A brutal winter but I'm still here.

     I have taken a blogging break that I really hadn't planned on.   However this has been one brutal winter and I feel like the past month all I have done is try to keep warm.  I mean literally that is what we have done.
     On one sub zero Sunday afternoon my husband Dan offered to give me a taste of summer.  Here he is taking some steaks off of the grill.  What a guy huh?
When we woke on Monday of this week it was 30 below zero and school was running late again do to wind chill warnings.  I can't even begin to remember how many times this has happened this winter.

We have tried to get out of the house whenever possible.  We took little Addison to a local children's museum one day.  She loved it and it was fun for us as well. We've gone to several movies and spent a weekend in Minneapolis.  All of this helps but still....

Whenever it would warm up just a wee bit it would snow some more.  Here is my car buried at the end of our driveway.  I have spent more time helping to dig out my car this winter than ever before.  I have fallen on the ice more than once this year as well.  And I have literally been chilled to the bone.
Finally today we were in the 30's which is still below normal but with the sun shining it almost felt warmish.  That is just how bad it's been.  And I know I am not alone, much of the country has been through the same thing.  

 And even though we have several feet of snow outside.   And it will probably take until May to melt all that white stuff.  I am going to try to think spring,  when the outside of my house will look like this. 
And summertime when I can pick wildflowers and make a simple arrangement.
Because even though I have begun to believe we now live in a state of perpetual winter, I still know deep down, that spring will come.
Now off to visit all of you, I hope you haven't forgotten me yet!


  1. Stay warm dear friend. I love the stone front of your house (I think it is your house) and that lovely bouquet. Your husband is a true gem to grill steak and bring spring to you.

  2. Oh Wow - You are stronger than me, as I could not deal with those temps - bad enough here (but then I am a wimp).:-D
    I would really be missing in action if my daughter had not been sending me pics of her projects. Life going on in my abode lately has not been blog material. Looking forward to sunny skies and warm temps.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. I am SO relieved that you checked in, and I am terribly sorry it has been such a rough winter. I hate that you fell on the ice several times! Ouch!

    I almost feel guilty because we have had it so well here, but we do have beastly heat in the summer. Still, I can't imagine having to literally dig out. I pray that spring comes soon for you, my sweet friend.

    I have missed you so!



  4. This has bee the worse winter for us too in WV. It has been along time since we have had so much snow and freezing temperatures. Glad to see you back to blogging.

  5. It's been similar here in north west IL . I park in the garage & that is where it stays until I get plowed out. As much as I want to see spring I don't look forward to the mess of all this snow melting. Was thinking last night I wish I had trimmed raspberries last fall. My midwinter pruning was, impossible.

  6. It has been quite the winter! Our schools were closed a total of four days fir brutal cold and one day for an ice storm!!!! Yikes! We are supposed to be in the 30's today, but snow and sleet tonight. I know I live in Wisconsin (do I ever!), but I am ready for spring. The other day it was 18 degrees and it actually felt warm, lol! Glad to have you back and posting, Jane

  7. I hope you get relief soon from the cold! Have you thought about spending your Winters in Florida?

    1. I would love that~ But we aren't there yet, still working.

  8. I'm with you, Cindy. It has been an awful Wisconsin winter. We have so much snow, too. Crazy! We had sun this morning and it got above 30 but the sun it out and it looks to me like we have more snow coming.

    Glad you were able to get out and have a bit of fun with Addison. Schools here had 3 days in a row when they were closed for wind chill temps. The first time that has happened, they said.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have New Baby Girl coming next week! Tuesday - unless she comes earlier! xo Diana

  9. I hope your cold season ends soon, Cindy. You're right to think positive!...Christine

  10. Hi Cindy, It's been tough but the good news is that it's almost over! So sorry you have fallen and hope you didn't get any major injuries.
    Hugs, Beth

  11. Glad you are getting a 50 degree break today! Winters can seem so long and drag us down. But, the minute the weather starts to change, it's amazing how young and alive we feel again! I remember this from all my years in New England! Hang in there, Cindy!

  12. Cindy it truly has been a rough winter for you. My Grandma Jingles in Minnesota who is 92 has not left her apartment in 3 months. She has her groceries delivered. I hope spring comes soon.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!

  13. Cindy, it just makes me cold to look at these pictures. What a husband - grilling in the snow! I know I shouldn't complain about how cold it has been in my area, when y'all have been dealing with. Spring is going to get there, I'm sure of it, so hang tuff. What a cute picture of you and little Addison! laurie

  14. I don't know how all of you "snow" people deal with it. I only like the snow when I am skiing.

    I love the shot of your house in the spring.

  15. Hello my dear friend. Thank you for the use of two of your winter images. Both images were hyperlinked with the address of the blog post they were taken from so in the event they are pinned your blog will be given credit.


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