Some of my Favorite Things are Furry and Free!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved zoo's!  And free zoos are even better.  We visited the Vilas Park Zoo while we were in Madison a few weeks ago.  This medium size zoo is awesome and best of all, it's FREE !

With faces only a mother could love......

We were able to get up close and personal.....

Do you know how strong Chimps are?   Even their trainer keeps a wire screen between them.

And then there are the wonderful seals!
They swim through the water with the greatest of ease....

Gotta love their cute little faces!

Soooo Cute!

And these tall graceful creatures!

Enjoying a little tree snack!

And these fellows came wearing their finest apparel.

But you can't beat the colors of these beautiful birds!

And the bluest of blues!
No wonder I love this color!

Bid you farewell.....

I am joining Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for My Favorite Things Friday.

Thanks for coming by.
We are going to a wedding this weekend.  Oh I love them, they always make me cry!
Have a wonderful week-end everyone!


  1. What a bunch of beauties but the most beautiful of all of course, is the peacock. Come back and see my tour of the antebellumn house, Rosalie, when you have a chancen, Cindy.....Christine

  2. These furry and feathered friends all have something to recommend them. I love the faces of the primates in particular. Thank you for sharing them here.

  3. Oh Cindy what a fun post girl...I just love critters of all kinds...I pray all is well in your world my Dear friend...Hope you have a GREAT weekend...Hugs and smiles to you, Gl♥ria

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip to the zoo. I have not been to a zoo in years - need to plan a trip (but not in the Summer!!).
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I love the zoo! You are never too old to visit the zoo and a free zoo is better yet! Please come read my current post. I have two great new bloggers I want everyone to meet! Hugs Anne

  6. We lived in Wisconsin for 5 years while my husband attended college. The zoo in Madison was the one we always visited, probably because it was free and we had 3 kids and college to take care of. I remember how much we enjoyed our visits there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your furry photos...

  8. Great shots! How wonderful to have a free zoo.
    Enjoy your wedding weekend! ~ Sarah

  9. I love the zoo.. Havent been in quite awhile. wow You took some great photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us...


  10. I love to go to the zoo as long as it isn't too hot outside. We go to St. Louis, where it is also free:)

  11. Fun furry creatures.

    Cindy - - - I found your comment about meeting for lunch on Thursday, June 24th. I think that will work, but I need to run it up the flag pole with my traveling companions - - - namely my dad and sis - - - just to make sure. We will be involved in a conference at the Wesleyan Church on Clairmont Avenue that day, and I doubt they will care if I sneak away to meet you for a bit.

    I'll send my definite answer when I have it - - - - -

  12. Neat! I love zoos, too, Cindy, and I always enjoy the primates. I also love the giraffes... I think they might be my favorites. But then there are elephants!


    Sheila :-)

  13. I remember going to the Monkey House at the Central Park Zoo! I kept my nose covered with my coat the whole time!
    And then there were the elevendy eight trips to the Bronx Zoo with my classes over 33 yrs. A real Animal House, LOL...
    Great pics, Cindy! Have fun at the wedding..we have gdau's dance recital...her 3 little brothers 6 down to 2 won't be happy to be there. :)

  14. We need to go to the zoo. We haven't been in a long time. There aren't any very close by, and I've found I really like smaller zoo's better than the big ones we'd go to. We went to a wonderful one in Springfield Missouri, and that sold me on smaller zoos. The San Diego and L.A. zoos wear me out :-) Free is great!

  15. It's been so long since I've visited a zoo! It's always so much fun! When Ray and I were younger there was a place called Jungle Habitat where you drove through with your rented car and the animals were free to roam around. Seeing them caged is a little sad but this was fun especially when the monkeys or big cats chose your car to sit on! I love the Flamingos!!!!!! So graceful! Hugs

  16. What a nice zoo, Cindy! And I can't believe it's free! Fabulous! Loved seeing the greenery and flowers around your house. I have catnip planted, too! My staff rolls around in it! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  17. Hi Cindy,
    I'm a newbie here and a follower, love your blog and cottage, you do a great job on your home!
    Love the trip to the zoo haven't been for a while thought.


  18. Beautiful and fun pictures Cindy! have fun at the wedding!

  19. Great pictures! I just love giraffes and seals. Giraffes are so odd, but so docile and sweet, and seals are so cute. Great pictures!

