I am feeling blue for you my Valentine.

Hi Friends,
I want to share a Valentine Table with you today.
I set this table while under a bit of duress!  A 16 month old toddler named Addison followed me around undoing just about as fast as I was doing!  

But I so wanted to join Laurie's Valentine party.  

However, if you see some out of place cups or silverware you will know why!

The only new for my table are the tulips and picks.
$5 for the tulips and about $2 for the Valentine Pics.
The place-mats, napkins and napkin rings were a give-away win.
The white plates were 4/$10 at TJ Maxx.
My blue and white Myott Finlandia has been purchased slowly at garage sales and E-Bay.  I love that stuff and am slowly adding as I find a good buy.  I  recently found another dinner plate for only $1.99 at Savers.
The red heart bowls were a buck a piece at Michael's.

Sunny but chilly yesterday although we've had a fairly mild winter without much snow.
But still, I am ready for Spring!

And there you have it!
A table done by Addison and her Grandma!

I am joining Laurie @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her world famous Valentine Party...be sure to check it out!
I am also joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Love your table Cindy. I think you and Addison did a fabulous job. Love your pretty tulips, how gorgeous. Everything looks so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a pretty table! I love the red paired with your gorgeous Finlandia dishes.
    Your assistant is too cute!

  3. The blue and white looks so pretty with the red! A perfect Valentine's table!

  4. Where did you find tulips here in Wisconsin? I haven't seen any in stores yet.

    I love the blue with the red....so pretty.

  5. Your assistant is beautiful Cindy. I bet she is learning a lot about tables, as she "helps".:-)

    Your table is very pretty!

  6. Even though you and Princess Addison set a marvelous table that precious little Valentine stole my heart!!!

    Don't ya know, every great grandma needs a good challenge every now and again! Heeehehehe!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day sweet friend!!! :o)

  7. If she helped the way mine helped clean out a cabinet, you had your hands full. :-D
    You and your assistant did a great job on the table.

  8. Very pretty,I would never have thought of using blue for Valentines' Day but I love it!

  9. Your "assistant" is just adorable! I love those placemats and napkins -- what a fun win those were! Your pretty blue and white dishes look great with the red and white!

  10. Oh, I'm loving your red, white and blue! Looks so festive and perfect for Valentine's day!

  11. Beautiful table - I love that you used some blue in a Valentine's Day table! And your "helper" is beautiful too!

  12. Cindy I love your combination of the reds with blue. How pretty! Of course Addison kinda stole the show at the end:) She is so cute!

  13. Oh how pretty this is. I love the blues with the reds, and those napkins and napkin rings are so pretty. Of course, I was ooing and aahing over your table, and then I scrolled to the picture of that cutie pie. She is absolutely adorable, and I'm so glad Addison and your tablescape will be joining in the party! Thanks Cindy! Hugs, laurie

  14. Hi, Cindy! Where on earth did you find tulips for just $5??!?! That's a great buy, and the color is wonderful on your table! I can only imagine what you were up against with a toddler recreating her own version of your table!

  15. I bet Addison was a big help Grandma! And this is a fun table so I can't blame her! I love your china! Have we seen it before? The red dishes look very sweet on top and so do your accessories that you won!

    I haven't done a tablescape in the longest time. I guess that is a good thing since I haven't bought any dishes! I did buy some plates to hang on the wall. Do you have any hanging? If so, what did you use to hang them with? I have some very strong velcro but I am not so sure about it. CRASH!!

    Hope all is well with you and Dan!


  16. Cindy, this is the cutest table ever!!! I just love the little red dish sitting on the blue&white ones..it's all too too cute! :D

  17. Cindy, your table is lovely with its blue accents. Miss Addison is too cute for words. I'd love to have following me around. ~ sarah

  18. How beautiful! I would never have thought of putting all this together but it looks like they were all made for each other. You are a great bargain hunter. wish you lived here so we could shop together...none of my friends seem to appreciate a bargain as much as I do:)

  19. I have one of those helpers also...love your table Zoey....

  20. Well, obviously Addison already has a good eye for design...she has the touch! Your tablescape is beautiful. I love the Finlandia. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  21. The red with the blue is a great combination for your Valentine's table. And no flower says spring more than tulips! Addison looks as proud as can be of the table she "helped" set!

  22. Hi Girlfriend,

    Ohh my...I just giggled when I read what you posted at the end..."A table by Addison and her Grandma"! Simply adorable!!! She looks sooo pretty in her Valentine dress!

    Well dear friend, your Valentine table is gorgeous! I love that you added the blue into your pretty table. Ooooh...I love the Finlandia pattern too! I would love to have a set. Love your pretty red heart placemats and napkins! Everything is perfect and the pretty tulips are the "icing on the cake"! Thanks for sharing your pretty table with us, dear friend!

    Well...I am just beginning to get around blogland. I'm having a difficult time getting back into the swing. Thank you for all of the sweet notes that you've been leaving for me, Darlin'! Love you so much!


  23. You are a wonderful Grandma and and what a cute and precious grandaughter. The fun of tablescaping with a new designer shows how you can start them at a young age! I just love your post and the blue and red is great for Valentine's day. The tulips in the blue vase and then the placement in the planter coordinates perfectly with the place settings! Happy Tea Party and Valentine's Day! Pam

  24. Oh, Cindy, your table is so lovely! I love the white dishes & the Finlandia china you are thrifting is gorgeous. Addison is such a cutie pie & I know you couldn't have accomplished such a fantastic tablescape without her assistance....lol!

    I can just imagine your excitement over your upcoming trip to see little Calista. Another cutie pie!

  25. I commented on this via my ipad , but I see it didn't go through. Sorry I am late.
    Your table is lovely, and the tulips just sing Spring. It is in the 20's here today, the first really cold weather we have had, so I am not complaining!
    I love those dishes, and they make such a pretty setting!
    LOL, I have 4 of those little helpers, but they aren't here that often so I go with it! You are a saint!

  26. I think I literally squeeled when I saw that photo of Addison!! Cindy, do your mother and I have the cutest GRANDS in the world or what? Oh, ok, I guess other people do too..but..still. That child is just too darned cute for words! Always has been!
    Oh..right..your Valentine's table.
    Well, those ruffled bowls did me in..how sweet. The napkins are adorable too..should I do a Valentine table? Hmmm...not sure.
    I've been lazy lately. :)
    I LOVE yours! I think you and Addison did a fantastic job. :):)

  27. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a pretty table and I'm so glad you had your beautiful little helper! Look at her hair - it's gorgeous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Cindy, I think this is my most favourite tablescape from your sweet cottage kitchen. LOVE the simple, yet full of punch details.
    Look at that sweet pumpkin Addison too.
    So sweet gf.


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