Tis the Season.....for apples, naughty deer and bikini babes!

Hi friends!
Tis the season indeed!  When you have a whole lot of green little apples and you live in deer country, your bound to get some naughty, naughty deer.

He is not going to be deterred!  Up on his hind legs and gulping down as many as those little green apples as he can hold or until I shoo him off!

His partner in crime!

Caught in the act!

And then just standing there trying to look all innocent and such!!

And speaking of innocent!  I love this pic of Addison!  We were visiting a park that had a kiddie wading area.  She was a bit hesitant about the water shooting up at her....especially since it came at different intervals.

Getting a bit braver, with her Grandpa nearby!

We finally are having some beautiful weather!  The humidity has dropped and so has the temps.
Today we were in the mid-eighties without that dripping wet humidity and it felt wonderful!

Have a great summer week everyone!



  1. I love that bikini with the darling baby in it! Cute little deer and they do seem so tiny to me..I say let them have all they can reach! LOL

  2. Look at her !! :-D Looks like the deer take over like the squirrels do here. I don't put out bird feeders or some other things in my courtyard, because the squirrels do so much damage.

  3. what a beautiful baby,, just so sweet in the bikini.I think those deer could use some apples they look a little skinny,,

  4. Great capture, Cindy! And Addison is so cute in her bathing suit. But of course, she is cute in anything....Christine

  5. Hi Cindy! Oh, those little deer! I think it's adorable but since they seem to eat all of your apples, they're probably little pains to you and your hubby! :)
    Now little Addison is so precious in her bikini! Love the ruffles on the bottoms! Aren't these little grands the best? Though, I'm a bit jealous you get to see your little Addison all of the time!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Addison looks adorable in her bikini!
    I bet you get your entertainment watching the deer and other wildlife!

  7. I love it.. Darling baby and the deer too! I agree let them eat all they can each... If they are like the ones around our farm.. They were here before we developed the land so They are welcome to share our harvest of veggies and greens. * As long as they stay out of the fenced in garden until later this fall.... then they share with the chickens....Cheryl

  8. love the photos....bikini babies and deers...who can beat that....

  9. Dear, dear, sweet Addison....(woo hoo!) and sweet, sweet, deer....Love both....I know those deer can do so much damage, but, dang, they're cute!! We're cooler here too - and no humidity...not mid-80's, but still beautiful...Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Maybe the deer will get green apple tummy aches and not come back. Not likely but maybe.

  11. Mid-eighties sounds like heaven to me! Darling bikini picture - love the water drops in mid-air! I feel your pain with the naughty deer. Linda

  12. Addison is a little darling! I love her ruffles!
    I think the deer are beautiful. Surely the tree has enough apples for sharing with the local wildlife. They need to eat too. See how that one is smiling for you as you take the picture? It's thinking "A very kind lady lives here."

  13. Your granddaughter is adorable! The deer are little buggers, aren't they??? Can be a nuisence but beautiful too. XO, P

  14. Oh Cindy Addison is just too cute in her bikini. Love the deer shots in the yard. We have a family of 7 I have in fact not seen them in a while. Hope you are enjoying your summer, it sure looks it.

  15. Those deer shots are great! They sure do love to eat what happens to be in "your" yard! :0) My two year old granddaughter recently went to a water park also and loved the way the water would shoot, spray and bubble up. Fun summer times!

  16. I think I'd give up a few apples to be able to watch such wonderful creatures. I do love them, except when they venture out on the roads. Such a sweet pic of the little one...she is growing up fast!

  17. Oh Addison is growing up so much. She looks adorable in her little bikini. Wish we had some apple trees in our yard. We don't have any deer around here. I think it would be fun to see some wildlife so close.

  18. They are such gorgeous creatures! I am sure they can be a pest..but they are probably so hungry. and there are so many apples. :)
    How I would love to have such a sight out my window!

    That baby only gets more adorable all the time.
    Sure I can't have her? LOL

  19. Look at Addison ~ what a cutie pie and she is growing so fast!

    Susan and Bentley

  20. Hi Lily! Thanks again for coming to my birthday par-tay! You won one of the goodie bags, so just write my mom at confessionsofaplateaddict@yahoo.com and let her know where to send it! Enjoy!...hugs...Baby Kitty

  21. Hi Cindy! Great deer pics! It's amazing how brave they are! Love the pics of little Miss Addison! She's such a cutie! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  22. What a great shot of the baby with the water droplets....and ofcourse with Grandpa.....all granddaughters I think adore their grandpa's.....
    Glad to hear your weather broke it is still very hot here....we just stay inside....it has to get cooler sooner or later...probably by October...LOL

  23. I have crows in my apple tree!Addison looks so cute in her bikini!

  24. Thank you Cindy for helping advertise for my party! I hope you'll come!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. HI!!
    YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN WILDLIFE in your area!!Love that deer going after an apple, To bad you didn't catch that BEAR on videotape, send it to YOUTUBE....and the deer eating your apples!!!
    So funny!!!
    Love Addison in her cute bikini!!!
    Was the water freezing?????I would think it would be...but then you guys have been a bit warm lately!!
    See you soon in the hot oven

  26. Cindy, these were wonderful photos!!! It was just like looking at the deer by our apple trees in our backyard!!! They are little thieves aren't they? But we wouldn't have it any other way :) I am going to post some of my photos of our deer right after I finish here, if you would like to take a peek~~~
    Your granddaughter is adorable! How sweet is that photo with her grandfather!!!


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