Outdoor Wednesday or Where's our Snow?

We have been unseasonably warm for Wisconsin this time of year.  Today it got up to 51 degrees!  Now I know, some of you are thinking hey that's cold.  But our average high temp for this time of year is only about 38 degrees.   While  I am enjoying  this warmer weather, today I actually started wishing for snow!   I had started stringing lights and decorating our front porch for Christmas and this may have been why.    Now, bite my tongue!  Come March, I'll be eating these words as we get slammed with snow over and over again!  The pic above is of  my daughter and step-son taken about 10 years ago.  Look how happily they are shoveling our driveway.  Boy, have times changed!

Every year Dan and I try to make it to a display of Rotary lights in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  These pics were taken last year before I started blogging and right around December 1st.  As you can see, we already had a lot of snow on the ground.   This is just a phenomenal display of  over 2.5 million lights!

 Riverside Park is located right next to the Mississippi and with all the snow last year it was a true Winter Wonderland!

They have live nativities, carolers, and even a steamboat lit up with lights! There are Christmas songs playing, hot cocoa for sale and even a warm igloo to thaw out your toes while you listen to local high school choirs!    Now that I'm a blogger I will be sure to take lots of pics this year and hopefully you will see some of that white stuff too!   So how's the weather in your neck of the woods?  Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?  Please Join our hostess Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for more Outdoor Wednesday Posts!   Cindy


  1. Hey ya all.
    I am so lovin these beautiful lights, and all of the angel kisses. OMG I can only imagine how wonderful they feel as they fall upon your faces. I bet secretly you are looking forward to that first snow fall with the holidays coming. I love the lights that have the blue effect on the snow. How beautiful. I can't wait to see what you post this year.

    I am lovin it sweetie. I am just lovin it. Thanks for sharing tonight and for so making my heart feel warm and cozy. That is the best place to be.

    Hugs and kisses, Sherry

  2. looks like winter wonderland to me! i've never seen real snow, only the remnants of it at the beginning of spring in NYC a few years ago.

  3. Very pretty! It is funny how after one starts to blog, one looks at everything with new eyes! We had snow over the weekend and along with that we went Christmas shopping, I got so excited, I came home and put my tree up! Hey, time flies, I don't want to miss out on any of it this year! :D

  4. I am so glad you posted these beautiful wintry pictures...Thank you!The Christmas lights are wonderful too. We are just starting to get into decorating with lights here in Australia.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  5. These pictures make me want to start decorating for Christmas. We also have temperatures in the 50ties, a warm wind is blowing from the south and it feels more like spring then like Christmas !

  6. What a beautiful light display. Really puts me in the mood to start decorating which I usually do the day after Thanksgiving. Enjoy your sunny days. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We usually get our first snow about right now. Luckily they are calling for nice weather during my Christmas show dates! I loved looking at all your decor "with snow" from last yr. So pretty.
    I really appreciate the nice compliments you gave me about my floral arrangements. :) Thank you.

  8. They do grow up fast, but when they have grandkids it is time all over again. Mine loves to help with the leaves this year. You are getting me in the Christmas spirit with all this pics. Thank you.


  9. These displays are so beautiful, Cindy! It is making me crave for Christmas decor here in the house. And I would love for you to visit me. I offer you our own bed and breakfast and lunch and dinner too!...Christine

  10. May I say NASTY??? It's been raining and the high is low 30's and we're in southern Missouri. Go figure! I never dream of a white Christmas. 'Don't like the winter and all the uck it brings. 'Don't like trying to keep all the cattle fed in the ice and snow. 'Don't like carrying in wood slipin' and slidin'. Ya , get the picture that I'm a summer chick? LOL

    Have a fantastic day enjoying your beautiful weather. Ya can send it to the Ozarks just anytime!!!

  11. Oh, the light displays are just gorgeous. I really don't miss the snow, but I love to see the pics. Hope you have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  12. The light displays are one of my favorite Christmas events, Cindy! These look wonderful, especially with the snow, which we don't have. We do sometimes drive up to Lake Tahoe just to see snow and enjoy a good snowball fight, but its been years. I so enjoy seeing the beauty of your snowy area, at night with the people enjoying the Christmas season...it warms my heart!

    LOVE your header!

