Spring-i-fying a Mantel and other Spring ramblings!

Hi friends,
I didn't really try to be missing in action but somehow things just got a little bit crazy.
For starters, I have been babysitting my very active almost 18 month old grand-daughter full time and then some.  

And the weather went from winter to summer in a matter of days!
So Addison and I have been outside feeding bunnies....

Swinging on swings!

Taking babies for stroller rides.

Chasing kitties and birds!

Sweeping gravel drive-ways with an old broom!  (not an easy task I might add).

More swinging!

Trying out her first pedal bike...
Well the weather has changed back to a more seasonal March.
Things are still greening up, budding and growing but just not so quickly.
My lilac trees are full of buds and I am hoping we don't get a late hard freeze.
And then one day when I had a few free hours I decided to make a spring wreath for my mantel.  My mantel/fireplace stone is dark so I wanted it to be bright and cheery!

I added some little white birds from Michael's along with my birdhouse decor.
Nothing was new except the flowers to make the wreath and the little white birdies.
I certainly have been missing my blogging buddies and will be along to visit with you all soon!
Lately when I've been finished with babysitting I've been so exhausted I just kind of fall into bed.  But now I have a few days to catch up!
Happy Week-end friends!
I am joining the following blog parties.

DIY Show Off

Met. Monday @ Between Naps on the Porch
Tabletop Tuesday @ A Stroll thru Life.


  1. Your Granddaughter is getting prettier everyday. I just love your wreath. I may have to come and steal it for my porch. HA! HA!

  2. Oh Cindy, she is growing so fast. Such a fun, but really active age. Your mantle looks amazing. Love your wreath too, such pretty and cheery colors and the little pots you added to it are so cute. Hope you rest up a little. Hugs, marty

  3. Like the wreath - a lot! Our girls are getting so big. :-D
    You have a lot more energy than I do.

  4. Gorgeous, wish my grandkids were close by, hope you have lots of fun x

  5. Hello Cindy, I know how you feel....I've just spent the weekend with my 4 grandies (3 and under) so I'm feeling a bit puffed now too!! Just taking myself out for a nice relaxing coffee!! Suzyq

  6. You sound very busy! I couldn't do that everyday, I'd be exhausted.
    Our weather changed too. Today it felt like it was going to snow, cold and raw.
    Love your wreath, hope your schedule lightens up soon.
    Happy Palm Sunday!
    If you have anything dish related, new party Wed. at 7,at my place, Let's Dish!
    You prob don't have a minute to yourself.

  7. There you are. Peek-a-boo grandma Cindy.
    I have to comment in that sweet Irish sweet cheeks in your last post. CUTE CUTE CUTE.
    So lots of babysitting huh? Did you ever imagine you would be raising more baby's Cindy? I don't know how you do it. I know I couldn't. I don't usually say this but... Bless your sweet heart gf.
    Love your wreath too.
    We had a nice day here today, but nothing like a few weeks ago. It's coming though.

  8. I love that wreath and that's exactly what I've been looking for as I "prepare" for summer. With our gray/wet/rainy, preparation for warmth and sunshine keeps me sane when it seems like spring and summer will never get here. Love those photos and isn't it amazing how much energy an 18 month old has and when it's time for a nap, grandma needs one also :)

  9. Love your wreath- it adds a nice bright touch to the fireplace. I can't believe how big Addison is getting. She is just darling, Cindy, and I know that you just adore her. How wonderful that you are able to spend so much time with her- just don't burn out! Have a wonderful weekend-xo Diana

  10. Cindy! Oh, how I have missed you!!! I loved seeing how much Addison has grown, and she is just as cute and bright as ever. How do you keep from eating her up with a spoon? She's a doll! And I loved the pic of her in her Irish outfit in the post below. LOL! SO cute!

    And speaking of cute, your wreath is so cute, and it is just perfect on your mantle. You have really got spring going at your house. I haven't done the first thing, but life has been nutzoid of late. 'm on Mr. Magpie's computer (have actually STOLEN Mr. Magpie's computer, shhhhhh!) and am out to visit the sweet folks like you who came by. Thanks so much for your visit. This is awful not having my own computer, but hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.

    Love you, lady!



  11. Hi Cindy, I don't know how you have time to do these crafts after taking care of a little 18 month old angel! I remember trying to rest when they rested--no crafting was ever done! She is just adorable and your wreath is so happy. Have a wonderful Easter! Linda

  12. Cindy, your mantel is about as cheery as cheery can get! It looks wonderful..
    That little granddaughter of yours..I can hardly contain myself and now you show me another one. I have another tiny one due on July 4th and the poor child will probably never learn to walk if I get my hands on him as much as I want to.
    I cannot see a baby without wanting to say "ohhh..canna I have it??" Is it any wonder I had seven in a row.. :) I might have had more because in those years I had NO sense at all..and tiny babes were my passion!
    She is just so adorable!

