Porch Dining with Lily!

     I've been meaning to get my butt in gear and put together an outdoor table for sometime. But something always seems to get in the way.  So with Lily's help, and I use that term loosely, today was the day.

But first I needed to whip up some pillows.  This material had been sitting by my sewing machine for a month.  Thanks to Marty's inspiration, (check out all the beautiful pillows she makes)  @ A Stroll thru Life,  I got myself busy.

And hubby was finally able to get my little fountain going.  Every Autumn, it fills up with Asian Beetles and we have to de-clog in the Spring. 

OOPS!  Sorry about the spill over.

And then there was this material.  I bought it last year on the clearance rack.  It was $7 for 2.5 yards and I was sure I could find a use for it.

So I trimmed it and sewed the edges and  now I have a frenchy, cottage tablecloth.

I like the mix of patterns and colors and I think it cost me about $3.00 since I have quite a bit fabric left over.

I had so hoped for a sunny morning since our porch faces the East.  But alas, it was mostly overcast.

Little red heart bowls, $1 a piece from Michaels.  Paper napkins, ( but I think they work) are from TJ Maxx.

The blue and white salad plates are Myott Finlandia, garage sale find.

Tea-cup and saucers are also Myott Finlandia, purchased from E-Bay and Garage sales.

Blue Willow Dinner Plates, on sale at TJ Maxx for $2 a piece.

Wine glasses, free from my Mom.

Blue Vase, $1 at an auction.

Smaller blue vase, $1, same auction.  Flowers are from my garden.

Some other views.....

My hanging baskets are starting to fill out!

A little framed view.

Thanks for stopping by........

I am joining the following blog parties.
Tablescape Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch.
Thrifty Thursday with Leigh @  Tales from Bloggeritaville



  1. I absolutely LOVE this setting. I love the table and chairs, the cloth, the pillows, dishes...every single thing is adorable. and..there is NOTHING wrong with using paper napkins...nothing at all !!!These are perfect for your dishes.
    xo bj

  2. Love your porch setting. The tablecloth fabric is great! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Cindy your table is beautiful! I love how the table looks in front of your shuttered windows.

  4. Girlfriend you have been busy! Yay! It all looks so great. Love the tablecloth!
    When you come out in Aug be sure to bring Lily with you! She is too cute! We don't see cats around here, too many coyotes, if they are outside cats, they don't last long. :(
    HAGD! Karen

  5. Cindy, stop it! It is tooooo cute! Love the red chairs with the red shutters. The rug and fabric are just perfect! Linda

  6. Hi Cindy,
    You have put together a beautiful porch setting. I love the tablescape and the red chairs and pillows.
    The rug is darlin. You have done a wonderful job.


  7. How pretty your porch looks and the bistro table is perfect for all of your pretty linens! Love the pillows (still working on that machine)! I especially love your rug and that neat fountain!

    Lily is a cutie! She looks like a Lily! Hope the sun comes out and STAYS out. Still don't have flowers planted...


  8. Sooo cute! I love how colorful this setting is! I love your water fountain too! I have black and white polka dot fabric (sitting by my machine) for my front porch! As if Marty wasn't inspiration enough, now you really are too! I love your porch it's very pretty!

  9. It is pretty and fresh looking. Like all the blue and white. As far as adorable Lily - she was there to keep you company. :D

  10. I love it Cindy! Great colors. Your "helper" is too cute! What a lovely place to have a meal!


  11. Looks like you and Lily had a wonderful time playing with the dishes -- love your fabrics -- so bright and charming. What a pretty setting too.

  12. I am positively besotted over your porch and your table! I'd take that view you have ANY day. It's so pretty there. And the polka dots, oh, be still my heart for polka dots!

  13. Ahem.... (clearing my throat)...AHEM..... I think your setting is so cozy, I would not want to get up from there. The fountain is perfect touch for a lazy morning breakfast or lunch.....BUT....Ahem....where is Lily's place setting? huh???? bless her heart..

