A wedding and other stuff!

We went to a lovely wedding on Saturday.  It was held inside this large gazebo at a beautiful park along the Mississippi River.  Unfortunately, we've been under a cloud since last Thursday and it was rather dreary outside. But at least the rain held off.  Today it's rained and rained!  I am going to run outside and scream if this doesn't stop soon.  The weatherman says one more day and then we should dry out and see the sun on Wednesday.

This was DH's nephews wedding.  The bride was escorted down the aisle by her daughter.  Very sweet!
I didn't get a lot of pic's because I was in such an awkward spot and it was kind of dark inside the gazebo.
Afterwords, they celebrated at a very beautiful old ballroom that was similar to a 1940's jazz house.  I kept expecting Frank Sinatra to appear any moment.

In-between the ceremony and the reception, we did a little antique shopping.  I just loved this store window!
Everything inside was wonderful too!

I found this really cool vintage teapot!

I had hubby drill a few holes in the bottom and now it's a planter!
It's wet looking because it was out in the rain.
Well that's about it for me. 
Hopefully I won't develop seasonal affective disorder waiting for the sun to appear!



  1. Cindy..
    the weather affects me in the same manner..but during the long cold gray sunless days of winter..
    and the only cure for me is a trip back home to Florida!!a week or two there with my sis, and I'm pronounced good as new again..
    fortunately, after all these days of chilly/cold rain and hail since I returned to Denver,the sun has finally come out!and it is warm out..
    64 degrees!
    hang in there.. there's a rainbow hovering overhead just out of sight!!
    warm sandy hugs..Loui♥

  2. Looks like a cool place for a wedding! Love the little red tea pot, that will be so cute as a planter. We are all sick of this crazy weather...we totally missed spring here and the last few days we have had our heater on! :D

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I'm so happy you stopped by. What a nice place to have a wedding! I love outdoor weddings! The teapot you picked up for a flower pot is very nice; love the red! It looks wonderful with the white petunias in it. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week.


  4. Oh girl what fun you had...now I would love to peek inside that antique shop I bet it even has something I don't ha ha!! Love your vintage tea kettle turned planter too cute girl...Hey I email you today check you Gmail...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. great use for the teapot. I love that look. She was a beautiful bride.

  6. It's raining here too, Cindy. Every darn day! I spent the last 2 days cleaning my house so it'll be clean before we go off to a wedding in Milwaukee. I always go nuts cleaning before I leave on a trip. My logic is that if anything happens to me, the relatives will come in to look for the will and comment on how great a housekeeper I was! I know, I know, I'm nuts.... LOL
    Like the way you turned the teakettle into a planter. Good thinkin' girl!
    hugs, Sue

  7. I'm at my dad's and we have sunshine...lots of it. It was 100 degrees when we got here late yesterday afternoon and not much cooler today. I can't even breathe when we go outside. It is raining like crazy at home...wonder where the perfect weather is???

  8. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a sweet bride and I love it that her daughter walked her down the aisle. When our daughter got married, she wanted her Daddy and me both to walk her down the stairs! I loved that too!
    Cute cute little red tea pot!
    Cindy, that you always for your visits to me - I love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Congrats to the bride and groom, Cindy! That's so sweet that her daughter escorted her mother down the aisle. My BFF gave her daughter away. It just melted my heart.

    I think that teapot makes a perfect planter in its jaunty red color for your porch!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Pretty bride! Cute red tea pot, now become a planter! :-)
    You know I'm liking the patriotic look of that little vignette. ~ Sarah

  11. Beautiful bride. Cute teapot and great idea to turn it into a planter. Love the flowers, too


  12. The wedding looks like it was beautiful even with the bad weather. We are having hot, humid, and raining days here the last few weeks, so I know what you mean. Just love your finds, you are the lucky one.


  13. What a lovely pic of the bride and her daughter! The gazebo is gorgeous! What a wonderful setting for a wedding! Oh Cindy the teapot is adorable and the color....perfect! Very clever of you to use it as a planter!

  14. Our skies here in Roanoke have been gray a lot too. Hope you get your sunshine soon.


  15. Glad the rain held off for the wedding!
    Love your new planter...very clever!
    We didn't get any rain. They said it was coming, but didn't. I wish you sunshine!

  16. I love going to weddings...I have not been to one in a really long time...I don't think anyone around here is getting married. What is up with that? Love the red teapot and the planter you made.

  17. Love the bride picture. Hey, I see stuff in this post for Pink Saturday and Rednesday Wed!

  18. What a great place for a wedding. It's so picturesque. The bride and her daughter look beautiful.
    That store window is so cute, and I love your teapot turned planter. laurie

  19. Hi there, the Clematis is wonderful! I had to rip ours out because of the freeze we had this past year, it just never came back after that.
    Love your blog, I'm now a follower:)

  20. Your tablescape looks like a photo in a magazine---sooo fresh and pretty. Love your purple flowers too.


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