Cheerleader Addison and why I'm so pooped!

She's adorable, precocious and at 10 months she is walking everywhere!

Outside toward the apples that are falling off our trees!

Checking out the flowering shrubs.

A tree.

An old weed.

Inside she's the EverReady bunny!  Closing doors...

Opening doors...

Climbing stairs...

And making her Grandma a wee bit tired.
So now you know why I am a little bit behind on my blogging.
Happy Weekend to all of you!
And if you are in the path of the storm, please be careful!



  1. Oh my..she is full of it isn't she! Wish we could get her and our Sophia together, that would be fun to watch. She is such a doll, love that outfit too! :D

  2. Oh Cindy, don't you wish you could just bottle all that sweetness for ever and visit it when you want??? Just adorable.

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  4. Cindy, she is so cute. At that age they really are a handful. Either keeps you really young or makes you really old. lol Enjoy and rest when you can. Hugs, Marty

  5. You have good reason to be pooped. :D Wish I had half of that energy.
    Enjoy your weekend, and get some rest. :D

  6. She is so adorable!!! I totally understand why you are worn out! I work with children. ( imagine having 4 more, just like her.)

  7. OMG ha ha!! girl I have the same thing going on here..only it's called Landen..I swear that boy has found pots and pans I didn't even know I owed..Addy is just darling my dear friend and now you know why they made mama's young ha ha!! Love ya and have missed you and blogland..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. Cindy, your grand-daughter is just adorable! She is very active, and curious, and that's perfect for a 10 month old :) Great photos!!!

  9. Addison is just a precious little doll....but I see mischief in those eyes of hers! What a cutie....and so, so, busy!!! You made me tired just following her for a few minutes!! It's so wonderful she gets to spend her time with you....She's truly blessed - as are you....Have a wonderful (and restful!) weekend my friend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Oh, you have an adorable excuse why you haven't been blogging! Your grandgirl is the cutest thing, I would love to hug her and pick her up, love little girls, they grow soooo fast, just enjoy her every minute, I have two and I can't pick either one up anymore!!
    Have a nice and safe weekend. FABBY

  11. HI CINDY!!!
    She is an adorable cheerleader, how cute is that outfit?????I understand BUSY BUSY BUSY, I will soon have 2 running around, little guy pulled up for the first time this week, so he may be an early walker too, BIG SIS was nearly 13 months before she walked, so that was good, but this guy is determined to keep up with his sister. I LOVE your APPLE TREE!!!!!
    Have a great weekend

  12. Oh my gosh is she just adorable!!!! And I can totally see why her Grandma is tired :)

  13. I have 4 of them! When they are here I am exhausted!
    Let her mama do the running, she's young!
    We are waiting for Irene, she is supposed to hit tomorrow morning.
    Gas stations are out of gas, it is a mess!
    I just wonder how long we will be without electric! :(

  14. And a Michigan cheerleader at that!! Have fun grandma...you are going to be pooped for about 10 more years AT LEAST!

  15. Oh, they do keep you on your toes!
    She's a doll and so cute walking everywhere!

  16. I can't believe you're tired! LOL...it's a great kind of tired though, isn't it? She's adorable! xo Diana

  17. Hi Cindy, I can't beliee how much Addison has grown - wow! And what an early walker! Better keep your running shoes one. Hey, at least you don't have to worry about not being able to sleep - kids will wear you out! Linda

  18. I can so identify:) Mine are now 8 & 5 and still wear me out...but it's a good kind of tired, isn't it?

  19. We gotta get that girl a BADGER'S outfit!!

  20. Both of your granddaughters are just beautiful. It's hard to believe shes already big enough to be walking. I had one walk at 10 months. That's hard. The next one didn't walk until 17 months. It was sure easier :)

  21. LOL! She is one busy, strong and a cutie! It's all worth making grandma tired for sure. I can imagine you following her everywhere....Christine

  22. LOL! I think I do understand, Cindy! Little Addison is a doll and I just can't get over how fast she's growing and all that hair! :) She looks adorable in her little cheerleader's outfit! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Shhhhh, wispier softly.

    Awwwww, bestow my heart that is just too cute!

    I'm wadin' the paperwork, Dr. appointments and jumpin' through all kinds of hoops gettin' my MIL into an assisted care facility.

    Hopefully soon I'll be free to empty this scattered brain of mine.

    Camp Grandma ended last week...oh baby...I was soooo tired. I hear the grandkiddos were too.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic day!!!

  24. I know where your coming from...so much fun...but tired at the end of the day...

  25. she is adorable.Elle est très jolie.Bisous Isabelle


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