Oh brr.

And there's the work going on inside as well

And even some gals who take the course.

Things have warmed up and were moving into the final stages.

Building the deck.

It's June and time for the open house.

Kitchen cabinets and appliances are in.

A four season sun room with a gorgeous view that leads out to the wrap-around deck.

There are two large bedrooms and 2 baths.  The basement is ready to be finished off at a later time.

The students frame, roof, insulate, sheet rock, install windows, doors, build the garage and drywall.
They also install the siding, build the deck, lay flooring, and do trim work and hang cupboards inside.
The homeowners contract out for the plumbing, foundation and electrical work.
Altogether, the homeowners are able to save $50,000 plus in labor.
Thanks for taking the tour and letting me show you around.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. OMG Cindy this just blows me away that these young people can build a home...WOW!! wood shop as I knew it was making a little stool for my mama ha ha!! Girl I would love to be in a class like this how cool that Dan is teaching these young people a skill plus a sense of value...This si something that will last them a life time my friend...WAY TO GO DAN!!
    Thanks for coming by my Dear friend and hope you have a GREAT time meeting with Chari and Russ you'll love them both...just the kindest and nicest people Len and I ever met...felted like I knew them all my life...I kid you not Chari and I starting talking and it was like we known each other forever ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. This home building project is WONDERFUL. Yes, I know I am shouting, but it is. Wonderful. The students learn so much about team work, self confidence, in addition to construction, I am sure. Tell your husband well done.

  3. This is a absolutely amazing!!

  4. Very very impressive! And those students are learning things that will stay with them through life! Nice house!

  5. This is wonderful! I believe classes such as these, that teach life skills, are so important. Each one these students will take this knowledge with them when they become homeowners. Not that they will necessarily build their own home, but they will be able to do repairs and additions. Just reminds me of how things were done in the "old" days, when neighbors helped each other erect a house or a barn, shared the bounty of their gardens, made a casserole when someone was sick. It's what makes a neighborhood, a neighborhood. As I write this, the young man who lives next door in my duplex is using my lawnmower to mow both our lawns. He's got the muscle and I have the tools. Works out for both of us.

    Kudos to Dan and those kids!

  6. Wow. That is absolutely amazing!! I am definitely impressed!

  7. Wow! Those students do amazing work and your husband is well amazing too! I am glad to see at least one girl working away. What great life skills they are learning never mind a trade too! Awesome!


  8. Mornin' sweet friend...

    Ohhhh my goodness, Cindy! This is just the most awesome thing that I've ever seen and heard of!!! What a fabulous home...it really is gorgeous! Dan did a fabulous job teaching and directing these kids! I am sooo impressed and have such great admiration and respect for him...what an undertaking!!! What an awesome experience for these kids...to learn and know how to build a home...this is a skill that they will always be able to use! I'm just positive that it has been a life changing experience for many of his students!!! Wow...I really am in awe!!! This is the first time that I've heard of a high school class doing this sort of thing. You hear about college age students having these opportunities but never at the high school level! I just loved seeing all of the photos...the progression...and it sure did my heart good seeing all of those youngins' so busy at work! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Russ is home today so I was showing him this post. He said the same thing as I did...but added that he was a bit embarressed to have Dan see his work! Hehe! I think you know that Russell built our home, right? It was his first time and experience of doing so. I think he did a fabulous job...I love my house! Hehe!

    Well girlfriend, are you packed yet? Only 5 days till I see you!!! I'm like a "flea on a hot rock" here! Hehe! Can't wait!!!

    Have a fabulous week, Darlin'...see ya soon!
    Love ya,

  9. What a wonderful program! How great that the students are learning life skills and the homeowner gets to save that much money! That house looks fantastic!

  10. Oh my word Cindy, this house turned out gorgeous. What a fantastic job. All of the students must be so proud. Your DH does a fantastic job training them. Wow, I am so impressed. Hugs, Marty

  11. Well . . . I am in awe. This is fabulous! This is something those kids will ALWAYS remember! And each of them will take the skills your darling husband has taught them and use them on projects in their own homes someday.
    Great job Dan! :)
    HAGD! Karen

  12. OMG! I have heard about students building a home in tech and college course's but never high school. This is amazing! I am so impressed with their work too! Wow! They did a fantastic job on this home. How wonderful for the homeowners and the students too! Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed it! Your husband is awesome!

  13. Hi Cindy
    Happy 4th of July! I hope you have been having a good one.

    I am really amazed at this! Your husband first of all is amazing to be able to do this and to teach these high school students these valuable classes. I can't even imagine they could build a house like that. That is so very important and how proud your hubby and the students would be of the great job they did! Thats sooooo good!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great day!

