Met. Monday/Fluffing the Guest Room and a itty bit of sewing!

Did you all have a nice week-end?  We had two glorious days of unseasonably warm weather.  Saturday reached 70 degrees and Sunday was in the mid-sixties.  Quite nice for November in Wisconsin.  I spent the week-end fluffing the guest room and doing a few crafty/sewing projects.  The pic above is my attempt to create a viginette.  The  little antique chest  is one I've had forever and wanted to use in the guest room.   See my new wire cloche?  I'm  doing a little practicing for Marty's upcoming cloche party. The lemonade sign was in a local thrift shop for $7.00.

I found these cute little wall placques for only $5 at a fabric store.   I think they add a frenchy touch!

The wall placques sit above this little wicker chair.  It was a $10 garage sale find.  I made a pillow and added a clearance cushion I found from Bed. Bath and Beyond.

I didn't care for the way the window treatment looked  in the guest room so I took this old shelf, painted it an off white and...

mounted it above the window.  A decoupage plate and two for one dollar figurine's from the Dollar Tree complete the look!  The plate is attached to a plate hanger so it won't fall .

I used some red balled fringe I had left over from a sewing project to tie back the curtain panels.  I like them open much better and next I need to find something to replace the ugly blinds.

A little black table purchased at IKEA for only $20.00 and the lamp also from IKEA but  purchased several years ago.  The little boy and girl in the pic are your's truly and my brother Tom.  Our guest room is still a work in progress but I think it's coming along.

And finally my itty bitty sewing project.  I made this table runner and napkins to use for an upcoming Tablescape Thursday.   Easy Peasey and only  $5 for the material. 
 I am joining Met. Monday please visit our hostess Susan for some wonderful transformations.  Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate all your lovely comments and I will be visiting you just as fast as I can.   Cindy 


  1. Your guest rooms looks lovely, so warm and welcoming. I really like your little shelf above the window. I need one of those $20 black tables from Ikea, it looks perfect and what a great price!


  2. Cindy, you've done such a great job with your room, and look at all the cute things you got for such great prices! It is so cute, and I know it makes you smile to go in there! :-)

    I love those napkins you made... wow! And I also love your quilt. I love quilts SO much. Yours is so bright and fun.

    Happy Monday...


    Sheila (I fell asleep over my keyboard earlier, so if there are typos, please forgive me!) :-)

  3. I love to go out shopping and gathering good deals, looks like you do too! Lots of cute things, the room looks so cute! Come say hi :D

  4. Oh CIndy,
    Everything looks so beautiful. I cannot belive you are already home and working again. Do you never slow down?

    I love the little pillow with the ball fringe that you made. It is precious. I think you should take that little ball trim and add it to your lampshade and give it that little pop of red too.

    The shelf that you painted and added the plate to is so clever. I love it. I also like the little figurines to the side. Aren't they just the crowing glory. I so love it sweetie.

    I am thrilled you are having some nice weather. Like you said enjoy it because bad is coming, we know that for sure. You will not have 70 degree weather all winter. I can't wait to see your first snow pictures.

    Take care my friend. Talk to you soon. Stop on over anytime. I love to see your smile. Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Cindy everything looks so beautiful. You did a great job. We had warm temps here in WV too. Got to do alot of outdoor work.


  6. Your guest room looks prettier and prettier each time I see it! I love the cloche too. I so want to join with Marty's party but I can't find one anywhere...I will keep looking though!
    Best wishes for a happy week, Natasha.

  7. Your guest room is beautiful, Cindy! I also love the tablecloth and napkins! Looking forward to that tablescape!!:-)

  8. Hi Cindy! I'm just loving how your guest room is turning out! Love the little shelf and those little been plaques. Now your table runner and napkins turned out so cute. Can't wait to see them used with a tablescape.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. If I was staying in that guest room, I would definitely overstay my welcome! It's perfect, from the color of the walls to the touches of black, to that fabulous pillow on the chair that you made. A very warm and welcoming room that anyone would be happy to stay in!
    Happy Monday!