  20. Cindy, what great photos you got! Oh how I love to watch the chimps and other primates. I love that you got their facial expressions on camera. What a wonderful place to visit - especially since it is free. Thank you for linking these beautiful creatures to Fav. Things Sat. laurie

  21. I too love the animals and the zoo. I once got in trouble when I hopped the fence to jump the baby camel up so my students could pet her. What can I say....I'm all farm chick! :o)

    I can never get my camera fast enough to capture the sights here on the Ponderosa. I had the cutest little burr-headed baby wren perched on my my window box yesterday who didn't mind me a bit...till I grabbed the camera. The turkey running down our road bein' attacked by a red winged black bird...sooo funny...me...not quick enough.

    Enjoyed the pics Cindy, they put a big old smile on my face.

    God bless and have a great weekend!

  22. I love to go to a good Zoo too...you got some real nice pictures here too. I'm glad there are good places that take care of them! (Good luck with your baby shower!) :D

  23. Oh I always always cry at weddings, even if they are just in a movie!

    Love your zoo pictures. ADORE the flamingoes; what color and shape. Mother Nature is amazing.
    And that peacock! Fabulous.

    Have a great time at the wedding; wear waterproof mascara!


  24. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ahhh...I just adore all of your animal photos! The monkeys are my favorite!!! They're such smart little guys and so much fun to watch! Thanks for sharing your photos with us! Girlfriend, it's been years since I've been to a zoo so this was such a treat!!!

    Well sweet friend, I have been playing catch up again over at your place. I haven't gotten much blogging done this past week because I was working in my bedroom. You'll have a bunch of notes to read from me...hehe! Well Darlin', have a great weekend and lots of fun at the wedding...NO CRYING! Hehe! Just kidding...they always make me cry too!

    Love ya,

  25. I never went to a zoo until I was an adult, and I haven't been in years. But this makes me long to go back. The photos are fantastic!

  26. HI!!!
    I also LOVE ZOOS!!!!
    And this one was free!!!!
    how cool is that!!!!
    and wow you were up close and personal for sure!!!!
    great shots!!!!love those birds, speaking of birds, saw for the first time with my own eyes, birds doing you know what in MY BACK YARD IN BROAD DAYLIGHT no less!!!!!Today, it was my first encounter with birds, he was doing some weird dance and then the girl bird did the unthinkable and lifted up her back end!!!!OH NO.....is all I could say!!!!!
    ANimals are well..... just animals!!!!!
    I laugh about it now!!!!!
    but it was so weird, like I was peeking on something I should not have peeked at!!!!!
    Oh goodness, this is to much!!!!
    Have a great week
    hugs and love,
    how is sweet daughter feeling????

  27. What wonderful photo's, Cindy. I adore animals but am not a great fan of Zoo's. I was raised not far from the famous San Diego Zoo and was taken there from the time I was born. I took my own children when they were tiny and then never returned! That was 50 years ago. I do love to look at the animals in pictures though...
    My Grandmothers yard was always full of peacocks and they were so beautiful to see...ducks, geese, and chickens.

    I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding. Like you, I love them and always cry! :)

    Cindy...you could not have left me a sweeter comment on my blog! Of course I will never get to where you are...but how dear of you to invite me! I will always remember that when I think of you!

  28. This sounds like such a fun day... and it was free! Don't you just love all the colors in those birds! The flamingo's sport my favorite color.
    Since our children are grown I don't think about the zoo. But I would LOVE to go. We have 3 zoos within 2 hours of us! I'll have to plan a trip. Just not in the heat of the summer. It smells too bad.

  29. Cindy, I forgot to tell you previously, but the other day I saw an entire flock of flamingos wading in some waters near the Intercoastal in St. Augustine. Photographers had flocked (not pun intended) over to the pool where they were wading and were snapping away! That is only the second time I have seen them in the wild in Florida, and I just loved it! Oh, and once I saw a monkey hanging from a tree near Wakula Springs. I think he must have escaped from their primate area.


    Sheila :-)

  30. Great photos. I love visiting the zoo, too always have. You did hear about that chimp that attacked it's owner a few years ago and ate her face off didn't you? They are very strong. I had no idea until that happened. I was wanting a pet chimp growing up. Glad my parents said no way.

  31. I always enjoy visiting zoos ..the otters amke me laugh as they have so much personality!

  32. What a wonderful zoo...my little grandson would be in heaven...that's for sure. He's crazy about animals. We've taken him to lots of different zoo....local ones, Portland, Oregon, Honolulu...San Diego... He would go every day if he could. :-)

    Thanks for the tour. I'll share the pix with him when he comes tomorrow.

    Hope the wedding was wonderful. I always cry too.

    Warm huggies,

  33. What beautiful photos. I love that zoo, but seem to always get there in the colder months.
    I think I need to actually plan a visit for warmer weather.


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