Spring Mantle and other spring projects.

We are still in search of spring around here.  We have had a few nicer days, but this weekend has been ridiculously cold.  So I guess I will have to create my own spring... inside for now. 
My first project was our mantle.  I became sick of looking at wintry items but there wasn't much in the budget for decorating.  So I made the banner out of some scrap fabric I had on hand.
I also made a new burlap wreath and found the metal Home sign at Hobby Lobby for just $10. Everything else I had on hand.  All in all a pretty cheap and refreshed mantle for spring.

And I've been sewing too!  I made this little skirt for my grand-daughter Callie. She can wear it as soon as I get it in the mail because it's 80 at her house.

And I made this one for little Addison who has grown like a weed this winter.  Instead of lace I added teeny pom-poms around the bottom edge of her skirt.
I am also working on a dress for her and I am almost done.  I figure when or if it ever does get nice outside I will just put my sewing machine away for awhile.
We did see our first robin yesterday.  But the poor thing looked cold.   I just hope he doesn't turn around and head south again.
Although I couldn't blame him.
But hope springs eternal and that my friends keeps me hopeful for spring.
Have a wonderful week,


  1. Like your touches of Spring on the mantel and those cute outfits! :)
    We nearly always have a few robins to stick around during the Winter, but rarely any this year. There are some hanging around the courtyard a lot lately that they look like they need to go to WW. :) Stored fat to get thru the Winter I guess.
    Have a great week.

  2. Hi Cindy! Your mantel looks wonderful! Love everything you've done. And the little outfits are so sweet. You do a great job of fitting your little granddaughters! I've tried to sew long distance for Carter and I don't have very good luck! Hope your Spring pops up soon.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. Your mantel is so bright and cheery, Cindy! I wish we had spring outdoors too!

  4. I love that Spring sign on your mantle, Cindy. The mantle looks great! Those skirts are both really cute. I can't believe how big and cute Addison is getting. What a sweet little girl. They grow up so fast, don't they? xo Diana

  5. I love your mantel, sweetie! The banner is really really cute. I need a little project to keep me busy. All I do is eat, sleep and read. For kicks I do housework. You do know I haven't had a car since November? Crazy. I have relied on Emily so much that I've held back on asking her to take me here or there. I run around on Saturdays like a maniac when I have the car. Hopefully once we're clear of snow Al can start taking his little beast to work.

    I love the HOME sign and the birdhouse. I need to get some spring things out. Little Miss Addy looks adorable as always in that skirt. What a great model she is! How am I going to get that sewing machine to you? Ha! I think the PO goes by weight and distance. I'll call them tomorrow. And let me know about Dan's schedule. If that doesn't work we will get together somewhere around here and do Asheville another time. I miss you!!!!!


  6. I love your mantle and it's springiness. And I love the skirts you made for the girls! I cannot believe how tall Addison is, Cindy! She is growing up so fast.

    We have warm weather, and today, rain. My favorite month in Florida is April. The pollen has pretty much disappeared at that point! This year it has seemed to be here longer.not sure why, but it seemed more intense this year.

    I wish I could send some spring your way. But in the mean time, I am glad you have such a cute mantlescape to remind you it's just around the corner.

    Sending love your way...



  7. I love your Spring mantle and the outfits for your Granddaughters are beautiful ! We have had a few days of Spring like weather(70-80's) but getting cold again this week!

  8. Hi Cindy, Your spring mantel looks great! We have 4 Terry Redlin prints - one for each of the seasons and we change them out seasonably above our fireplace. Other than that, I have candles and a birdcage for spring. Very simple. I'm thinking a banner like you made would look really nice but I'm not very crafty. :) You have made some lovely items for your granddaughters too. What a talented lady you are!

  9. Cindy, Your mantel is so pretty. I still love that metal Home sign. I wish I had found one of those at HL. But then, I don't have a great old window to put behind it. Your little granddaughters are so lucky to have such a talented grandmother. Their skirts are adorable! laurie

  10. Oh what a lovely visual treat you have blessed me with. What a model!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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