A Birthday Outfit for Calista,blogger friends and summertime!

It's been a rather busy two weeks!  Nothing real big but a lot of little events here and there.  I have been busy working on a 1st birthday outfit for little Calista!
I can't be there for the big 1-0 but at least I will be there in spirit!

I bought the onsie and added the trim around the neckline and sewed on a one made out of felt!
I found directions and measurements for this easy to sew little skirt and I made the hat from a tutorial I found online!
All very simple and I only spent $7 for the onsie, $4 for the fabric and $1 for the flower to put on the hat.  
Not bad I think for a total of a little bit of time and $12.

Here's the B-Day girl to be!  When my son gets pics I will share them with you.

Met up with fellow blogger Keetha and her hubby Greg for supper recently!  They were heading up north for a two week vacation.  They only live an hour away from us and it's fun to get together with them. We always have a good time,  that Keetha is a hoot!

Hubby and I spent a night away recently.   We had breakfast at this cute little 1920's restored diner...so cute inside and out! 

When we came back home these guys were waiting for us inside our garage!!!  Not cute, not fun at all!  They had figured out how to get into our little cat door in the back.
Needless to say our little cat door is closed for now.

My grand-daughter Addison, (21 months) got to spend some time with her cousin Chloe (3) last week.  
Here they are hand in hand heading to story time at a local library.
I thought they looked so cute together!
It's major hot here still, high today of 99!
And I live in Wisconsin, where are summers are supposed to be wonderful!
I guess most of the country is still a baking away!
Have a great week friends,


  1. Happy Birthday to the little one. Time goes by too fast when you little ones around. We are having a heat wave too in WV.

  2. How cute! It does not seem possible she will be a year old already. I would not have wanted your guests either. I don't have a pet now, but if did I would not want a dog/cat door - to afraid of what might come inside other than a pet. :D
    Still hot here also.

  3. How in the world is she one already? Mercy me! I love the last pic of the cousins together. I have a cousin who was like a sister to me growing up.

  4. Oh girl that birthday outfit is just too dang cute..You did an awesome job on it..WOW!! almost a year and little Addi is getting so big..I wished her and Landen could meet up one day..Landen just went to Alaska Yesterday to see his Great Grandpa..be gone for 10 days this will be the longest I have ever gone without seeing him..I told my grand daughter Candace I planned on crying alot ha ha!!Oh maybe just get my house clean before he comes back to leave all his finger prints all over everything again..I really do love having that little one in my life Cindy..Take care my dear friend..Hugs Gl♥ria

  5. I hope Calista has a lovely first birthday, her birthday outfit is gorgeous! The picture of Addison and Chloe is so sweet.
    The diner looks really interesting. 1920's prices would have been good too ;)

  6. what an adorable birthday suit....love the little girls together...just too precious...Hotrod loves story time...he gets to go twice a week now...

  7. Hope yu all had a good time, the outfit is so adorable. Hugs Sara

  8. Hi Cidy, Adorable girls, and cute little critters...I don't like raccoons even though they are cute; they wreak havoc in the vegetable garden and eat the catfood.

  9. Cindy, I forgot to say that I like the outfit too! Adorable! And Keetha is a hoot indeed, but I think a real sweet hoot!!!

  10. Cindy - those kids are so cute and I love the birthday hat and outfit. Not so cute are the raccoons in the garage. They are cute bu so destructive. Love that you met up with Keetha. She LOOKS like she is a hoot- Blessings to you- xo Diana

  11. HI CINDY!!!!
    I agree with Cee-Kay...How can BABY C already be one....it seems like yesterday, she was born and I was there to photograph her!!!I just wish the years would feel like a year and Not 6 months....to me they feel like 2 months is the time of one.....PLEASE SLOW DOWN........I just try to enjoy every day to the fullest....I remind myself, that my MOM is 75 now...that is me in 21 years....I see how much of a struggle some things are....so I want to enjoy my next 2o years to the fullest!!
    HOT....oh man....I bet we are near the same temps....hot here...but Not as hot as usual.....so it's not been to bad.....heating up again ..however it is drying up...so that humidity gone will help!!!I bet your just dreading going outside.....so I hope it cools off for you soon!!
    big hugs,
    Keetha is so fun!!!

  12. What an adorable outfit! I may have to borrow that idea for my granddaughters.So sweet! Good luck with the raccoon's and try to stay cool. Blessings ~Sara

  13. What a creative grandma you are!

    Great cropping job! We look so cute together.

    Our two weeks is quickly coming to a close then it's back to the real world for us.

  14. Hi Cindy! It's hard to believe your little cutie is already a year old. Love what you did with her little outfit and hat. Glad you had such fun with Keetha and her husband. Doesn't she have the cutest smile! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. So much fun in this post! That little 1 yr old outfit is adorable! What a lucky little girl to get all this cuteness from her grandmother. Love the picture of the cousins holding hands - so sweet, and I'd like to have that diner in my back yard! I don't want the raccoons in my yard though. Yikes! You seem to attract the wildlife! laurie

  16. The birthday outfit you made for Calista is so cute, Cindy. I can't wait to see a pic ofher in it. The picture of the cousins is so cute! You have very beautiful granddaughters....Christine

  17. I love the outfit! You are a wonderful Grandma! Sending love and prayers, Elizabeth

  18. The outfit is darling, love the hat! The picture of the girls together is precious.

  19. I can't believe how quickly Addison has sprouted. What a cutie, and that little Chloe too.

    Calista, ah, Cindy, aren't you lucky? And isn't she lucky?

    Outfit is adorable!!

    Sending love,



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