Farewell to June.

Guess who I got to meet up with last week?
Little Calista and her Mommy and Daddy!
It had been six long months since we saw her pretty little face.
My son and his family flew to Canton, Michigan to visit my daughter-in-law's mom, sister and grandfather.
Hubby and I decided to make the 500 mile trek around the lake and the city of Chicago since this would be their only visit to the Midwest this summer.

At first little Calista who is 22 months was a little stand offish towards me.
However it didn't take long for her to warm up.
Such are the struggles of being a long distant grandparent.

We had such a nice visit with them.

It was short but so worth the drive over.
Hopefully we will be able to fly to Phoenix in October.
With the heat wave they are having I think that it might be a better month to go.

On the other hand, we have had a rather cool and wet summer so far.
Although there have been some beautiful days in the low 80's I think we've only hit 90 twice so far.
Just past week we ran our AC for the first time and that was more because of the high humidity.
My plants however are loving it!
My baby's breath is as full as it's ever been.
My clematis is just starting to fill in.
I trimmed it way down in early April and I am so glad I did.
It's coming back so much better.

And this spirea plant has grown to rather gigantic proportions.
After it's done blooming I think a little haircut is in order.
Well I just hate to say good-bye to June.
It's always been my favorite month.
I guess that's why it goes so quickly.
And now on to the 4th and the rest of summer.



  1. Oh how exciting. I am so happy you got to go and see them. She is just adorable, and I am sure just the sweetest. October will be a much better time, this is unreal again. Love your pretty flowers. Hugs, Marty

  2. They grow up so fast don't they. She is so adorable. Your flowers look pretty too. We are having so much rain this year and things are not doing so well.

  3. She is adorable! Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers. Some of mine had started to make a come back from been beaten done from the heavy rains, then we had a torrential downpour night before last and they got beat down again. :/
    Have a great weekend.

  4. She is just darling, Cindy. I know-it is hard being a long-distant grandparent and we are not even that far- just a couple of hours-but we don't have the hands on that we do with the local kids.
    Your flowers look amazing and we, too, have been wet and miserable. Guess what? More rain today- xo Diana

  5. Calista is beautiful. I can even see a little resemblance to Addison. Your clematis, spirea, and baby's breath look lush and full and beautiful! June is indeed a good month!
    We too have one grandchild close by and another 1000 miles away. It is hard. Do you skype? I think we will try that once the little one is a bit older. He's only 3 mos. old now.
    Enjoy your holiday week. Hope it doesn't get too hot for you.
    Hugs, Beth

  6. Cindy, That's my comment above. I wasn't signed in to google.
    Hugs, Beth

  7. I am so glad you got to spend time with your little angel...she will remember that! The flowers are unreal, so pretty!

  8. Little Calista is absolutely adorable! Such a cutie! And your garden blooms are doing so wonderfully....love the gorgeous baby's breath! I don't think I ever saw baby's breath so big......looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us. It has been a wet summer for us well:) Hugs,Poppy

  9. What lovely granddaughter you have...those flowers in your garden...they are so gorgeous!

  10. What a little doll! I am a long distance grandparent too. It's tough. I just pulled my tall baby's breath out yesterday. I planted it a couple years ago after my old one died. The new one barely had any roots. Not sure why it didn't thrive.


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