  14. Wow that is truly amazing! Lucky homeowners! Love your blog by the way. ~ Laurie

  15. Cindy, this just blows me away! I think this is a WONDERFUL idea, and I'm so proud of Dan and his students. They did a super job! Loved seeing this start to finish. BRAVO! I wish they worked on old homes in St. Augustine! I could keep them busy for the rest of their lives! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  16. Cindy, I just tried to post, and I'm not sure if you got it. Blogger is acting flakey.

    In a nutshell... SUPER JOB! A+++++


    Sheila :-)

  17. Awesome house.

    Awesome view.

    Awesome kids.

    AWESOME teacher!

  18. They did a beautiful job, Cindy. Students used to build houses every school year in a small town where I lived a couple years in the Ozarks. I'm not sure if they still do. I always thought it would be neat to own one of those homes as I'm sure they are well built!

  19. HI CINDY!!!!
    OH MY---OH MY!!!!!
    That is awesome--WONDERFUL!!!!!!
    GREAT JOB to the students and your HUBBY!!!!!
    HOW awesome they learn to do a trade and the family benefits as well!!!!!I loved looking at all the pics!!!Lovely home inside and out!!!!
    I helped 1 day on a house for Habitat for Humanity and I felt so good inside knowing I was helping a family fulfill a dream!!!!
    WAY 2 go to the girls!!!!
    OH my it looked COLD all winter!!!!!
    That is so awesome!!!!!!

  20. Cindy, what a great house, a fantastic teacher, and wonderful hard-working students! They are learning skills that will help them thru life....I know you are proud of hubby. Linda

  21. That is beyond wonderful! You must be as proud of your husband as he is of his students. Even if the kids don't go into the trade, what great knowledge they'll carry with them as they look to buy or build their own homes later on.

    Better yet is the pride and confidence in realizing they built something and can work with others to create something wonderful.

    I can't wait to show this to my husband.

  22. Oh, Cindy! This is marvelous! The house is so beautiful! You hubby must be the most wonderful teacher and his students seemed to have learned well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. That is so impressive. They have nothing like that here in California schools. We don't even have shop classes here anymore. What a sense of accomplishment these students will leave school with. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  24. I have one word to about your husband! Awesome! How wonderful he does this with High School Students! What great work ethics he is giving them! The house is wonderful! I know your so proud of him for I know I am! This was the best post! So glad I didn't miss it!

  25. It is lovely to have someone around the house who can quite literally rebuild it if need be isn't it? His students and he did a great job. My oldest two girls practically grew up on construction sites. They loved following dad around and building small things. I can still remember him starting nails in a 2x4 and watching my oldest pound it in the rest of the way at only 4 yrs. old. Great Memories!

  26. Hi!Wow!!! just beautful home and lovely kitchen! great job! amazing!


  27. Cindy, my gosh! I am amazed! Yes, I did know there were men out there that taught students such things...but to know the WIFE of one! :)

    Seriously, what a great thing to do for kids. Even if they do not go into the business of building, it is something they will never, ever forget and what they learned, they will use during their lifetime. They will always remember your husband too! Always! What a great thing!!

  28. Oh my word...this is just amazing girl...what a glorious gift your husband is giving all those talented young people by teaching them to create like this with their own hands!!! I love this..I am so proud of those kids...in a day and age when teenagers are getting such a bad rap because of a handful of troublemakers who roam the streets and do drugs...it is so nice to see our young people showcased in such an inspiring way...great post girl and beautiful house! ~Picket~

  29. That is so amazing...really awesome! And so good for the kids to do it...they do that here too and then sell it to the highest bidder, a great project for the kids to do! :D

  30. I am truly impressed! What a wonderful thing for these studernts. Lifelong lessons that they can take with them into adulthood! The house looks fantastic! Was this your hubby's idea or the school district? I love this!!!! XO, Pinky

  31. Cindy, I remember when you showed last year's house, and I was amazed. I'm amazed again! I guess the blocks around that school are going to be some of the nicest in town. I can imagine that his students learn a lot more than how to build a house. The self-discipline to get to the job every day and to complete assigned tasks must be as much a part of the learning as the hammering of nails. What a wonderful start they will have when they go out into the world! laurie

  32. Oh wow this was one blog that I had to show my husband!! Awesome!!

  33. a great accomplishment...it's sad that so many school districts have dropped these kinds of classes...

  34. Wow! I am so impressed, Cindy! Not only because your hubby is very talented in building anything but to be able to handle and teach all those teenagers is really something....Christine

  35. Cindy it is amazing! What a scenic view as well. Gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful time visiting sweet Chari. Oh my goodness you all will have a ball together. Please show us many photos. PLEASE! I just love you two! :)

  36. That is so amazing. What a wonderful idea and those kids are learning so much. Wow. Thanks for sharing.


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