Addison Lou, 9 months old!

Hi All!
We got to spend part of the 4th of July week-end with our darling granddaughter and some good friends who live in SW Wisconsin.
I call this first pic Addison tutu!  I found this lilac colored tutu on clearance at TJ Maxx.  It was marked down to $5 and just her size!
Well I grabbed it quickly because my daughter loves purple and I thought the tutu would make for a cute pic.

And this cute dress was a gift from my friend Jamie who I met through blogging!  Check out her lovely blog Mimi's Corner,  when you get a chance!  I just love this pretty dress and so does my daughter!
Getting cute pics was quite the challenge for the photographer though.  Addison has been crawling for 2 months now and she is a little speed demon.  The photographer would set her down, put her headband back on since Addison was constantly pulling it off and then she would try to get a pic before Addison started crawling right back at her.  My daughter and I helped corral her and get the headband back on her sweet little head, and then off she would go again, headband flying off of her head.
She is already starting to stand by herself and pushes a little walker around all by herself.  I think she may be walking soon!
Oh my, she is such a good baby but she is as active as they get!   

Pictured here with her Mommy, my daughter Katie Rose.

We had a great weekend with our friends and little Miss Addison!  Her Mommy went to see a Brewers game with her Dad and boyfriend but she made it back in plenty of time to take Addison to her first fireworks last night.

Hubby and I also spent time glued to the Casey Anthony trial.  I have to tell you all  that it is really starting to get to me.  We were like Nancy Grace addicts when it first came to light 3 years ago.  But now that we have Addison in our lives it seems even more hard to swallow.  I had tears in my eyes last evening as I was watching the wrap up of the closing statements again. 
Have any of you felt that way?
Life is so precious indeed and there is nothing more precious than a baby!
Take Care,


  1. Love that yellow dress. Doesn't get much more summery looking than that. :-)

  2. What a cutie! Don't those little ones bring such joy to our lives???

  3. She is adorable in her new outfits! Know what you mean about being a speed demon. I would not be surprised if my daughter called any day now to say "Miss Busy Body" is walking on her own.

  4. Darling pics of your precious Addison!
    I've been glued to the trial too... heartbreaking and disturbing. But so fascinating to watch it all unfold... and hopefully we'll have a verdict soon.

  5. HI Cindy! Oh, what darling pictures of little Addison! I so understand the wigglies - Carder is just like that! I'm sure Addison will be walking soon ad your daughter is so beautiful - she looks like you.
    I've been watching the Casey Anthony trial too and have gotten hooked on it. My mother who is 88, gets up and watches it all day long! :) I am praying justice will be served as I think of that darling little girl who didn't get a chance to have a life.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Your photos of this unbelievably adorable child are beautiful!!!!

  7. Time goes by fast doesn't it. That is one Happy and Beautiful little girl.

  8. What a lil cutie pie she is!! Love her outfits and you can see the "dickens" spilling out of her! Your daughter is beautiful....Must be something in those family genes!! Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. When your little icon popped up with little Addison's face and that cute mauve tutu... I had to come and see you.
    Cindy, you have the prettiest daughter and grandbaby ever.
    Was she scared of the fireworks? Brittany screamed her head off at that age.
    I'm glad you had a great 4th of July.
    Sending you my love

  10. What darling pic's of your beautiful Granddaughter, and don't we all love Tutu's! She is Tutu Cute!! Hugs Marilou

  11. Oh Cindy, she is just the cutest! Those outfits are adorable, but it wouldn't matter what she was wearing. With a face and a smile like that, the photos have to be great. The laughter is in her eyes too~just sooo sweet. Your daughter is beautiful. I have only seen snippets of the trial happenings, and I was shocked at the verdict! laurie

  12. Oh my gosh what a cutie pie...she's beautiful like her mother. You are one lucky girl!

  13. Hi Cindy, she is absolutely adorable.. The outfits Addison is wearing are adorable.. but she is a cutie pie...you just want to pick her up and hug her.. hugs ~lynne~

  14. Addison is a little cutie pie and her outfits make her look adorable in these pics. I know what you mean about the wiggling around. Our Dan was crawling at 4 months and was walking at 8 months. You'll be getting a lot of exercise chasing her around soon! *grin*

  15. HI!!!
    I think little Addison looks so cute in these pics!!!I love that yellow halter dress as much as you do!!!She sure looks good in that color as well as the purple tutu. What a great find for you!!!
    I cannot wait to see you in WARM-HOT AZ soon!!!!We will do something fun, yet stay cool!!I want to meet your new Grand daughter when she arrives!!!
    Hugs 2 U,

  16. Your daughter and granddaughter are both beautiful, Cindy! I love the pics with the yellow dress and the purple tutu. You are blessed indeed.