  14. Oh Cindy, your pillows and tablecloth are gorgeous and I just LOVE your porch. The floweres, and all the pretty cherry colors, love that rug too. Your tablesetting is just gorgeous. You really do have some beautiful dishes and accessories. You did good. I would love to be sitting there with you and having a glass of iced tea. Can't wait to see you soon. Hugs, Marty

  15. Your mixing and matching of patterns is wonderful. You have used my favorite colors and I am in love! Lori L

  16. What a beautiful setup you have there... lovely!

    (Lily is a doll, by the way ♥)

  17. What a beautiful porch setting, Cindy. I love all your toile linens and the blue and white dishes, so classic and so Frenchy! Beautiful fountain!...Christine

  18. Oh Cindy, you and Lilly did a fabulous job on this table and the entire porch! I L-O-V-E that tablecloth fabric! Did you have any left over? I'll buy it if you did!! How pretty your layers of china patterns look on that cloth. I think your little fountain is so cute, and all of your blooming flowers just make this porch look like such a special place to be. I'd love to come join you and sit at that pretty little table with you! (Of course, when I leave, your tablecloth might be gone!) laurie

  19. I kept saying oooooooooooooooooo as I saw the pics!! So nice! Where did you get the rug?


  20. Everything goes together perfectly. I love those chairs with the polkadot pillows!! What a nice setting. Love the blue and white dishes and those heart dishes added something special!

  21. Hi Cindy
    Your porch is lovely. Love the chair and your fountain...and your new tablecloth. It is just darling. I am Finnish background so I'm going to have to see if I can find some of those Finlandia dishes too. Thank you for sharing and have a lovey day

  22. Cindy, The tablecloth and pillows are great. My favorites are all of the blue and white plates and vases etc. You got some great deals and it looks very pretty together! Love that Blue Willow!
    p.s. Lily is adorable.

  23. I feel like I'm sitting with my Tantine on her porch in Deuville, France. What a lovely porch, and table setting you have here! LOVE it!

  24. What a pretty porch setting, Cindy! Love your red outdoor furniture. Your fabric is so sweet and love how you've set the table. I'm sure your little fuzzy helper was a great assistant! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Cindy, I love all the layering of patterns of the colorful china, fabric, and paper for your table!! I love blue/white with the addition of a little red. And I sure wish I had a porch to sit out on and enjoy a little feast. Yours looks so lovely! hugs, Sue

  26. Cindy,

    Love Love your porch!! The red is just so sweet and that rug- I am in love with that rug!!! So cheery and just brings everything together!

    Now all you need is a bee hive!!! :)

    bee blessed

  27. i adore lily! and your tablecloth... and how you pulled it all together, very fun!

  28. If I lived closer I would be knocking on your door to sit on your porch...looks lovely...

  29. I LOVE this porch area and the table setting. Would put a rug on my porch but with all the rain we sometimes get I', afraid it would get too soggy. The rug you have is delightful!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  30. Your table looks so inviting. I love the colors you chose, and that tablecloth is so pretty. I also loved the dishes.
    Are Asian beetles different than regular lady bugs? They look the same, but seem to be more of a problem from things I've read.

  31. Hi Cindy,
    Very pretty, I just adore blue and white (drop by to see some of mine!). You have so many pretty patterns. And I love your red table and chairs, very cheerful and fun!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  32. Adorable outdoor tablescape! Your red table and chairs are perfect for the Applestone Cottage! Your talent with the fabric is amazing. It is very French Country. And very pretty with the blue and white dishes.

  33. That's really fun!! I love the color combinations and how active and interesting it is. Great plate selections as well. :-)

  34. Hi, Cindy,
    I love how you used all the different colors together. Very pretty. Nice job on the pillows.

  35. I keep asking you questions , but I love this post of yours. What is hanging in front of your window above the table. Looks like a string of something? bells, lights? what?

  36. Beautiful Cindy! I love the red bistro set, it looks so comfy! The details are all so beautiful! I love the mix of patterns and color, it looks great!

  37. Cindy your porch is so pretty! I love your tablescape. It's perfect and looks so inviting. My favorite part of your post besides your lovely water feature is your adorable little kitty. I hope you have a wonderful day ♥

  38. Cindy, your tablescape is CHARMING! It certinaly doesnt look thrifty, which means you get an A++++! I hope you will not mind if I share on my blog recap tomorrow.

