My Favorite Things Saturday and a Winner!!

I am joining Laurie, at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for a Few of My Favorite Things Saturday.  Please check out Lauries cool and fun blog for some awesome posts!
A few of my favorite things ........

Giveaways!  This teapot and cup from the darling CC, was the very first give-away I won.  Now I'm hooked.  If you enter enough give-away's your bound to win eventually.

Apple Trees in bloom!  Tis the season at our little humble abode.

Apple blossoms for centerpieces.  I made this one last year and I had to risk life and limb with all the bumble bees that were buzzing around my head.

My apple blossom table.

And lilacs!  I can't get enough of lilacs this time of year.  They are filling up every empty vase in my house.

And I love to have give-away's!  Thank-you to all of you who took the time to enter.  I wish I had a set of dishes to send to each and every one of you.  There were a 168 separate entries.  I used the random number generator and without further ado...........

The winner is Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut!

Congratulations Rhonda!   AKA  Shellbelle.   I love visiting her fun blog! 
Just e-mail me Rhonda and I will get your info to CSN so they can get your dishes in the mail to you.

Thanks everyone! 
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I hope to get around to visiting you all soon! 


  1. Congratulations to the winner!!
    Have a great weekend!.

  2. Hooray for Rhonda! I love her and her blog. It always makes me think of sun and sand {which I need badly right now!}.

    Love your lilacs. I always wished I had planted some when we first moved in...they would be old now! lol! Maybe soon. Hope you are feeling better!


  3. Love the teapot...love winning something that cute.

  4. Congrats to the lovely Rhonda with her cool blog! Happy weekend! Anne

  5. Cindy, I love all of your gorgeous flowers. Sure wish we could have some of those here in the desert, but you know the story. lol Congrats to your winner. Hope you're having a super week. Hugs, Marty

  6. I so love your apple blossoms and the lilacs...I so need to smell them...I think it will always be Sprinter here! LOL :D

  7. Dang, I mean, congratulations!

    I am totally in love with lilacs. Beautiful!

  8. Your post is so pretty, Cindy!

    Congrats to the winner!

    Hope your weekend wonderful!

  9. Your apple trees are incredible! So glad that the bees didn't get you! I adore your front porch rug too, I almost bought that myself. Your home is lovely, Cindy!

  10. I swear, I'm misty-eyed at being the winner of your wonderful giveaway. The move to Georgia has left me with mixed feelings and getting back to blogging after settling in a bit has been such a blessing. I love our blogging world and the generosity of our friends. Thank you Cindy, thank you so much. Okay, now the tears are flowing, so I'm going to go.


  11. Cindy, beautiful post. Love the apple tree blossoms and the lilacs, neither of which we have here.
    Hope you have a delightful weekend. ~ Sarah

  12. I will keep your words of how to win in my mind...but I don't know if it works. Aside from my personal giveaway from Karen....I have won a magazine in 3 years!! I don't think I am very lucky that way...but I am glad you won! I will enjoy it with you!

  13. Congratulations Rhonda for winning this beautiful giveaway!

    Cindy it looks like we have a lot of favorites in common. The scent of lilacs is intoxicating! I can just picture you trying to cut those apple blossoms. The bumble bees love my azaleas and I couldn't pull weeds around them for the entire time they were in bloom. They are not an aggressive bee but they buzz so loud they intimidate me. I run screaming like a little girl. LOL Enjoy your weekend! Hugs

  14. Love the flowers! Congrats to the winner!
    That little chair tea light is adorable!

  15. Oh my, what a lovely setting and to be able to sit there looking out at the trees in bloom. Sigh!

  16. HI Sweet Cindy!!!!
    Loved all your favorite things!!!!!Love the apple trees!!!!I so wish I had one and a lilac bush!!!!!
    Those are great things!!
    Congrats to the winner, those are great dishes!!!

  17. Your table displays are always a joy to behold! Thank you for sharing your favorite things with us and congrats to your lucky winner! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

  18. Oh, I'm thrilled for Rhonda! She is going to love those dishes, Cindy!!! :-) Doing the happy dance for her.

    Love your centerpieces. They are so pretty, and you are surrounded with beauty.

    Sorry I'm late getting to this. I had an accident on Thursday and have been sore. Thought I'd try and catch up on blogging today.


    Sheila :-)

  19. Your lilacs are just gorgeous and so is your apple tree..all of those blossoms! Congrats to the winner. Thanks for stopping by...you know the same things actually happened to me...I only got to around 27 sales on one side of town and then pooped out. Town wide yardsales are great...now if only they would space them out a bit.

  20. Your flowers are really blooming and oh so pretty, Cindy! It must smell so good in your whole surrounding. Congrats to Rhonda!.....Christine

  21. What the heck! I know I left a comment on this post, but I don't see it, so I must have done something wrong. Your apple blossoms and your lilacs are beautiful, and I love your pretty little vignette of your winnings from CC. Of course, you got me with the toile mat, but the little candle holder chair is so cute too. Thank you for linking this to Fav. Things. It would have been a much better post if I had been the winner (just kidding- congrats to the winner). laurie

  22. Here's sendin' Miss Rhonda a big old Ozarks CONGRATULATIONS!!! Woohoo!!! I really haven't entered that many giveaways...but I guess I'm one lucky duck 'cause I keep on winnin!!! No complaints here.

    Beautiful plants to adore your beautiful settings.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful day dear!!!

  23. Your lilacs must smell heavenly. And I love your various vases and pitchers for holding them. Happy Blue Monday.

  24. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my...here I am again, trying to play catch up over at your place! Girlfriend, here lately I don't know if I'm "comin' or goin'" as far as my blogging goes! Hehe! I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting by for a visit! Between not feeling the greatest and being very busy...I just haven't been keeping up very well! But...I'm here now! Yeeeehawww!!! Hehe!

    Darlin', I just adore your gorgeous Apple Blossom tablescape...it's sooo pretty! Ohhh...and your apple trees are simply gorgeous too! I bet that is just one of the prettiest sights...seeing your trees all budded out with those beautiful white blossoms! They sure do make for a gorgeous floral centerpiece...love them!!! Your china is sooo pretty...I love the soft blues that you used to decorate with too! Ohhh and I love, love, LOVE those gorgeous blue glasses!!! I'd love to find some like that! I think they would be really pretty with my blue "fleur de lis" china! Anyway, they sure do look gorgeous with your beautiful dishes!!! Love that pretty little soft blue lamp shade too! Just a gorgeous table, my sweet friend! It was a real treat to see!!!

    Love ya,

  25. Ooops...just me again! Hehe!

    I wanted to congratulate Rhonda on being the lucky winner of your fabulous giveaway!!! Way to go, Rhonda!!!

    Love ya, Girlfriend!


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