    God bless,

  13. Cindy, We have no snow and even had a few days of sunshine (shhh...don't let the snow decider know!) in Vermont. THE ski mountain in the northeast is in our village and is due to open on Saturday. The skiing types are anxious. Me, I am a happy southerner thankful for just a bit of frost. The fuel and snow plowing guys have not visited us yet this year! Woo HOO! And, that is a wanna-be-south-of-the-Mason-Dixon happy dance!!! Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  14. Wow, I want some snow! I hate driving in it but I love to be home with a hot cocoa and a good book watching snow fall. Lovely christmas lights, can't wait for them to go up around here.

  15. I used to wish for snow on Christmas, once all the family was together and safe for a few days. But the past few years things have changed around here. We spend Christmas in Florida with my daughter and my parents. My son is here in Illinois with my grandsons. My sister and her family have kids traveling in and out...so, now I don't wish for white. Too many of us are on the highways during the holidays.


  16. Beautiful pictures! I don't miss snow/ice anytime. It is 45 now and I am freezing every time I go out the door.

  17. OK, LOL - LOL - LOL I want to make sure I heard you right.
    YOU! WANT! SNOW!!!???!!!
    Girlfriend, you make me smile! A woman after my own heart! :)

  18. Oh, I love those olden photos with the snow! We had snow a few years back here. The first time in about 100 years!
    Love those Christmas lights!
    Enjoy your 51'.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. HI!!!
    YOU Know that snow is coming~!!!!!!
    I know it is always fun for the first one, but I bet you are enjoying this warm break!!!!!
    Snow is so fun and beautiful, we have to drive 2-3 hours to see it!!!! Flagstaff, AZ is amazing!!!!

  20. Gorgeous photos!!

    Enjoy your 51 degrees!! I hope you are enjoying getting your lights out on a pretty day!

  21. Cindy-Yes everything is relative. It was about 48 here today and I almost froze to death--had my first fire tonight! Your pictures from last year are gorgeous--hope you are going again! Thanks for saying my family will be impressed with my table--sadly, they just think I'm crazy :)

  22. I actually loved it here today. It was 73 and I got to open all of the windows--I even wore flip flops which was a treat!

  23. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note...so happy that you came by for a chat today! How are you doing? I'm doing fine...as you can see, I've been piddlin' around with Christmas decorations! Hehe! I'm so slow though...I do a little and then I rest...do a little...then I rest! Hehe! The cold always hurts my bones! The last few days, the weather has started to warm up a bit though! Sounds like we're having the same kind of weather...supposed to get up to 53 today and it's nice and sunny! I love it! Of course, we still have snow on the ground from the last snow storm we had several days ago. Bet it won't be around long with the sunshine!

    Girlfriend...the Rotary Lights in LaCrosse are magnificent! What a fabulous Christmas display! Love your photos!!! Sounds like so much fun too...seeing all those beautiful lights...listening to the high school choirs and hot cocoa!!! Ohhh yes...go and take lots of photos to share with us!!!

    Well Sweetie...so happy to hear from you today! I just sat down with my first cup of coffee and my blog and found your sweet note! You always make my day!!!

    Love ya,

  24. Hi Cindy
    Ohhh brrrrrr..although those pictures are lovely especially the children helping...and all the lights...while the beauty is there I find there is just too much of it. Toooo long around here.
    Thank you for sharing ... lovely pictures.

    We have had temps in the 40s and 50s and its wonderful. Last year we had a number of snowfalls by now..*crossing my fingers* that this weather lasts another...ummmm..2 months...*lol*
    have a fabulous weekend

  25. Cindy, this is just GORGEOUS! I love that pic of the kids shoveling snow. They are beautiful children! And those scenes of the lights, wow! It must be amazing to have a white Christmas. I keep thinking that at some point, I will get to see one some day. Right now I'm just glad to get back online and that Mr. Magpie is back at work after being in bed for several days sick.


    Sheila :-)

  26. Going around looking for Christmas light displays is one of our families favorite traditions.

    I dream of a white Christmas but all I get is fog, it's almost white but not near as festive!

  27. Nothing says Christmas like snow...I miss that living in the South...and the past few holidays we spent up in New Jersey wouldn't you know the weather was nice...maybe this year!!

  28. Oh, that snow looks so pretty and thinking about it makes my hot flashes almost disappear! :)

  29. Cindy, maybe if we all chip in our pennies across the Land of Blog, we could afford half a cupcake. ;-)

    I'm afraid they are too expensive for my blood, but I want one bad! LOL! I am always intrigued with little strange cars. My cousin has a Mini Cooper, and it's the cutest thing EVER! The cupcakes run about 7 MPH. If I were Martha Stewart, I would own one for sure! lol!


    Sheila :-)


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