Irish and the Cloche parties

Hi friends,
This is going to be a potpourri when it comes to posts and blog parties!  You see, so many to do so little time right now.
Here we have little Calista modeling the St. Patty's Day outfit her Grandma bought for her.  I don't do much in the way of decorating for St. Patrick's Day but I wanted to join Cuisine Kathleen for her St. Patrick's Day blog crawl.

And look how happy Calista is to be joining in!  This little girl comes by it naturally as she has a good deal of Irish in her!

We even made sure to get a pic of her little shamrock behind!

My friend Marty ( A stroll thru life)  is also having a blog party!  Cloches are hard for me so I just added some Easter grass, eggs and a ribbon to this apothecary jar.
Along with some bunnies that are driving my little grand-daughter Addison crazy, ( she wants to play with them) .

I also realized that I really only have one real cloche and it's this wire one.  Now before Marty's next party I need to do some serious cloche shopping!
This vignette features a pear tree under my one and only cloche, a floral arrangement and a pair of vintage WWII binoculars.  Heck I only paid a buck for them at an auction and they still work really well.

I am thrilled to say we are getting some unusually warm weather here.  All of the snow has melted and we are supposed to be in the mid-seventies on Wednesday!

The deer have been very busy in our yard!  I can only hope it stays nice but honestly it's only March and we still get snow sometimes in March.
Now please go visit our lovely hostesses and have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. How cute is that little romper outfit. Gotta love a butt with a shamrock on it! Your cloche looks lovely-even if you do only have one. I have to dig my own out and play with them a bit. Hope you have a great Tuesday-xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh that little outfit is a adorable with the shamrock on her cute booty. I need cloches too, how funny. Your wire one is pretty Cindy. Great pics!

  3. Cindy, you couldn't have come up with a cuter St. Patrick's Day decoration that your sweet little Calista in that DARLING outfit!!! How precious she is & I love the little wave!! Please give her a hug & a kiss from this Nana?

    Your OTHER decorations look very pretty too. I didn't own a single cloche until I found Marty. LOL She is the QUEEN!

    Happy St. Patty's Day, a wee bit early,

  4. Love the outfit - so cute! You did great with the Spring decor - Pretty! Know what you mean about your Grand and the rabbits. Mine wants the birds here. :D

  5. Cindy, she is the cutest and most precious little girl. Love that dress and the matching bottom. Way too cute. Your apothecary jar looks fabulous and the wire cloche is perfect for the topiary. You did great with your vignettes. Wish you were here, miss you. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love the little hiney covered up with a shamrock, Cindy! too cute...
    Your apothecary is fine all dressed up with eggs and grass! Hope you find some glass cloches at a reasonable price- sometimes they are just so darn expensive. I shop Old Time Pottery and yard sales! People just don't realize the good stuff they are getting rid of. LOL
    Have a Happy St. Paddy's Day! ~ Sue

  7. What a precious little granddaughter you have! Home in your neck of the woods looks to be wonderful this time of year. Between your granddaughter and the deer, I'd never get anything done but play w/them!

  8. Hi Cindy, What a perfect bonnie wee lass to show off a cute outfit! She is adorable! I can just imagine the temptation those cute bunnies are for Addison! Oh, the Easter bunny will be very welcome at your house this year! Linda

  9. Hi Cindy! Oh, that little Calista is adorable. I believe beautiful smiles run in your family! Love her little outfit too.
    Now your Easter display is so sweet. Those great jars sure do count as cloches! Love your wire one too.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. What better way to have a St. Patties crawl than with that precious little leprechaun princess Calista!!! Love that little shamrocked bottom.

    Guess one might say when it comes to Cloche parties, your wired! Heeehehehhe!!! Sorry, I gotta work on that self~control thingy!!!

    Seriously...no really...I can do serious...your display looks fantastic Miss Cindy!

    Shoot, I don't even have one cloche.

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day!!!

  11. Your post made me smile:)Calista is sooo cute and cuddly! She looks adorable in that darling outfit and I love her beautiful smile and the cute shamrock booty!Your Easter apothecary jar looks so pretty dressed up with the pretty yellow polka dot bow. Lovely vignette with the wire cloche!Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us and for sweet note. Have a great week!~Poppy

  12. I love the darling Calista in her St. Patty's romper! She's just adorable. I love the big shamrock in her booty, so fun. Love the wire cloche, I'd love to get one. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs,

  13. What a cutie and the shamrock diaper cover is the cutest thing yet!!! Glad you have had some of this warm weather!

  14. Calista is a doll! Happy St Pattys Day~

  15. Oh, I could just hug that baby. Isn't she adorable.

  16. What could be better than a baby decorated for St. Patrick's Day! God's handiwork at its best!
    Thanks for joining in the crawl!

  17. That little Calista is precious. She is ready for St. Paddy's Day.

  18. She is so adorable!
    Love her little St. Pat's Day Outfit! I don't have a single cloche, but I'm enjoying seeing everyone else's. I think your wire cloche is very interesting! Your spring decor and bunnies look lovely!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Blessings! Linda

  19. What a sweet little lady and such a cute name. I live in S.E. WI and been enjoying the 75` weather also! Jane

  20. Your little Calista is a cutie!!Her little St.Patrick's Day outfit is darling. I like your wire cloche...I have been looking for one for my kitchen area. Great photos... and I love those deers!! Hugs!

  21. Oh look at that cute smile on lovely Callista. She is so precious and so cute in that outfit...Christine

  22. Ah Cindy, darling little Calista and adorable St. Pat's dress, which I think only a doting Grandma would provide!

    Love this pot pourri.

    Just checkin' up on you,



  23. Awww..Cindy..she is just adorable. You DO have the cutest little Grands!! :)

  24. Calista is so cute in that adorable shamrock attire, and what a smile! I love the shamrock on her bottom. What is it about a baby's bottom? They always make me smile. Your Easter vignettes are so pretty. The pear tree is perfect under the wire cloche. I can't ever get anything to show up under my wire cloche, but that tree shows up great! Love all of your bunnies. Have a great week. Hugs, laurie

  25. What a cute little leprechaun you have there:) I like the apothecary jar. My hubby gave me a cloche over a year ago (after I asked for one) and would you believe I haven't yet used it? Can't find the right place to put it!

  26. So cute, Cindy! Love that sassy outfit. Binocs for $1 - lucky you! We are warm in Georgia, too, but wish it would be a cooler spring! Linda

  27. How are you Cindy? YOu must be busy as I havent seen you post much lately. Your grandaughter is beyond precious. Wasnt it great to get that warm weather!!!!

  28. Have yourself a blissful weekend my friend.

    God bless ya, you must be really busy!!! :o)


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