Sunday Favorites or My Naughty Deer!!!!!!

My theme this week is Phlox and naughty deer. You see, I have both! I love my Phlox, and when they start a blooming I think it's the prettiest time of year! I also have deer here at Applestone Cottage and I mean LOTS of deer. I have always loved deer, but lately they have been getting under my skin. We have quite a few near blooming apple trees, and heck, I don't mind sharing, but I want them to wait until the apples are ripe!

But first ,my Phlox! I can't take all the credit because the previous owner had planted these but I am their caretaker now!

An up close pretty view.

Oh yes, I can sit at my dining room table and just enjoy the view! Come back on Thursday for my Phlox centered tablescape! And now, on to those naughty deer!

Here's the gang! Every morning and every evening they are here; they think they own the place! I yell," go away deer, go away deer" but it's no use! I run out my door and yell at them, but.......

Here's their ring leader. He snorts, he stomps his hooves and he is growing horns! I tell him to just wait a little longer, but no, he won't hear of it! ( sometimes I throw a tin can at him but he doesn't care)

The naughty do-er!! The nerve of him, just helping himself right out of my tree! They don't call the county I live in, the deer capital of Wisconsin for nothing!  I am joining my good friend Chari, for Sunday Favorites!
I thought this post from last summer was fitting since the deer are everywhere this time of year.  They love to sneak up to my garden and snack on my pretty flowers...
Please visit the lovely Chari @  Happy to Design for more great Sunday Favorites posts!



  1. They are beautiful animals! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh I sooo know your dilemma Cindy! I used to live in a place where the deer were plentiful. They though my garden was McDonalds, or at least a table laid out just for them. I tried all the gimmicks... nothing but an 8ft fence worked. They are beautiful though~ Vicki

  3. They are so pretty! However!!! I am so sorry they are destroying your flowers and fruit trees.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Beautiful phlox and deer! Thanks for sharing.

  5. You just reminded me I planted a purple phlox last year. Hmmm I wonder where it went. There are no deer in my yard.
    When the deer are too many it means that we have done in too many predators. The balance of nature is out of whack.

  6. WOW! Gorgeous pics Cindy!
    I gotta tell ya, if I were a deer, I'd be hanging out on your gorgeous property! And I'd tell all my friends & family too! HA!

  7. Such beautiful "pests"! They are eating our tomato plants. All the new construction has sadly driven them from their homes.

    Your photos are beautiful.

  8. You got some great photos, Cindy! Love the deer pics. They are such magnificent animals. Your phlox are gorgeous, too. Say, I was wondering, do you live at Applestone Cottage, or is a vacation home and later to be where you retire? It is sure a beautiful place. Hope all is well with you and thanks for sharing this post. I look forward to Sunday Favorites as I get to see posts I've likely not read before, as well as post my own. I'm not posting this week, though as I need to get packed to go camping.
    Blessings, Beth

  9. They are beautiful, but naughty. Cindy, is there any way you can shoot over their heads but not at them??? I just wonder if a gun would scare them or maybe the garden hose. There has got to be some way to get them out of your yard. The ones that stomp can get aggressive during mating season and be dangerous to humans.

    There's got to be a humane way to handle it. I'll put on my thinking cap!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Your phlox are gorgeous! I do hope the deer left some for you.

  11. When we were in WI we had deer also. I loved them...they loved our bushes. I wish I had just one deer here!

  12. Great picture Cindy! i hope she will leave you some flowers!!!

  13. This post cracked me up! What gorgeous flowers.

  14. Good luck with the deer! I had an apple tree, I never got one apple from it, but the squirrels loved them! My beagle used to eat the green apples too.

  15. I remember this post and I LOVE it still!!

  16. Cindy, those deer are just brazen! Believe it or not, we have had deer in our front and back yard recently, and we live in the suburbs of Atlanta! About my kitchen, it took me 10 years, (and then finally a look at the man's work who we chose to do our cabinets)before my hubby finally agreed to paint. He loves it now! Hang in there!!Linda

  17. I can't believe how many deer you receive! It's incredible!

  18. Hi Girlfriend...

    Hehe...gotta love those deer (or not!) Hehe! I remember this post so well, sweet friend! Your phlox are simply gorgeous!!! Such pretty shades of lavender and purple! Ohhh...and I would just love to see them from your dining room window...I know that they must be the most beautiful sight!!! They seem to be a pretty hardy flower (at least when the deer aren't bothering them)? I love that they grow so tall...would love to plant some here at my place! Hmmm...you have me thinking now! Hehe! Anyway, I sure did enjoy your pretty flowers and the beautiful photos of the deer! They really are magnificent creatures! You got some really great shots of them!!!

    Well sweet friend, I know that you and Dan are busy today...visiting with his folks for Fathers Day! Sure hope that you're having a great time!!! Girlfriend, I am sooo excited and counting down the days till you get here! Hehe! I'm like a "flea on a hot rock"! Hehe! We'll have a great time...soooo...I'll see you soon!!!

    Love ya,

    PS...Thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites this week...it was such a treat having you, Cindy!!!

  19. I think my mother-in-law used to tie soap to her fruit trees so they would stay away. I remember driving up and seeing a dozen or so bars hanging from the limbs like ornaments.


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