Nurturing, Planting and Blooming.

To care for and encourage the growth and development of.
That is one definition of the word nurture.
It also describes my life at this moment. I am helping to nurture my grand-daughter.  It also is why my blogging is set aside at times.  
But I feel like I have been given a gift.
Because to me there is no more important job in this world than the nurturing of our children and grand-children.

The last two weeks have been busy ones.  Graduations parties, parades, festivals and the end of school.

And this little gal came right along with us to most of the festivities.

One morning while watching Nick Jr. and having a little breakfast I was able to give Addison her first up-do. 

But she prefers to be outside on her grand-pa's lap when he mows.
On the few days that I haven't had little Addison it seemed to be raining.

Finally with some sunny days I was able to finish most of my planting.

I found the shelf at a garage sale.
It had the Homegoods price tag still on it.
DH was able to mount it on the stone using drywall screws.

I like the look and I am hoping to fluff it a bit more in the days to come.

I finished planting annuals and a few perennials out here.

Now for some good growing weather.

Because we've had rain to last a month or more.

So I plant.

And I look forward to things blooming and filling in.

And I nurture.

But I also know that I need to nurture myself sometimes as well.
And that my friends is something us gals sometimes have a hard time doing.
Have a wonderful week and don't forget to nurture when you can.



  1. What a very sweet post! You DO do a lot of nurturing, your sweet Addison, Hubby, kids and flowers. Thanks for the little tour of your garden. Those red and white petunias looks spectacular in the red pot (and I'm not even a "red" person!). I love your new wall rack, too..you will have a lot of fun playing with it every summer! I have a baker's rack on my patio and every year it looks crazy different!

    I love that picture of you, beautiful! And your new hairstyle is so cute. I can't WAIT to get together, girlfriend!


  2. The little one has grown so much. Yes family is everything and time goes by too fast. Yes you are right we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves, but we should because everyone depends on us too.

  3. Great picture of you, I love it. Your flowers are all so pretty and little Addison is growing so big, Such a cutie. Hugs, Marty

  4. Nurturing is so important. High Five!
    A pat on your back and a God Bless.

  5. You have been busy! Great pictures - the first one of A. is so cute.
    Slow moving Spring this year and now Summer has arrived full force - crazy weather here also.
    Hope you are having a great week.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Now I can see where Addie gets her beauty from girl friend..I love being a great grandma and a granny..I love when Landen comes over..they are like little sponges at this age..so much fun to teach them and work with them..Landen tells me all the time he loves me to God and back..I'm right up there with his Dinosaurs ha ha!! Love ya girl..Hugs gloria

  7. First of all-you look beautiful, Cindy....just beautiful. Addison is getting so big. You will never regret a moment of the time you spent with her. She will be so close to you-much like my grands are to me...and you will be a wonderful, nurturing force in her life- xo Diana

  8. Love the bright, bright colours in your outfit!! Very flash.

  9. I love that first pic, so cute in the little hat! Nurture...that is a very important word in my heart. I truly believe that the most important work one can ever do will be within the walls of ones own home, Nothing...is as important as family! Great post.

  10. I love all your containers. The red tea kettle especially. Nice patio photos, and your granddaughter is so cute. You are not bad yourself!

  11. Hi Cindy and what a blessing you are able to nurture little Addison! It is important and I know your daughter is so grateful. Love her up doo. Everything around your house looks lovely and that picture of you is so pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Oh that photo of Addison with the hat just stole my heart. What a priceless moment to capture. She is just a little doll, and you are so pretty. Love all of your outdoor plantings, and I think I've already told you that the shelf and that pointing finger sign look great! laurie

  13. Love your shelf and the little arm pointing the way to seeds! I like the garden bed beneath the window. It will look fantastic as it fills in over the summer. Love your old style coffee pot planter as well.
    You are so right about nurturing. You are a fantastic gift to Addison! So great you can share your lives. Precious memories are being made.
    Hugs, Beth

  14. Love the little one's updo! ") You look pretty darn good too my friend.

  15. Hi, Cindy,
    What a fun, nice post. That first picture is so adorable. Your flowers are pretty, too. The "updo" is so cute, and LOVE the picture of you!


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