Mosaic Monday/ Met. Monday and a Winner!

I am joining Mary @ Little Red House for my first ever Mosaic Monday and Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Met. Monday.     But first, I want to thank all of you who left such awesome notes about the column my Mom wrote.  You are all the best and I am so thankful I found blogging and all of you.  If you haven't read it and  would still like to just scroll down to the next post. An update on my Mom:  Her last mammogram was clean and clear and she has since met a very nice man and she is head over heels in love. Yes, at 73 you can fall in love!   She still has some hard day's when she misses my Dad so very much but she is living again and it's a wonderful thing!  I also what to thank everyone who entered my pass it along give-away.   And the winner is,...... Laurie @  Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie.  Laurie has a fabulous blog and I am sure most of you know about it by now.  Laurie is one of the first gals I found when I started to blog and she was so kind and so welcoming too!  Last summer, I thought I might make it to Arkansas to meet her.  Hubby and I were on our road trip and we just ran out of time.  It's like our eyes were bigger than our stomaches.  We thought we could fit the whole Southern half of the United States in our week long trip.
     Last week for Met. Monday I showed you my old shelf and how a coat of red paint and  inexpensive tile could bring it back to life!  You all left some great comments and suggestions for my empty wall.  Yesterday, hubby hung it for me and it just screamed for some Christmas decor.  Normally, I wouldn't decorate a guest room for Christmas but I think this room is just made for it.

 The before:  Old and Dated.

The new after, gussied up for the holidays!

This room is very hard to photograph, but as you can see I now have a start to filling up that blank wall.

My Guest Room Mosaiic.  Remember, I'm a beginner at this Mosaiic stuff.

I'm also finding so much inspiration in Bloggy Land, isn't it great!  I see projects and I want to do them.

 I found this cool fabric at Wal-Mart of all places and I bought a yard for $5.  Don't you think it would make a lovely table runner?  So stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving to all !    Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy - I really love all your make overs and decorating.
    How neat how you have the photos placed on your blog too!
    I think you got lots of your creativity from your mother!!!!

  2. Hi Cindy! Congrats to Laurie! You couldn't have chosen a better winner! I love your mosaic! Your guest room is certainly looking like Christmas! And how wonderful that your mom has found someone. I think that's really terrific! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Welcome to Mosaic Monday, your first mosaic is very pretty, congratulations.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  4. Cindy...love your new header...love the mosiac...

  5. Hi Cindy -- what a great beginning in Mosaic Monday for you! And what a warm and welcoming guest room -- it may be hard to photograph, but it sure looks wonderful anyway. I love the red and yellow together. And if you have guests over the holidays, they will love the touch of Christmas you have provided.

    I also scrolled down and read your Mom's story. She is indeed a terrific writer! She also brought me to tears; what a moving story. I'm glad to hear she has found someone, and is truly living her "somedays" right now.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend,

  6. Your mosaic is just gorgeous. I love it. I just made my first ones yesterday. I'm not very tech savvy. lol Your room is looking just wonderful. I love the little shelf on the wall. I am also thrilled that your mom is happy, what a blessing. I hope you have a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Marty

  7. Good Morning Cindy...
    Congrats to Laurie.

    I am lovin your red shelf. Looks so festive, and that tile sure did bring it to life and make it pop. I love your little pitcher on the shelf. I would tear a strip of fabric in a red or green color and tie it on the handle to balance out your Christmas on both ends. You could even add a few little greens inside (fake greenery works great) Your Santa gives it so much life. I love his little Christmas bag.

    I have to tell you I so loved your Moma's story it was so beautiful. I am so happy for her. You can fall in love at any age.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. I will be back before Thanksgiving.

