A Bear, A Baby, A Toddler in the making!

Hello Friends,
Yes indeed!  This is what I met up with last Wednesday morning.  I was driving home very early in the morning when he came sauntering across the road .
Let me tell you, it was an amazing sight!
Let me also say, I am not brave at all!  But when your inside  your car you do feel a certain amount of bravery just knowing your protected. 
This makes the 4th time I've seen a bear since moving to Applestone Cottage.
Twice while driving near our home and twice in our yard. 
Black Bear's generally aren't aggressive but I wouldn't take any chances.
We moved to Wisconsin from Illinois in the early 1970's when I was in the 7th grade.
At that time, there were no bears in our part of the state.  In fact only the most Northern part of Wisconsin had bears and they were few and far between.
With protection and re-introduction we now have quite a few in Western Wisconsin.   In fact, many live right nearby me!  LOL~  Just kidding Jane!

We are also eagerly waiting to hear about the birth of our new grand-daughter!
My Dil Dawn,  is 8 days overdue and went into the hospital last night to be induced.
Hopefully she will make her arrival sometime later today.. I will keep you posted!

And little Addison has started to walk at the ripe old age of 9 months!

She is a very busy little girl to say the least!  I guess she wants to be a toddler before her time!

Take Care and hopefully I will have baby news soon!



  1. Our neighbors just a few doors down had a bear last night. No photos unfortunately. That's a good looking bear!

  2. Fun to spot a bear..not so fun to have them in the yard.. yikes.. We hit one with the car last year near our up north place here in Mi.
    Keep us posted on the new baby's arrival & watch out world... Addison is on the move.. : )

  3. Cindy, a bear is one animal that we haven't had visit our yard...yet! We live in Hastings, MN. They have been seen around us. I would not mind seeing one from my car...but not up close in my yard!
    We moved here from Illinois, too! Over thirty years ago! I am from the suburb of Melrose Park, and my hubby is from River Grove. It sure is a small world :)
    Your granddaughter is adorable. Can't wait to hear about the new baby!!!

  4. Good for Miss Addison. Now she can do some serious exploring.

    I'll be awaiting the new birth announcement Cindy.:-)

    Now, about that bear....hmmmm. We had an ornery bull at the farm that deliberately blocked our path down the lane to the back pasture. That was daunting enough. Don't think I would like running into a bear along my path.

  5. Look at that smile, as if to say - Look at me, I am a big girl now. :-D
    I would definitely keep my distance from a bear. Looking forward to hearing the baby news.

  6. Cindy...Addison is ahead of Paisley. Paisley can stand on her own...and walk around everything super fast...but she rather crawl than walk...lol

    Black bears...now that would get Texans excited to see in their yards...lol

    Looking forward to hearing about the new little one!!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. Love the first pic of wobbly Addison (not the first pic of the bear so much:@) How exciting to be waiting on another grandbaby-have fun Cindy:@)

  8. Wow...how exciting...there are black bears in the mountains near my home, but they stay up there...sometimes, if you're lucky...you can see them. Addison is looking very grown up now...she is so cute! What a joy it must be to become a Grandmother...I hope one day I will too...but my boys sure are taking their sweet time of it!

  9. Great shot of the bear...We get them crossing through our yard more often than I care to have them here....One came up and did his "business" right on our deck one year. Nasty!! And look out world!! Addison's mobile!! Yikes!! No rest for grams now!! Hope everything goes smoothly with the new delivery!! Happy Tuesday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - that is a gorgeous photo of the waterfall...is that near you?)

  10. Hi Cindy, I enjoyed seeing your bear today! He is a beauty. I'm glad you were in the car, though. Addison is really growing up - walking already! She is adorable and I know the new little one will be too. I'm sure you're looking forward to your trip to AZ to meet the new little one. You are a blessed woman, Cindy. Grandchildren are a wonderful gift from God!
    Blessings, Beth

  11. Oh HOLY COW! how awesome is that? I would've just LOVED seeing him!!!
    She's walking? Oh Grandma - you are in for a time!
    Hehehe - LUCKY YOU!
    Keep us posted on the new baby!!!!
    HUGS! Me.

  12. Hi Girlfriend...

    I just read your sweet note and came right over! Ooooh...I am sooo excited for you! I know that you must be on pins and needles...just waiting to hear! I'm sure that it will be anytime now! Soooo very happy that you and Dan are going to be making that trip to Arizona to see that new little granddaughter! Take lots and lots of photos, sweet friend...I can't wait to see what your newest family addition looks like! Hehe! Addison will be thrilled to have her first cousin so close in age. I hope they will get plenty of visit times. I know it will be difficult living that far apart. By the way...your little Addison is well on her way...isn't she? Walking now!!! Ohhh Grandma, there won't be one thing left "unturned" at your place! Hehe! Soooo very sweet though!

    Well dear friend, I am keeping your DIL, son, and new baby girl in my prayers! Can't wait!!!

    Love ya,

  13. My first visit to your blog, quite a welcome with that big bear! lol Congrats on the new grandbaby, Addison is adorable! Visiting from Outdoor Wednesday. xo,

  14. You are brave! We saw a bear run across the highway in Northern NJ last month...wish I had my camera. The very best wishes for a speedy delivery...there is nothing better than a new baby in the family!

  15. Congratulations on the new baby news!! I think bears are magnificent creatures, but I would not be happy with them in my yard.

  16. The bear doesn't know it is famous. :)

  17. Addison is such a beautiful baby girl. Now that she is walking I'm sure you will have your hands full. Enjoy every moment, as you know they grow up so fast. I can't wait for my time to come to have a grand-baby.

    Til next time...
    God bless you.

  18. Oh My Word! Look at that pretty little girl walking and touching everything! I think you and your daughter are going to be very busy ladies. If I saw a bear, I'd freak! You got a good photo of him. laurie


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