What is it? And some Flower Arranging for the Fair.

Can you tell what this is?  I know, I know, it's really dark because it was taken through our bedroom window. It seems we can't go a summer without some little critter up around our house.  This one was hiding behind the flower pot right next to our front door. I saw our kitty Lily lying there face to face with something.  When I first looked I thought it might be a rabbit but that wasn't quite right.  Well he sat there for hours and we couldn't get him to budge.  Finally Dan took the hose and gave him a few squirts and he finally ran off.  Have you figured it out?   Hard to tell by the pic but it's a woodchuck and he was pretty good size.  Neither Dan nor I wanted to try to chase him off by opening the front door as we thought he might run inside. And I didn't want to deal with a woodchuck inside my house!

Besides chasing off woodchucks, I've been trying my hand at flower arranging.  I am not very good at it but I like to try and figure it out.  This one I made inside of a teapot that I actually won in a Blog give-away.

And I made this one, using all wildflowers.  I am taking a few to the fair that starts tomorrow.
Like I said, I'm not very good but it's something fun to try and maybe get a little better along the way.
So I'm off to do some more flower arranging. 
One more thing.  We were blazing hot yesterday with a heat index of 106 and dew points in the mid seventies which I think might be like tropical.  My very pregnant daughter and I went shopping. It's not a good idea to take a cranky, pregnant young woman who can't fit into the cute junior clothing she is used to and thinks all the maternity clothes look like they were made for old ladies on a day when the heat index is 106.  So I learned.  Yikes!!
A storm came through last night and we are now in the low 80's and the dew point is only in the 50's.  Wonderful summer weather!
That's the one thing here, we generally have gorgeous summers!
Take Care,


  1. Love the revamped picnic table!
    But I am super jealous that you are going to the Jackson County Fair!
    Please post pics if you can!
    I have so many fond memories of 4-H and the county fair!

  2. Cindy, I think you did a great job with your flowers! Very pretty! And I hate to hear you had that hot weather. We were muggy for a couple of days, but it's much better. Of course, I tend to stay in a lot during summer. I love my AC! ;-)

    Hope your daughter is feeling better now with the change in temp!


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. Is a woodchuck the same thing as a chipmunk??? Or the same family???

  3. Hi Cindy,
    How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood....LOL, LOL! I know it's corny, but I just had to say it.

    I think you are doing great with your flower arranging. You're good.


  4. I think you have talent for the arranging...very pretty! A wood chuck huh? I have never seen one, amazing that the cat was hanging out with it! God bless your daughter...it's touch but with no turning back, they somehow become super mom's...awesome! :D

  5. I thought it was a baby something or other until you said it was fairly large...ooooh! Glad the hose got rid of it.

    Love your floral arrangements. I caught the bug when I was making arrangements for my cloches {using faux flowers} but haven't done much since. Your wildflowers look SO pretty. What type of fair are you going to?

    Katie must be miserable but to be honest, I love all the maternity clothes out now. A lot different from the smocks and mu mu's I wore when I was pregnant!! We used to HIDE our tummies then!!

    I know I have missed a few of your posts so I am going backward to read them. And I am also wondering if September might be better to get together because of the heat...let me know. I really appreciate your offer to come and visit you at Casa Applestone, too. I'll have to hold you to that!! ;-D


  6. I think your flower arranging is lovely. Perfection is overrated! It is the soft nuances of imperfection that are the most artistic!

  7. Oh Cindy, I love your flower arrangements. I think they are gorgeous. Have fun at the fair and hopefully daughter will find some clothes that she likes. Hugs, Marty

  8. I think your flower arranging is pretty darn good. that is another thing I have never mastered. IT'S HARD!!!! :) You done good girl!
    Well, we are making all kinds of plans for next week, but . . . alas we will be missing someone.
    Someone . . . who is the only other blogger EVER to ride in my "other" red car. Sigh. We did have fun, even if we did get lost! :) We still have an empty seat belt in my new red car should you change your mind! (hint hint hint).
    Love the little woodchuck. Poor little guy. I love it how you have all the wildlife. I'm going to Email you with what we had at our house last night!!!!
    HOLY COW!!!!
    :) Big hugs! Karen

  9. Now, Gma, don't you remember what it felt like in the heat when you were pregnant? My sis and I were preg at the same time. She with her 5th, my first. We would plan our shopping around where the bathrooms were and a place to sit down!
    It didn't seem to bother my dil. She just kept on moving. The 3rd of her 4 was born in Sept. so she had to go through the hot summer!

  10. Your arranging is just beautiful! Love your blog!

  11. You are doing good on the flower arranging. Summer is the worst time of the year to be pregs.
    Tell her to drink lots of water, cut the salt in her diet and dress comfortable - fashionable or not.
    Stay cool.

  12. We haven't gotten the break from the heat yet...still so steamy here! I love flower arranging and learned a bit from helping a friend who owned a flower shop during her busy holidays. I really like your wildflower bouquet. I like the unexpected mix of colors...good luck at the fair.