    Stop by and say hi. I love your company. Country hugs...Sherry

  8. So glad to hear about your Mom..very sweet! I love the little red shelf, red just fits in everywhere! The whit cloth really makes it cute and Christmas-ie! Come say hi :D

  9. Cindy, I am SO excited!! I am having a very lucky day today!! I remember that pretty Christmas plaque you made for the give-away, and I am so thrilled to win something hand-made by YOU! There were some other Christmas items in the prize too - I remember a darling gingerbread man pot holder! Oh Gosh, the more I remember, the more excited I get! Thank you so much!
    Your little shelf looks so pretty with Christmas decor on it, and you made a beautiful mosaic. I love your mosaic header. It's just so festive and makes me want to start getting out my Christmas decor, but I've got to serve TG dinner before I start that. (My mind can only handle one thing at a time!). Again, I can't tell you how excited I am about winning your generous giveaway. Thank you so much! laurie

  10. Hi Cindy! Oh, I'm thrilled your sweet Mother has met someone and is happy and her mams were good!
    Now I love that little shelf and you're right - what a perfect place for some seasonal decking! I love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Oh, that shelf turned out soooo cute. You did good on the mosaic. I've been thinking about putting one together but I'd have to figure out how to do it.

  12. I don't know what happened to my comment but I'll try again. I'm so happy for your mom. She must be so happy to fall in love again.

    Your shelf is adorable and your mosaic turned out great. I want to learn to do that.

  13. Cindy it looks lovely and I like how you redecorated that little shelf.


  14. How fun! I think it all just looks adorable.
    How are you doing the mosaic? I just joined Flickr and am in the beginning stages! I hope I can figure it out!!
    If I don't talk to you soon, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful to have found you.
    Big hugs! Karen

  15. Like the redo of the shelf. You did a great job on your mosaic.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving. From another beginner.

  17. Great job with your shelf...and of course you should add some Christmas in your guest room! :)
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  18. What a cute room. I can't wait the see the tablerunner. What a great idea.

  19. Your guest room is coming along so nicely! I love the red shelf, and I think your mosaic is just lovely!

  20. Hi, Cindy... the room is really looking great, and I love your new fabric for a runner! Good price, too.

    I need to learn to do the mosaics, and I think yours look great!

    Congrats to Laurie on her win!

    Love to you, dear friend...


    Sheila :-)

  21. Hi Cindy,
    Congratulations to Laurie for winning your giveaway!
    Oh Cindy your header makes me want to pull out all my Christmas decor right this very second! Everything looks so beautiful! Your shelf looks so wonderful all decorated for the season! You painted it the perfect color!
    Your mosiac turned out beautifully and that fabric will make a lovely runner! It has just the right amount of sparkle!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend! Hugs, Loretta

  22. Love the mosaic and what a job you did on that shelf. I see so many great shelves at GW with the heart cutouts...now I'm inspired :)


  23. HI!!!!
    I love the new shelf, and the quilt you are making is wonderful, that would make a wonderful tree skirt as well!!!!!

  24. I can't wait to spend the holidays at your house. Now girl, don't freak out I'm talking in a blog. sorta way. The little shelf is so cute in your guestroom.

    Have a great day and may God bless you, Cindy

  25. That room really does call out for Christmas decorating. I find since I've started blogging, all I want to do is look for things for tablescapes and start projects. There aren't enough hours in the day! That fabric is gorgeous.


  26. Oh, I love you little shelf makeover. I see shelves like this one all the time at the GW but I've never bought one because I'm just never sure how to change it other than just to paint it...love the tile idea. That's so very clever!! And your guest room is so very cozy. Thanks so very much for sharing!

  27. Hi Cindy, your mosaic is great. I shared my first one today. Like you, I'm very new at this. I've lots to learn.
    Happy Holidays ~ Sarah

  28. That is looking so cute. It is perfect for a Christmas vignette. I have the same lantern that you do on the round table but it blew over in the wind this summer and the glass broke. Oh look at your Santa picture on the table.

  29. I am sure your father is smiling down on your mother now that she is once again happy. Much, much happiness to your mother, she deserves it after what she has gone through.
    Your little red shelf is so cute and festive. ♥ it!

