Small Bathroom Face-lift on a Budget

Hi friends.  Why does it seem like June and July fly by in a blink of an eye while Jan. and Feb. seem to just barely crawl.
Today I wanted to share with you our recent bathroom face-lift.  We have 2 bath's in our home, both on the small side and windowless too.  Above is a before pic.  When we moved in 5 years ago, we painted this bathroom, added a new shower curtain and changed out the light fixture.  I liked it but I wanted a change and some things, such as the faucet were in desperate need for a change.

Another before.  Notice ugly, ugly faucet and ugly off white vinyl floor which was in pretty bad shape.

And the after!   We painted the vanity an off white and added new knobs.  And I love my new floor!  Hubby laid this floor right over the old.  I love the look of the dark with the sun-kissed walls!  
The color of the walls isn't totally true in these pics.  It's a sun-kissed apricot and much softer.

I love my new faucet and shower curtain.

 Hubby painted the cupboard behind the door ( I store towels and toiletries here) and added new knobs.

The mirror/medicine chest got a new coat of paint.  Actually everything that was oak, including the towel rack got a fresh coat of paint.

New towel ring and towel.

This was actually very green I spray painted it a stone color with Rust-Oleum multicolor textured paint.  It still appears a bit green in this pics but it's really an off-white stone color.

 A better look at the floor.  It's a laminate we purchased at Home Depot and it's made by Hampton Bay the color is Blackened Maple.

I found the shower curtain online and on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I also had a free shipping offer too, so my cost really was just $19.95.

The faucet was our most expensive purchase but we were able to buy on sale for under $70. at a local big box store.

My farmhouse looking soap dish.  A recent purchase on our trip to Galena with Jane and Al.

 We purchased the knobs on sale as well.  They match the faucet and light fixture which I forgot to take a picture of.

Here's the run down and final cost.
One gallon of Sun-Kissed Apricot by Glidden for the walls:  $26
One gallon of off white paint store brand:  $15
My tip here is to buy really good paint.  Hubby had to do 3 coats with this store brand paint.  I suggested we buy another gallon but being the thrifty fellow that he is, he just kept a painting!
New shower curtain:  Bed, Bath and Beyond online: $19.95
Blackened Maple flooring:  $50
New bathroom faucet : $69
8 new knobs: $7
New towels and soap dish:  Towels TJ Maxx and Soap Dish in Galena.  $15 total
 Grand Total for our bathroom face-lift:  $202
Not too bad I think and I am totally happy with it right now.
Thanks for stopping by everyone, I am going to be making the rounds to visit soon.
But today is also my talented Hubby's birthday and I need to figure out how to make him a homemade Butterscotch pie and do a little babysitting as well.
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. wow Cindy you did great..I love that floor...that shower curtain is just too cute...

  2. Cindy I love it!

    We had a vanity like yours at the farm and painted it. Everyone tells us it is so hard to paint oak because of the grain. We never regretted painting that vanity. Many of the homes we've looked at to buy (if ours sells) have oak cabinets. If the one we buy has them I think we will paint them. Yours turned out beautifully.

    Love the shower curtain and everything else in your "new" bathroom.

  3. Beautiful flooring, CIndy! Actually the whole bathroom is really very charming. Love that carved wall decor too....Christine

  4. Cindy, Your bath looks great! Very good job between you and your hubby.

  5. Cindy, the bathroom looks fabulous. I love the new color. The cabinets look amazing painted and the new floor is wonderful. You did a great job. The accessories are perfect. That soap dish is the cutest. Tell Hubby Happy Birthday. Hugs, Marty

  6. Very pretty - I like it a lot. You two did a great job.
    Happy birthday to your husband!

  7. What a beautiful makeover!! I love everything about it. I have never seen flooring like that either...love that. But the shower curtain!! I cannot believe it was $19.99!! I would not sew all those ruffles for that price...what a bargain. Just a beautiful bath!!