  10. Love the way your guest room turned out. You are so creative.
    That black and white toile is certainly yummy!
    Have a great day.
    Ladybug Creek

  11. Cindy, it looks so very beautiful and inviting. Smart move attachin' your lovely plate to the wall. Ones guest should never part with a concision. HeeeeHeeehe!!! I love those quaint wall placques. You always do such an excellent job.

    Have a wonderfully blessed week enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you!!! God bless.....

  12. Cindy, You've been busy. Love your little vignette with the new cloche. Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it for the party! Since I love classic black, of course I like your b/w runner and napkins. I'm off to the store soon to buy fabric for a few projects. It's still nice out here- no sun today, but it's been glorious the past few days, too.
    hugs, Sue

  13. That room gets cozier with each post! Love it.

    I am looking at that same black check fabric in a bedskirt and shams for my bedroom. How funny is that.
    We muuuust have the same good taste.:) I like the toile with it....hmmmmm...

  14. You have done a great job - pretty! We had beautiful weather this last week and it was wonderful after so much rain. Cloudy today - hope it does not rain.
    Have a great week.

  15. I bet your guests don't want to leave...so homey and relaxing...love the lemonade sign..

  16. Hi Cindy....love the touches in your guest room. Where did you find the wire cloche?
    Have you thought about putting some kind of valance or topper on the curtains? A red background fabrick...I think that might be so pretty....But, then again, I am a valance girl....you would see that at my house!!
    Have a great week.

  17. Hello Cindy,

    Your guest room looks so warm and inviting! I would definitely be quite comfortable as a guest in that room. You did a wonderful job!

    ~ Tracy

  18. Hi Girlfriend...

    Was so nice to find your sweet note first thing this morning, Darlin'! What a nice way to start my day...with your sweetness!!! I'm so glad that you liked what I've done so far with the faux fireplace...I was wondering what you would think! Today I need to get busy and work on the tile surround. Russell already put it together for me...the tiles are a flat black but I thought I might try to do something pretty on them with a little gold!

    Anyway...let's talk about your gorgeous guest room! Hehe...I figured that you would be back working in there as soon as you got back from Arizona! Girl, I just love, love, LOVE everything that you've done!!! Ohhh...love your pretty vignette on top of the dresser...that lemonade sign is just darling and so perfect!!! And...I love your new wire cloche! Ohhh...I'm wanting one of those soooo bad! Hehe! I love how it looks in this room! The white wicker chair looks fabulous...that sweet little yellow and white checked cushion looks so beautiful with the comforter too! Girl, you're just so talented...love the pillow that you made...it's gorgeous! That fabric is so pretty...and very frenchy! Now I have to ask...is that the same fabric that you used to decopage the pretty plate that you have on the shelf about the window? Well let me backup a little...did you decopage the plate? I love it!!! That pattern and the colors are so perfect with your comforter!!! Grand idea to add the little shelf above the window...I really like that look and it's fun to be able to display pretties on it! You know..I think that one of these fancy wood blinds would be pretty if you're going to replace the mini blinds...or a fabric covered shade! You could really customize if you do a fabric shade! I have seen where they just take an inexpensive white roll up blind and glue fabric to it and then add some pretty embellishments/trim! Ohhh yes...I could see that in this room! Ohhh and before I forget, I love, love, LOVE your new little bee art pictures...you're right...they are sooo frenchy!!! You're doing a beautiful job with the decor in this room, my friend!!!

    OMG...I love the black and white toile runner and that black and white checked fabric...can't wait to see your tablescape...it'll be stunning!!! Well Darlin'...I've written a book (as usual...hehe!) Guess I better go and get some work done...just had to come by to say hello and see what you've been up to! You've been a busy little bee, Sweetie!!! Why don't you send me some of your energy...I sure could use it! wink!

    Love ya,

  19. Hi Cindy,
    Your guest room looks lovely. It's so bright and cheerful with all of that color! The shelf above the window looks great! The black toile runner and checked napkins are gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see the tablscape!
    We had beautiful weather too, mid 50's and sunny on Sat. and near 70 on Sunday! What a treat! We got a lot accomplished outdoors that we've been putting off. Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Loretta

  20. How sweet the little wicker chair looks there! And there's that quilt I love. I enjoy "fluffing" and always feel better about a room once it's been fluffed! I need to get over there to the sewing machine and make some napkins for TT!