  13. Oh how good it is to see ya out and about again sweetie. I can soooo understand how that little princess of yours can keep ya hoppin' then droppin'!!! She is such a precious little sweetheart!

    I love the spring touches on your mantel and Oooooh, I'm in love with that little trio of birdies....love 'em!

    God bless ya and have yourself a great day my friend!!! :o)

  14. Hi friend! Yep, this spring has been a see-saw ride 80 one week and frosts the next.

    Addison, is as always, cute as a button.

  15. Your grandaughter is beautiful! Isn't being a Grandma wonderful! Love your mantel! Elizabeth

  16. This week is going to be really hectic, but I wanted to pop in and say Happy Easter!!! I hope you and all of your family have a super holiday. I know you will have fun with the Easter Egg hunt this year, she is definitely big enough to hunt for the eggs. Such a fun time. Miss you and wish you were here. Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty

  17. How well I understand. Lately there just hasn't been enough time to get everything done, especially blogging! Jury duty today, field trip with granddaughter last week, grandson's birthday last week, finishing up observations, etc., etc., etc.!!!! Addison has just grown up before our eyes. My g'son was 9 last week...where did all that time go? Love your spring decorations. I like the idea of the little flowerpots in the wreath! I may have to "borrow" that idea. I will be keeping grandkids all day Friday so I'll be like you and fall into bed after they leave and try to recuperate! They sure do take lots of energy:)

  18. Cindy, Miss Addison is a little dolly! She is quite precocious, riding a trike already.
    Love your mantel and your fireplace. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  19. You know my philosophy Cindy? For what it's worth...time with the g'kiddos trumps blogging and blog parties any day of the week. That is why Back Porch Musings has been sort of dull and low key lately. Enjoy!

    My little girl is sound asleep this morning. She had a pretty big day with G'ma and G'pa yesterday.

    I love Addison's photos and your Spring mantel is beautiful.

    1. Back Porch is never dull with your beautiful photos Pat!

  20. Hi Cindy, yep, grandie time is the most important time. I tell people that I work in "Investments" - in "futures"....that is investing in the future of my grandies. Time well spent! Good for you! Oh, and Happy Easter, too! Linda

    1. I so agree Linda! As I tell my own Mom, what could be more important than this little girl! Of course she agrees!

  21. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just wanted to stop by to say hello! How are you doing, Darlin'? Sounds like you are keeping busy as usual. Loved getting to see all the sweet photos of Addison! She is getting so big!

    Love your beautiful spring wreath! You always do up the prettiest florals, sweet friend! I also love the tall white (church) birdhouse on your mantel! And...of course...you knew I would love all the sweet birds! Hehe! I hope that my note is finding you guys doing well! We have been back and forth to Drs. and dentists..yuk! Keeps us busy though.

    Love ya,

  22. What a little doll your granddaughter is! You are a champ of a babysitter. I babysat two of my daughter's 6 kids when she went to visit her granny last month. She has so many she has to dole them out! I got the youngest (18 months) and the oldest (12 years). I had a ball but man, was I exhausted! It's definitely non-stop and a good thing that you have kids when you're a lot younger than I am now. I was pretty happy to hand them back over to their mommy, yet all ready to do it again now!

  23. Your decor is darling, it gives one a real springtime feel. Your little Irish baby in her shamrock diaper is so adorable. What a fun way to celebrate St Patrick's Day!

  24. Oh it's too much cuteness for one post!

    Have a beautiful Easter weekend.

  25. Love your birdie decor. And the wreath is so cheerful!
    Your beautiful granddaughter is growing so fast! She and her cousin are adorable. She looks very busy.:)
    I wish you and yours a Happy Easter.


  26. Love the springy wreath,Cindy! Cute photos of little Miss Addison! Hope you had a fabulous Easter!...hugs...Debbie

  27. Hi Cindy! I know you must have had a wonderful Easter with your little dolls! Wish I could have been with my little grand daughter! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Sounds like you and your granddaughter have been having a good ole time. I just love the first days of Spring when the warm air beckons us outside. It doesn't get much better than that. I hope you don't get a late hard freeze, but if you do, at least you have Spring inside. Love the little white birds on your mantel.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  29. Hi Cindy
    I haven't seen you in ages. Its good to know you are being busy! Your granddaughter is absolutely lovely...and you sure have been very busy. Oh my. No wonder you are anxious for a little bedtime..*s*. Sweet. I know you are a wonderful grandmother to her. Enjoy...and take time for you.


I would love to hear from you. Come back and visit anytime. Warmest Wishes, Cindy