Momma Mia and family happenings.

Hi friends,
I have to admit I have been in a bit of a blogger funk lately.  I think the month of January does that to me... I feel kind of like a bear hibernating .  However, we did do a few things that I wanted to share today.
I think the highlight of the month was seeing the traveling Broadway show, Mamma Mia!  This was a Christmas present from my Mom and boy did we enjoy it!  The talent, the music, the dancing and costumes, superb!
All of my large extended family celebrated our Christmas in mid-January.  Every year we head to a water park and stay in condos.  The cousins have a blast and the adults don't have to worry about buying presents for all the cousins as this is our present for the kids and adults too.

Little Addison and her grandpa both had a good time!

I made a collage of Addison modeling the figure skating dress that a friend of mine made for her!  These are slightly blurry as she is always in motion so I may try again later.  

My sixteen year old niece Kristen is a gymnast.  She is pictured at one of her high school meets. She is my sister Susie's oldest daughter, and pretty darn good.

Now that January has come to a close and we're into February I get to start looking forward to my trip out to Phoenix to see my grand-daughter Calista and her Mommy and Daddy.  I am so excited because I also get to hook up with some great blogger friends as well.  Kind of a tradition and if I ever move there I will have already made so many great friends with these wonderful group of gals.
Little Calista is now six months old and I haven't seen her since she was 2 weeks old so this Grandma is getting antsy!
Other than that I am trying to come up with something for Laurie's Valentine Blog Party later this week.  See the link at the top of my blog if you would like to join in.
Stay Tuned and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Addison is so cute! And getting so big! And Calista is a little cutie, too! I am so glad that we are having a mild winter this year so you won't hear any complaints from this neck of the woods! Hope you have a great week, my friend!

  2. The girls are getting so big - they grow up to fast. Hard to believe Calista is 6 mos. already. Think Addison will be a skater? :) I have not done a good job of blogging for a while now.
    Have a great week.

  3. Glad you enjoyed Momma Mia. I have heard it is excellent. Addison is so darned cute! Getting big, too. Your neice looks like she knows what she is doing in gymnastics. Good for her.

    Enjoy your trip to AZ. I know you will have fun. Don't tell me you are thinking about leaving this wonderful WI weather and moving West?;>) xo Diana

  4. Cindy, that little Addison is a cutie. I know you have fun with that sweet child. Enjoy your trip to see the other sweet grand. ~ Sarah

  5. I know what you mean, I think January should be changed to down in the funk month! I am crazy about Mama Mia, would love to see it like that! Your hubby looks like such a nice guy, sweet holding Addison there. Have fun with the trip coming up, that will be so fun! :D

  6. Oh you'll have a wonderful time in AZ getting to know your grandbaby! Addison looks to be an active little thing! You know she enjoys you so much. Does she still wear you out?! LOL

  7. your granddaughters are adorable...I love Momma Mia...

  8. I always wanted to see Momma Mia and it was in Chicago back when I worked down there. Still haven't seen the movie and I hear that's really good, too! The water park looks like fun...great picture of Dan and Addison. She is so tiny!

    I know your trip is coming up soon. Have a ball and enjoy your time with Calista!

    Not much new here in Blondieville...just waiting for a little snow to liven things up!


  9. That looks like a great way to spend the holiday...nobody has to do all the work of cooking and cleaning and everybody has fun! Such a cute little grand-daughter, you must be proud as punch!

  10. Hi Cindy...what great photo's! I loved the movie Mamma Mia..saw it with my youngest daughter when she came down from Canada to visit us here in Kansas. I'd love to see the traveling Broadway show! It sounds as though your family had a wonderful time in January...what a fun way to all get together. I can understand how excited you must be getting to see your Granddaughter...it's been a long time since you last saw her! That's wonderful that you've made so many friends out there...I'll be watching for lots of photo's when you get back ;) I hope your week is a good one!
    Maura :)

  11. Hi Cindy...oh we saw Momma Mia in New York..probably one of our most favorite plays to date.
    What a gorgeous family you have and how fun to go visit that little sweetheart at the end of the post...don't know how you hung on this long...lol

  12. Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. Addison looks so sweet in her figure skating outfit.

  13. So excited for you to come out to AZ and see your grandbaby and fellow-bloggers!
    Hey, I tried to click on Laurie's blog party link and nothing happens. Would like to participate. Thanks.

  14. Those little girls are just precious beyond belief...you are sew blessed!

    I really like the idea of escaping to a water park mid-winter. I shall try to convince others in the family to do that next year. Great idea!
    Thanks, Cindy!

    Tell all those AZ gals that I said "hi" please? Some of the sweetest bloggers that I know live in AZ.


  15. I know what you mean about missing grandchildren. Both of mine live in Virginia and I have not seen them in over a year due to my being under the weather most of last year. I'm looking forward though to seeing them in May! Hope you have a wonderful trip to Arizona! I lived there for 6 years!

  16. I love your family tradition, what a wonderful winter treat to look forward to!!!

    Little Addison looked so sweet in her skatin' outfit. You did a bang~up job on the collage sweetie.

    I bet your just bitin' at the bits to get your hands on that precious pudgy cheeked Calista. Gee, that's a looooong time in Grandam months!

    You'll have lots of catchin' up to do Lucy! Heeehehehhe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful week!!! :o)

  17. Your grandaughter is getting big and sooo beautiful. I know about the blog "funk". We all go thru that. I'm no longer working and at home so hopefully it will be better for me. I was diagnosed Stage 4 Breast Cancer end of Sept so my life is NOT the same. I"m doing ok though. Look forward to reconnecting with other bloggers!

  18. Stopping over from Tracy's blog! Hope you are having a wonderful day:)

  19. Looks like you've had lots going on...I'm envious. Things are sorta boring around here lately. I need some adventure:) Addison is cute as ever.

  20. A trip to Arizona! How wonderful! How I would like to take a trip, it's been so long since I have gone away from home.
    I love live stage plays. There is nothing like them.

    Are you all ready for Valentines Day? I see your little sweetheart is just getting cuter by the day! :) That baby is adorable, Cindy!! Just adorable!

  21. Great pics of Miss A, she is so cute and growing like a weed. Can't wait for you to get here. We will have such a great day. Our weather has been perfect. Makes you want it to stay this way forever. Hugs, Marty

  22. Hi Cindy! Oh, little Addison is a cute and looks so tiny in Grandpa's arms. Love her little outfits! I've seen Mama Mia in Las Vegas and just loved it but my husband just didn't get it! :)
    You'll get over your blogging funk. We all get that way time to time.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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