  21. What a lovely warm room your guest will feel so welcome. I am in love with your quilt. Could it come visit my house for awhile. It would fit right in. Great job on finding all the perfect little decorating touches. You fluffed just right. Thanks for dropping by to visit.

  22. You have made such progress on your room. I still think the bed and bedding are so pretty. I know I'm going to love the tablescape that uses that black and white!


  23. Loved your fluffing! I think that shelf over the window really made it! Really cute idea! xo

  24. Hi Cindy...Love your guest room...has my favorite color for walls, too! :-) I was wondering how you had a plate that matched the pillow...brilliant idea doing the decoupage...such a custom look. I am soooo jealous that you can just whip out a runner and napkins. I'd still be trying to sew them up. LOL
    Your guests are going to feel like they are staying in a B & B with all the wonderful details...such a cheerful, warm, and inviting room...down to the darling tiebacks you made. Thanks for sharing this...I got so many great ideas from this post! Susan

  25. Cindy, that guestroom just gets better and better. I REALLY want to come stay in that lovely room. I cannot believe you only paid $10 for that chair! Love those pictures, and how clever to use the ball fringe for the tie backs. Can't wait to see your tablescape. You know how much I love toile and b/w checks! laurie

  26. Looking good, Cindy. Love the pop of the red ball fringe!
    Cute napkins..I made some too!

  27. HI!!!
    I am jealous of your 60's and 70's!!! I so wish it would cool off here!!!! I just cannot take one more day, we started our outside Christmas lights and it was so hot, I ended up crying over it!!! I was stressed yes!!!! But to sweat after I was cleaned up and showered!!!! I had a few errands to run with my daughter but thought I'd help hubby out first!!! Not a good idea when it's 80 plus!!!!!
    Oh my!!!!

  28. Hi Cindy....what a great guest room...your guests aren't going to want to leave....and Don't you love the stuff at IKEA....you need to go back and pick up a piece of their new yellow painted furniture they have...i love it and i'm dying to get the linen cabinet...just have to convince the Boss to build it!!


    I want to extend a personal invitation to you my dear lady, to visit my The Plumed Pen blog for TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO;deatils are posted on my blog..,

    Cheers from Silken Purse

  30. Your guest room is coming along nicely! I just love that quilt on the bed! Your shelf over the curtain is so creative!! Must remember that one!! Come on by for my annversary giveaway!! Hugs!

  31. You have been a very busy girl, Cindy!!! The guest room is fab!! I love the colorful theme you have going there. The vignette, the wicker chair and pillow, the shelf above the window and the bright quilt and pillows are just gorgeously wonderful ideas. I am so envious of the pillow you sewed. I haven't learned how to use my machine yet. I was to meet at my SIL' s house to get a few lessons and I have had the sniffles and don't want to spread anything...

    I also wanted to tell you that I am passing an award on to you. You can pass on the list thing but come by also because I am having a giveaway!!

    Take care, my friend!! :-)


  32. Love what you've done to the guest room!!
    LOVE the wire cloche!
    Yes, my brother told me what a gorgeous weekend you had. We had a gorgeous weekend too... went to Disneyland in CA!! Sooo much fun to have my whole family together and my gandbaby too!
    BUT... we came home to a flooded house!! Yes, the kitchen water line busted and lots of wall & furniture damage. What a mess!!
    It could have been worse... all the bedrooms, office and my craft room were spared.

  33. I love that table from Ikea. Adore your quilt. I have a shelf on my dishwasher right now as I type this. I plan on painting it and doing the same thing as you did here,,lol

  34. You made an awful mistake, you made the guest bedroom oh so charming no one will ever want to leave, I know I would not. I would chain myself to the bed and claim the room MINE!. My grand mother had her own home decorating firm, she said a little black in a room anchors it. Your creative decorating skill are superb.

  35. Very,Very beautiful! Great ideas! Hugs, Fatima


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