Seeing Calista and asking for some prayers please.

Hi friends,
Tomorrow morning I am heading out bright and early to catch a plane!  This little gal is waiting for her Grandma to come and give her some hugs and kisses!
Calista is almost 7 months and I haven't seen her since she was 2 weeks.  She sees me on skype but I worry that she might not recognize me from that.
Hubby can't make it this time but he will keep the home fires burning!

It's doing this right now outside.   Well actually it's sleeting and just a little snow.  We've had very little snow this winter but of course we would get this storm right before I have to leave.
I have a 3 hour drive tomorrow morning to the airport.  Yucky and especially in this weather but I will go from this to....
It's always a bit of a climate shock but I adjust rather quickly.
 I've had a rough and I mean really rough few days.
It involves my daughter and her daughter Addison.
So please say a prayer for little Addison if you could.

And no it's not health related but it's still very painful and this baby could use your prayers.
Don't forget me please!


  1. I will pray for you and Addison, hope all will be well. Have a most wonderful trip to see the little angel! :)

  2. Oh hon, you and yours will be in my thoughts! You be careful traveling.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the weather we are having.
    It's been sunny and nice.
    Of course prayers are coming your way for you and your family.
    The girls are just precious and I know they will remember you always. Skype is a miracle when you live so far away.
    Enjoy your trip,

  4. Enjoy your trip - stay safe.
    I am definitely sending prayers your way.

  5. Have a wonderful visit, Cindy, and be careful on that snowy drive! Prayers are going u for little Addison...hugs...Debbie

  6. Absolutely...prayin' for little Addison and her sweet mama right now. God knows the need.

    I'll also be prayin' a safe trip for you too my friend.

    I always worried that little Ian would not recognize me between visits but I'd walk in and he'd smile that smile. Little Calista sees Grandma on Skype...she'll know ya for sure!

    God bless and have a great trip to warmer climates sweet Cindy!!! :o)

  7. Safe journey Cindy .. I will keep little Addison close to my heart. Lucky Calista getting to squeeze her grandma! I head off to the AZ desert on Thursday, looking forward to a little warmth.

  8. Prayers are going Addison's way right now! Please don't worry, God will do the right thing for her. Have a safe trip to the airport. Hugs,

  9. Have a safe journey. My prayers for you and Addison. Take care. Marilyn

  10. Cindy, you know that both you and Addison are in my thoughts and prayers. Travel safely and enjoy the visit with Calista. Thinking of you ~ sarah

  11. Hope you have a safe trip and wonderful visit with your family in Arizona! Little Calista is adorable!! Saying a prayer right now for you and your daughter and sweet little Addison. Hugs.

  12. Take care, Cindy. So glad you have the chance to go see Calista! She is a little doll! As far as your other little sweetheart, I'm praying for all of you. Enjoy your trip!
    God bless, Beth

  13. I hope you have a safe trip, Cindy.
    I hear your stress, I pray all will be well.

  14. So sorry that little Addison is going through some difficulties! It's so hard to see loved ones suffer.
    Have fun in AZ with Calista!
    We'll be praying for you both!

  15. sending up prayers...have a safe trip...

  16. It must feel like a roller coaster for you right now...happy to be going to see one grandchild but feeling the need to ask for prayers for another. Prayers will definitely be sent up. Hope you have a wonderful trip and get lots of sweet little hugs and kisses.

  17. Ok, now you have me worried... but I have a feeling I know what it is. Email me if you want. I'm here for you.
    Have a safe trip. But why do you have to drive 3 hrs.?? Is the airport that far? OMG... and I thought I lived in the boonies.
    I'll keep you in my thoughts Cindy. Little Addison needs stability, and I know you and hubby give her that and so much more.
    Love You sweet friend.

  18. Cindy, you just kicked me in the stomach...I am hoping to God our little girl is alright. You really do have me concerned..got a knot inside.

  19. Travel safe and get some wonderful baby love from those sweet girls. sending prayers your way dear one.

  20. Have a wonderful time in Arizona, Cindy! Having lived there 6 years, I know how nice the weather can be this time of year. I will say some prayers for your daughter and granddaughter. Have a safe trip!!!

  21. Lighting a candle and saying a prayer. The little ones are sooo cute. Have a safe trip.

  22. Thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you.

  23. Hi, Cindy,
    You and you little Addison will be in my prayers. Please drive safe, too.

  24. Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow.

    You & Addi & Addi's mommy are in my thoughts & prayers.

  25. Praying! Safe travels, have an awesome time. Blessings ~Sara

  26. Many prayers coming your way, Cindy. I hope everything is okay soon.


  27. I also have to drive 3 hrs to the airport...it will be so worth it to see your darling grandie!! Hoping all goes well for little Addison..I bet you are finding it hard to leave her just when she needs you most.
    Keep safe,

  28. Have a safe trip! Prayers for you and Addison. I know what it is like to have concerns for your grandchild.

  29. I will pray for Addison, hope everything goes well. And hope you are safe too. enjoy your trip and cute Callista...Christine

  30. I am so sorry that you have had some bad days. Of course I will say a prayer for your daughter, Addison and you too. Family issues can be so painful. I'm so glad you get to visit Calista and I hope that helps you find your smile!

    It is 67 degrees here right now...hard to believe you had snow yesterday. Just a couple hours south of us had severe storms with fatalities...so scary. Safe travels!

  31. I will pray for Addison, hope everything goes well. And hope you are safe too. enjoy your trip and cute Callista...Christine

  32. PRAYING!!!
    And So glad you are here!!!
    Look forward to seeing you TOMORROW!!!!
    BIG HUGS!!

  33. two beautiful babies you have there....have a wonderful time with Miss Calista and I hope Addison will be okay...never like to hear about a problem with a little one...Nothing should ever go wrong with children...I will keep her in my prayers and hope all will be well for both her and your daughter....Hugs, Sue.

  34. Safe travels and of course, thoughts and prayers for that sweet little girl.

  35. Hey Cindy! So sorry to be so late but wanted to let you know to add me in those who will pray for you and this situation. Hope you are enjoying your trip to see your other grand right now. Take care and trust in the Lord. Big Hugs!!!

  36. addison is in my prayers as are you. Hope you have a wonderful trip hugs Sara

  37. Prayers for Addison and all who love and worry about her. Your time with Calista is going to fly by way to quickly.

  38. Safe travels and prayers sent for your family.

  39. Hi lovely lady.
    Cindy,.I hope you have a safe trip!!Of course prayers are coming your way for you and your family.
    The two girls are just precious and I know they will remember you !! I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape and have a wonderful week with your little Angels!!
    XXOO Diane

  40. Hi Cindy,

    I saw where you were in AZ, enjoying the sun & the wonderful gals who live there. I wanted to come tell you that I have your sweet Addison on my prayer list...whatever the situation, HE can handle it for you, so just give it up to Him.

    ~~Safe traveling mercies~~to get you back home safe & sound. One of these days, I'll get to meet that gang!



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