  30. Lovely makeover , your spare room look awesome. Wonderful photos.

  31. Hi Cindy, love what you did with the red shelf and can't wait to see what your creative mind comes up with with that material from Walmart!

    I am so thrilled to know that love can come to you at all stages of life. I just read your mom's story and it has touched my heart. I just loved your mom and dad's reception photo!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie

  32. This is such a happy cheerful place. Be blessed.

  33. Love the red shelf! The material is very festive. Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy!


  34. Cindy, I had no idea your mother was exactly my age! I think I wrote you that I was actually writing to your Mother more than you! :)
    We do have a lot in common. Large families to begin with.

    I am about to do some painting..a shelf I found at a garage sale. It is also in the bedroom.
    I love the decor of Christmas you have on it! SO sweet!

  35. You can find the best stuff at the Mart....Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!

  36. There's that quilt I so love! You got a winner with that one!

  37. Oh Cindy! I am so happy to hear about your mom. I am not surprised that someone would fall in love with her because she is a very smart and beautiful woman....just like her daughter. Congrats to Laurie. Wow! She is on a roll, just won at Susan's too....Christine

  38. Your little shelf turned out great! Love the red...it looks great with your Christmas vignette. I commented on your moms letter. Hugs!!

  39. just poppin in to wish you a most blessed Thanksgiving to you and all those most precious to you.


  40. Hey Cindy!
    I'm having a 500TH POST GIVEAWAY!
    I can't believe I actually wrote 500 posts! No way!
    Hope you will come leave a comment for my giveaway!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. Didn't want the day to get away from me without stopping by to wish one of my favorite bloggers a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love to you and yours, Cindy. You are a blessing to all!


    Sheila :-)

  42. Sweet Cindy~I'm strolling in to catch up and especially to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!
    It's such a wonderful time to stop and reflect on all those we cherish and are truly grateful for.
    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit and leave feeling inspired!

    Even though our Thanksgiving is very small in number, with hubby and son (we don't count the cat cause she doesn't like turkey). We don't scrimp on the menu...from appetizers to desserts with several carb loaded dishes in between! We will be enjoying tryptophan playoffs too!

    Sweet Holiday wishes,

  43. Hello Dearheart...

    Just read your note and wanted to come over...ohhh, I didn't know that you had posted more about your beautiful guest room...so glad that I came by! Ohhh yes...this pretty room is sooo perfect for Christmas decor and I love your new little red shelf! Love the beautiful Christmas vignette!!! Girl, that little doily with the red flowers is just gorgeous!!! It's the first thing that my eyes went to...hehe! Love that Santa and snowman too! Sooo very pretty, Girlfriend!!!

    And...I love your new fabric!!! Oh yes, it will make a gorgeous table runner! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

    Wanted to give Laurie a special shout-out and congratulations for being the winner of your "Pay It Forward" giveaway! It couldn't have gone to a sweeter lady!!!

    Well Darlin'...I'm sure that you're getting busy with Thanksgiving being tomorrow! We aren't having ours till Friday when the kids get here. Tomorrow I'll be busy baking pies and making my Red Hot jello! Hehe! Well Darlin'...you, Dan, and your family have a fabulous Thanksgiving day!!!

    Love you,

    PS...thank you for all of your sweet compliments on my Thanksgiving tablescape...you're just a sweetheart!!!

  44. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family, Cindy!...Christine

  45. Your Mosiac is beautiful? First timer..oh come on! It can't be! :)
    I NEVER do anything THAT good the first time...
    Yep...just beautiful, Cindy!
    (I talked about you Thanksgiving Day.. :) or rather you AND your mother. It's funny, but I speak of some of my fellow bloggers as long time friends. I never tell the family that we have never met. They just don't understand that sort of thing..so I don't worry them with it. Is that lying? :)

  46. Cindy, what an amazing makeover! Your shelf is gorgeous, as is your guest room!


  47. So warm and cozy. I love love love your fire screen!


I would love to hear from you. Come back and visit anytime. Warmest Wishes, Cindy