  17. Hi Cindy, Is it possible that this little beauty is just getting cuter and cuter? She is adorable. As I looked at the first picture I was thinking what a very cooperative subject she must be for the photographer, but as I read I was laughing so hard imagining the scene with you chasing her and the headband flying off! Both your girls are beauties! Have a wonderful day! Linda

  18. Addison is so cute, looks like a baby super model! She sure has the prettiest smile! Your daughter's beautiful too...Christine

  19. Nine months??!!!! I can't believe Addison is already nine months old. She is still just the cutest baby doll and wins my heart each time I see a new photo. All you bloggers out there with such sweet grandbabies make me wish I had another one around. Mine is 20-years-old and she won't let me dress her up in frills any more! It just isn't fair!


  20. i have been GLUED to that trial ever since it started...i even would get up at 5:30 in the morning to hear the closing arguments out here in california...and i am just sick over this verdict...your little grand daughter is just adorable...she is so Happy...

    life is so precious

    happy to stop by today


  21. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ahhh...so happy that you are sharing these sweet and precious photos of little Addison on your blog! I feel special...because I got a "first peek" over at Facebook! Hehe! You know, that little lavender tutu is just the cutest! It looks like it was made just for Addison...precious purple perfection! wink! I was wondering how you guys managed to keep all of the pretty hair bows on...hehe! Do you or Katie make the hair bows...just wondering since she has them color coordinated to all of her darling outfits? I also just adore that pretty yellow and pink dress! Such great photos, sweet friend!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! You know...it just dawned on me...your little Addison looks ALOT like Danielle when she was that age! I really noticed it when I was looking at the photo of Addison in the yellow dress. WOW!!!

    Well dear friend, sounds like ya'll had a wonderful 4th of July! So happy to hear it! I know...I know...I have been following the Casey Anthony trial as well. You couldn't hardly help not to follow...since it has been all over the news! I can't bare to think about that sweet, precious baby! I know that she is heaven with the angels now!

    Hate ending this note on such a sober topic! What are your plans for the week, dear friend? I thought my sis and brother-in-law would be here by now but she called and they will be in this weekend. So we will be busy, busy! Hehe! I may end up taking a bit of a blogging break next week!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  22. How is it possible that Addison gets cuter every time you post a picture of her?! What a doll baby. :-)

  23. I love it Cindy! The tutu is perfect for precious Addison.

    The photos are wonderful!!

  24. Isn't she precious! Every time I see that sweet smile she makes me feel happy!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. She is so precious and the pictures are all wonderful. Such a sweet smile and that little face is just the cutest. When are you going to be here? Email me astrollthrulife@live.com

    Hugs, Marty

  26. Little Addison is adorable! That is such a cute pose of her with her mommy. The tutu and little dress are precious!

  27. What a beautiful, smiley little girl Addison is!! She looks like she must just be a joy to be around.
    Beautiful :)

  28. She is always smiling, even when she was sick! Absolutely adorable Addison. That should be her nickname, and what a score with both outfits! She is a very lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love.

  29. Precious, precious, precious! Miss Addison is such a cutie, Cindy! I have enjoyed the pics on FB, too! I know what you mean about crawling! My middle grandson turned one in February and his one year pics were a challenge! lol Happy week and thanks for entering the giveaway!...hugs...Debbie

  30. Aw, SO adorable, Cindy! Obviously takes after her gran (and her mommy of course!). The pictures turned out great, but I can imagine the photo shoot was a challenge. I've seen baby photographers in action -- takes patience, speed, and talent!

    Hope you have a great week!

  31. Your little granddaughter is such a sweetie!
    Caylee's death was so awful. Very probably at the hands of her mother. May the poor little darling girl rest forever in God's arms.

  32. Love that tutu.... Your granddaughter looks soo cute and sweet in it... !! Gorgeous snap...

  33. What a sweetheart Cindy! She has got the cutest smile and even her eyes smile LOL! Love both of the outfits but especially the yellow dress...how cute is that.
    We got hooked on the trial too but now I wish the news people would just zip it....there's got to be a lot more interesting news in the world that trying to figure out where Casey Anthony has gone. I'd much rather hear about good things happening after all that trial stuff wouldn't you? Have a wonderful day Cindy and stay cool!
    Maura :)


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