  13. Hi Cindy! Well isn't that something..it's not every day a person has a woodchuck come to visit them. I think your flower arrangements are GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job on both of them. Oh goodness I can just imagine how uncomfortable your daughter was in that heat...not a good day to shop that's for sure! I'm getting tired of this heat down here in Kansas too...it makes it hard to do anything outside and when you live on a small farm there is usually lots to do out there. I hope your weather cools off soon...have a wonderful Thursday! Maura :)

  14. I'm so glad your weather cooled a bit, I wish ours would too. Do you think that woodchuck was scared? LOL

    Hugs XX

  15. Isn't it curious to know what little animals live around us? I spoke of raccoons on my blog just today. We live by woods, so I'm sure there are all sorts of critters near us. You did very real with your flower arranging! :)


  16. love your flower arrangements...your poor sweet daughter....won't be long now though...cute woodchuck

  17. I think your flower arrangements are very pretty, Cindy. Sure glad your weather is cooler now. Poor Katie! I have never seen a woodchuck in the wild, thanks for sharing. He looks pretty scared....Christine

  18. You have a great eye for the flower arranging!
    A woodchuck! Oh, how neat!

  19. Cindy, I think both of your flower arrangements are winners. The tea pot is such a great container for the first arrangement, and you made the wildflowers look almost elegant in that arrangement! I predict blue ribbons. Good luck! (I wouldn't want a woodchuck anywhere near my house. I'm glad your cat and the visitor didn't get into a fight!) This heat is enough to make people who aren't pregnant cranky! laurie

  20. Wow - Cindy! You are so good at flower arranging! I'll bet the fair is a blast. Pregnant and 100+ degree heat just do not go well together! Poor dear! Linda

  21. Cindy, it looks like you know how to arrange flowers to me. They look great. I love wild flowers just wild like that. So your daughter is pregnant, too. Yea not too smart to take her shopping in that kind of heat. I would have been cranky too and I'm not pregnant. Same weather here.

  22. Your little wood chuck is actually kind of cute! It is amazing that the cats and dogs always know when there is an invader before we do! And I so feel sorry for your daughter! What were you thinking Mom? My 2 babies were September and October, so I know what it feels like to be pregnant in this heat! Just keep her cool and shop later! Linda

  23. Cute wood chuck, but not in your house =) I was gardening one day and saw a mink run into our house (door was left open, of course). Now, mink are dirty, smelly and destructive (although cute also). We never did figure out where it went. Searching high and low, it was gone, and there was nothing out of place. He must have escaped, but we still wonder where the little guy got to =)

  24. Aw Cindy he is pretty cute! I'm glad it did not come inside though.

    Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa :)

  25. Your flowers are so pretty, Cindy! And I have never seen a woodchuck! You do live on a game ranch! lol I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  26. oh...a little woodchuck..he looks like a cute little guy...we don't have those here...
    and i LOVE your wildflower bouquet in that jar on the windowsill...so summery


  27. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck....best keep him far, far away from your new red picnic table...Heeehehehe!

    Thanks for blessin' us with your beautiful flower arrangements. Great job girl.

    Ya'll have a terrifically blessed Thursday my friend!!!

  28. WELL!! I just wish to heavens I could do as good! *scuff's toe in dirt* :)

  29. So who would you rather meet at your front door - - - Ms. Woodchuck or Mr. Black Bear?????


  30. Woohoo girlfriend! Congrats on the 'blue' Miss Cindy. Didn't I say they were beautiful??? I was right again...what can I say???

    Have a fantastic weekend sweetie!! I always appreciate your comments over at my place. :o)

  31. I think you did a wonderful job of flower arranging Cindy! I especially like your wildflower arrangement!! Woodchuck ... never saw one face to face and not so sure I want to!

    Susan and Bentley

  32. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note and had to come right over to see your pretty arrangements! Ohhhh, Cindy...they both are absolutely stunning! Don't say that you aren't very good at it...WHATEVER, Girlfriend! Hehe! Of course, I think my favorite is the beautiful arrangement that you did in your pretty teapot...I love, love, LOVE all the flowers that you used in that bouquet! Beautiful colors too!!! Of course, I do love the the pretty pholx, tiger lilies, and baby's breath as well! How wonderful to have all of those flowers growing in your garden so that you can make such beautiful bouquets!!! Are you taking both of these arrangements to the fair? I really do think they are "Blue Ribbon" winners for sure!!! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us! You know, I think I'm terrible at doing arrangements but I have fun with it anyway! My Mom is sooo talented with that...she worked in a florist for several years! I have watched her many times...but I just don't have the same knack! Hehe!

    Ohhh my, I bet Katie is just miserable in the heat! I do remember...I carried two of mine all summer long...eeeks! Did she end up finding anything she liked? Ahhhh...the joys of motherhood!

    Girlfriend, I couldn't figure out what kind of a critter that was on your porch! Hehe! I don't believe that I've ever seen a woodchuck before! Wow...can't believe that it didn't scare Lily off! Hehe! Was she making friends with it or just standing her ground...protecting her territory? Sooo funny! OMG...I got a visual when you mentioned how bad it would be to try and chase a woodchuck out of the house...eeeeks! That's the thing that "Funniest Home Videos" are made of! Hehe!

    Well sweet friend, I sure enjoyed your note today! I know...I miss you too! Just think of all the trouble we could get into if we lived closer! wink! I'm just sooo happy that you got to come out here...I loved every minute of it!!! Well Sweetie, have fun with your fair projects and go GET THAT BLUE RIBBON!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  33. I thought woodchuck right away. The main reason is we had one in our yard just yesterday! The brazen thing went over to one of my potted containers and started eating my petunias!

    Gorgeous bouquets!

  34. I would have never guessed a woodchuck. Love your flower arrangements especially the wild flower one! We're finally back to bearable summer weather too.


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