  8. Oh, and I see you have bears just like we do:-)

  9. I love it, Cindy! The color on the walls and the faucet are my favorite! Great job and on a budget too! Enjoy your "new" bathroom!!! Oh! And, happy birthday to your husband too! :0)

  10. Hi, found your link at Met Monday - and LOVE what you've done to your bathroom! I've been threatening to paint my half-bath oak cabinets white, and you've inspired me. Mind me asking what brand/color paint you used? Hugs ~ Mary

  11. Hey there! I know , I know - don't fall off your chair!
    Looks great! The oak looks SO MUCH BETTER. Isn't it funny how wood can actually date things. Now everything looks fresh and new.
    Mark's bday is Wed! Who knew our men were so close together? LOL!
    Have a great week! We have the big surprise bday party here for my MIL on Friday. And my bedroom is done! WHOO HOO!
    HUGS! Karen

  12. Cindy-That looks really great-all the way around. You're right- that paint color shows up as BRIGHT yellow on my computer...but it IS sunny looking!;>) I hope you have a wonderful WI day! We are hoping for some rain on "this side" this afternoon. xo Diana

  13. Looks like a brand new bathroom. Love the floor too. Thanks for sharing. I'm your newest follower stopping by from BNOTP

  14. Your bathroom looks great. I love the ruffly shower curtain and your new faucet. We recently redid our master bath. I couldn't afford new towel bars, etc. so I spray painted mine, too. I would LOVE to get new faucets like yours. We didn't change the floor, so I'm envious of your new one. It looks so pretty.

  15. Amazing makeover! I love what you've done! Great job, at a great price!

  16. Cindy, your bathroom is fabulous! Our faucets are almost the same! and that shower curtain...ooooh!!

  17. Very pretty, Cindy! Small changes but big impact! I bet you had fun decorating it, I recognized the soap dish!! I also fell in love with the shower curtain! Wonderful job!

    I know you are enjoying the cool temps, hope it stays this way! :)


  18. Well, that is just pleasantly perfect! Beautiful job on the transformation. Thank you of sharing. Visiting from BNOTP. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2012/07/make-it-pretty-monday-week-5.html Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  19. Hi there Stranger!! Sorry I've been so long gone, but I have the hardest time getting your blog page to load for me....but today it worked like a charm! Wonderful redo - and so inspiring. Our bath is very small - and very dated (early '80's) and I've been wanting to redo it for a long time - but hubby isn't into redos (:o() and we had a horrid-colored countertop that ran the length of the wall that apparently wasn't going anywhere. Bunt, an irreparable toilet forced removal of part of the counter (since we couldn't find any new toilet that would fit under it), so change is on its way...one way or another. Wish you could come up and "design" for me....Happy Monday and new week to you - hope all is well. And happiest of birthday wishes to your hubby! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just seen your post on FB and had to come over to see more! I love, love, LOVE your new bathroom makeover!!! Mmmm..."sunkist apricot"...it looks just as yummy as it sounds! Wow...can't believe what a difference that all the fresh white paint makes! Love your newly painted wood. The lighter color really opens up the space and looks so fresh! You certainly have accessorized everything beautifully! I love all the new things! Love that darling plaque...sooo pretty! Ooooh...and I love your new soap dish too! I loved the first shower curtain but must admit that the new ruffly curtain...stole my heart! It's gorgeous and you really got a great deal on it!

    Everything looks fabulous, sweet friend...the wall color...new pretties...right down to the new wood floors! Tell Dan he did an awesome job! I'm tellin' ya...I sure could put him to work at my place...wink...hehe! Love you guys and I'm sooo happy for your new bath...enjoy, dear friend!

    Love ya,

  21. It looks awesome, Cindy! Love the floor and that faucet!! But most of all, I love the price!!!! Tell handy hubby Happy Birthday and he does great work!! :)

  22. What a lovely transformation! The flooring is great and I like your new faucet; we call them taps, so I had to scroll back to see how to spell it. So many pretty accessories too, fabulous!