  39. dear cindy,
    i love the fabric you used as the inspiration for this table. you can pair it with so many different things. the toile look you chose is perfect and mixing in the other colors makes a welcome, refreshing site. thank you for sharing your creativity. i loved it!

  40. I love your porch setting...you did a great job on the tablecloth, Cindy. Blue transferware is one of my favorites.
    Lily is a beautiful little lady!

  41. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  42. It looks as though you and Lily are the perfect team, and how funny that your cat and my dog share the same name! It looks just beautiful!

  43. I just adore your porch tablescape!!

    I am admiring your red chairs and the pillows and the tablecloth turned out fantastic!! I really like the fabric for the tablecloth!!

    Your dishes are beautiful and i just love how inviting the whole setting looks. May I visit for a spell??


  44. The red shutters, the vine on the wall, and the bistro set all looks very French! Your tablecloth just sets the mood perfectly! Such a lovely setting and I love the blue and white dishes.
    Come by my blog and win $50 CSN gift certificate.

  45. I love,love, love that material!! It's so gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful table you've put together!


  46. Dining with Lily is FAB... sketching YOUR table now and adding Lily under it of course!!!

  47. Hi Cindy,
    Love the happy colors and the great mix of patterns! I'm so glad you found time to finish your sewing projects and create this wonderful outdoor setting for all of us to enjoy!

    I thought your Remembering & Goodbyes post was very special. Your photographs of the old churches in their amazing settings were stunning! I know that feeling so well -- of the sadness of remembering and loss, mingled with the warm memories of times with loved ones.

    Hope you don't mind that I'm commenting on two posts at once. I loved them both!

    Kindest regards,

  48. I love it...don't you just want to leave it set up all the time? The fabric is wonderful and goes so well with the dishes and vases. I love how you and Marty "whip up" your pillows. The way I whip up mine is to jump in the car and drive 2 blocks to Kohls:)

  49. I love your table!! So beautiful!!

  50. Cindy, I love the entire table setting. I am head over heels for that tablecloth! That is just too cute! I love the blue toile mixed with the cheerful red and yellow lemons. It all looks so happy and summery!

  51. Hi Cindy. I just found your blog and love it. I also adore your porch makeover. I've been trying to get my butt in gear on my own. Red has suddenly become a favorite color of mine. I love everything you've put together here. Where in the world did you find that great rug to tie it all together? I love it.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs....Tracy :)

    P.S. I'm a new follower and am looking forward to coming back to read more of your past post.

  52. I love everything about your tablescape! I want those chairs, table and polka dot pillows!

  53. Hi Cindy! Lovely table setting. So cheerful, warm and welcoming!!

    Susan and Bentley

  54. Your patriotic porch is lovely! And, it's even more special with the sweet cat lounging about. I'm always inspired by those who can find such beautiful thrifty items to use in such unique ways.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  55. Your porch and table looks so lovely. It is an inspiration.


  56. Hi Cindy! Is that not the prettiest tablescape...so summery and frenchy! I love the tablecloth fabric and all of the touches of blue and white! Miss Lily is a wonderful hostess, too! I would have breakfast out here every morning! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  57. Cindy how did you finally get your comments on the bottom...Now I apologizee for not being around much lately my dear Sister friend...girl I love those sweet pillow you made and I was just at Marty's and seen her's...I Hope you have a GREAT weekend my dear friend...Wished I was there to dine with you ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  58. Your porch is such an inspiration to me. How I would love those red shutters..but I know my husband would never allow that. He is...um..shall we say conservative..VERY!
    I AM however going to paint that little iron bistro set...and very soon. :)
    Going back for another look see!
    Love and hugs,

  59. G'morn, Cindy ~ What a lovely relaxing inviting porch ... to enjoy with you & Lily. It is so delightful to just be surrounded with such beauty.

    Have a beau-TEA-ful weekend.
    TTFN , Hugs, Marydon

  60. Your porch looks so very beautiful!!! I adore the tablecloth fabric! I want to come over and sit a spell!

  61. Cindy this has to be the PRETTIEST table scape I've ever seen...seriously - you have put together the perfect settings.
    Love the combination of colors....very Spring/Summer plus the colors are very Americana!
    It works 'forever'

    Thanks for sharing and love that you added the cost of your treasures...it shows that you can do a spread like this on ANY budget....

    Hugs, Karen

  62. It's so beautiful Cindy. I love the warm reds, yellows and oranges but I always try to have some blue or green to cool it off a bit. This is just perfect!

  63. Hey sweet friend...

    Just wanted to come over to say hello and see what you've been up to! Ohhhh my goodness...Darlin', I just adore this beautiful blue frenchy tablescape that you've done out on your pretty porch! Ahhhh...it's like a breath of fresh air...I sure would love to sit at this pretty table and visit with you!!! Cindy...I love, love, LOVE your front porch!!! Love that fabulous red table and chairs and your pretty rug that you added this year! When looking at your photos, I just thought how very beautiful this all is...your pretty red table and chairs against the stone and the red shutters peeking through the green vines growing there...just gorgeous!!! Ohhh...and that tablescape!!! Love that pretty french provencal fabric...your blue dishes look perfect with it! Girlfriend, ever since I've seen your Myott Finlandia dishes, I've been hunting for some! I would like to have one set of blue and white dishes and I think this is the pattern that I would like to have! Ohhh, and I remember that you got this pretty set for a steal...I'm green with envy! Hehe! Love the pretty red heart bowls that you used with this place setting...they just tie in all of that gorgeous red on your porch...sooo perfect!!! I enjoyed getting to see some more of your beautiful flowers too!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful tablescape and more of that gorgeous front porch with us...this was really a treat!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I took a peek at your last post as well. Loved all of the photos of those beautiful old churches! The countryside was simply breathtaking...so picturesque!!! Isn't it amazing how Dan's family and your family was intermingled...makes me think that the two of you were "meant to be"! Girlfriend, so sorry that your son and DIL had to leave to get back to AZ...it's always so hard to say goodbye! I know...I'm really missing all of my girls and grandkids right now! I hope that ya'll had a wonderful visit though! Did you guys do anything special?

    Well sweet lady...just wanted to come by to say hello (and now I've written a book...hehe!) Russell is back to work tomorrow...I sure have enjoyed having him home this week! Thank you for all the sweet notes and anniversary well wishes that you've left for me...sure enjoyed them all, Girlfriend! I've missed my visiting! Have a wonderful day...I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

  64. Oh, Cindy! CUTENESS! Loved what you did with this tablescape. First of all, I adore those red chairs... great color AND shape! Then you did a great job with your cloth and whole tablescape. It is just as cute as can be. And you had such a great little helper in Lily. What a gorgeous kitty. Love her! I love your hanging basket and your fountain... everything just beckons me to come sit there and visit with you.

    You asked a question in the post before this, and I forgot to answer. In summer, I like to be at home. I also like to take the time to visit with family and friends and recharge my batteries for the rest of the year. It's hot, and I like indoor projects for the most part, but home is where you'll find this girl in the summer. All of my friends used to beg me to come visit in the mountains of NC, but I'm not a mountain girl. I need to be near the water. I think that goes back to my childhood because we always went somewhere with water in the summer, and when we didn't, I was very, very upset. ;-) My father was a water bug, too.



  65. Great job on the pillows and you got so many cute things. Your blue hour pictures looks amazing. I just read about the blue hour this morning, for the first time. I'll have to try it this evening. :)

  66. LOVE the look! The color combo is gorgeous and so happy :D

  67. Oh my I love this little porch makeover! How adorable! I also love this little blog, just came across it and its so cute. We have a lot in common, I live on 5 acres in our humble abode and my sweet husband is a real DYI kinda guy, like you husband.
    Thank you for sharing. I'm now a FOLLOWER on this lovely blog!
    PS I'd like to extend the invitation to come FOLLOW La Bella Vie, I'd love to have you come along for the ride!


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