  23. Nice changes, Cindy. Love the wall color with those dark floors. Great job!

  24. Awesome make-over! You've done an amazing job :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  25. HI CINDY!!!
    I LOVE looking at ALL the pics....this is AWESOME...I need your talented HUBBY to come and do some simple repairs for me!!I love this new updated look...love the wall color.....love the new hardware...that faucet is AWESOME!!And I am dying over that ruffle shower curtain...so perfect!!!
    I need to send you some cute soaps for that adorable dish...LOL

  26. I could use a face lift like that...yes, on my face too, but wow this looks awesome! You got a lot for the money I'd say...love that shower curtain and that was a steal of a deal! Love it all, you must be so happy! That little 4th of July dress in the post below...super cute! ;)

  27. Wonderful facelift in the bath, Cindy! I love your new faucet and floor. I like the vanity painted too and of course the shower curtain is appealing to my feminine side! Love the transferware plates too. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.


  28. Hi Cindy! Your bathroom is so pretty! I love you were able to keep your vanity but made it look like new by just painting it. I love your pretty floor too. Your faucets are fabulous and I love all your accessories. Y'all did good.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Great makeover, Cindy! Now I know what our cabinets would look like if we decided to paint them because they are very similar & ours are oak as well. The shower curtain is darling!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my bathroom linen cabinet re-org. Organizing "stuff" is just fun to me -- weird, huh?


  30. Cindy, I really love what you did to refresh your bathroom! The cabinet and flooring are just perfect to make your space fresh and new! Yellow is such a happy color!!! so pretty!
    Your project would be perfect to share at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my new weekly linky party! It is live every Wednesday evening at 8:00. Come on over and join in!

  31. What a fabulous makeover! Love the new look :)

  32. Love the facelift and that's my kind of budget. The room looks amazing. I love that floor and what a great idea to lay it over the old flooring.

  33. Your new bathroom is BEAUTIFUL! What a difference a bit of paint can make. And I love the new faucets!

  34. great transformation! love the new look! (and floors...)

  35. WoW... an absolutely worth transformation. Great job!

    Love the faucet above everything §;-)

    Happy mid-week.

  36. We already did out bathroom...but not the sinks etc. I LOVE those floors...and the fixtures.. Gorgeous. Now I want new sinks. we already painted the cabinets..and they look great..but we do need new sinks and fixtures. Ours...are you ready? Are genuine RETRO and have been in this house since 58 when the house was brand new. Never been replaced..They are that salmon pinkish color ... :) S'ok. One day I will have something like yours. (not holding my breath because as long as it works, it stays!) That is according to very frugal husband. *sigh* No...make that HEAVY *sigh*

  37. Cindy I really like the redo of your bathroom. You can't beat that price. Good for you.

  38. Cindy, what a difference! I love the painted vanity and mirror, and that floor is gorgeous! What a pretty shower curtain, and the faucet is perfect. All of it ties together and makes this bathroom is pretty. You know I love the transferware on the wall. Well, it's all just wonderful! laurie

  39. Your cost to re-do the bath really was frugal, Cindy, and it turned out really nice! I really like the plates on the wall, the ruffly shower curtain, and your cute soap dish, too. You are so right about store brand paint- it isn't always a bargain in the long run!
    :-) Sue

  40. Oh I so wish you had been here. We all had a great time. Can't wait until you get here this fall. We will have a super time and we will all get together. Hugs, Marty

  41. Cindy, your bathroom redo it fabulous! Love all the touches, the floor, the ruffled shower curtain,faucet, etc., and especially the painted wood - it's beautiful!! It looks bigger even in the photos! Well done! Linda

  42. Lovely makeover. What I would love to take a closer look at is that medicine cabinet/mirror. Looks like a window and a framework cut in half at the same time. How deep it is?

  43. oooh its wonderful. We are going to be having our bathroom redone soon with a walk in shower. I dont like baths anymore. Hugs Sara


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