Some Thrifty finds, sewing some pillows and my love for blue and yellow!

Hi All!
I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my recent thrifty finds!  See this cute little moon?
I found this while shopping at a local gift shop.  It was calling my name and saying I know right where you can put me!

Right here!  Above this Pottery Barn crib bedding I got from my sister.  She found it garage saling and only paid a couple of bucks for it.  So you see why I needed that moon?

It fit's so perfectly right up here!
And it's shimmery too!
And Addison loves looking at it !

While I was in Phoenix, Marty @ A Stroll thru Life took some of us gals to her favorite fabric store.
It was wonderful!  I wish I would have had a list of projects . There was so much to choose from and at such great prices!  I did purchase a yard of this fabric for only $2.99!  I was drawn to it and couldn't figure out why!

Well I finally found the time to make some pillows with it.  I found the fringe on clearance and the pillow forms were also on sale. 

See my new pillows?  My drapes are the same pattern only in blue and white!  Now I know why I was drawn to it!

You can see the drapes a little better here.  And you can also see all the snow we have left.  My goodness I want that stuff gone!!

My pillows cost me $8.00 a piece to make.  Not super cheap however the fringe even on sale brings up the cost.
I do think I would pay a lot more for them in a store.  And this way, I get the fabric I want .

I started a little vignette arranging.  I want to add spring since it's not cooperating outdoors I will have to make my own inside!

Changing the mantel a bit.  I need to find something to replace the winter scene soon!

Adding some yellow flowers brings some sunshine and spring inside!

Still kind of wintry here but I will be changing this soon.

And my last thrifty find.  I found this frame at TJ Maxx for only $7.00!  I am using it for Addison pics!
It's a good size frame that holds 3-5 X 7 pics.  And it has that off white cottage look that I love!

So how's your week going?  This is the time of year when I get so envious of my fellow bloggers who live in the south.  I want spring sooo bad I can actually taste it! 
Have a lovely week!
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  1. Love the blue and yellow pillows you made!

  2. I LOVE that little moon!
    I love baby things and maybe that is why I collect dolls, not lots but a few. And look for baby clothes if new condition that are unusual and adorable. Tiny shoes, booties...
    Anyway...I love the crib quilt. AND the little sign about Grandma's house made me smile.

    Lets see, I copied as much of your house as I possibly could, your little table and chairs...so...let's see what else can I copy from Applestone Cottage?!
    Don't we love a deal?

  3. Shoot! I wanted to say that those pillows are lovely and what are the chance to find the perfect pattern to match your drapes! LOVE it!

  4. Everything looks great Cindy (except that snow:@) Lovin' your new pillows-enjoy!

  5. Those pillows are fantastic..... I don't know if spring is here ....I really don't know :( !!!Hugs, Flavia

  6. Cindy- YOur pillows are fantastic...love the fabric...nd love your drapes too. I am so tired of this Wisconsin winter...just like you. I can't wait for it to be over this year. Happy Spring Tuesday Thoughts-xxoo Diana

  7. Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for your sweet condolences. I love the moon you found and it looks so great with that cute little baby quilt. Those yellow flowers do add just the right hint of spring to come. Very pretty!

  8. Morning girl...I love that moon! It is the sweetest thing and I have always loved blue and yellow together...those pillows are gorgeous! Beautiful frame..I found a few treasures last weekend at TJ Maxx also...hope you have a great week sweetie...Picket

  9. Cindy...your pillows turned out gorgeous! I need to do some and I finally have an ottoman that I need to cover. Hope the snow leaves soon....

  10. I need to go shopping with you. You found so many beautiuful things. Love your pillow and what you have done to your little Grandbabys room.

  11. Really like those pillows - you did a great job on them. Your touches of Spring are pretty. I like the yellow with the blue and white. We are back in the 30's this morning - crazy weather. I am waiting for it to warm up a bit before I get out today.

  12. Love those pillows sweetie!!! They turned out marvelous!!!

    I bet your little sweetheart is gonna love that moon as much as I do.

    Ya always do it up right Cindy!!! Everything looks so charmin' and cozy!

    God bless and have a fantastic day.

    Giveaway...my place! :o)

  13. Cindy, you sure got some great deals there. I'm like you with the blue and yellow - so cheerful! Great "baby" deals, too! Linda

  14. Hello Cindy,

    That little moon was a great find! It looks perfect. Love the pillows! I love adding a bit of yellow with my blues. Your vignettes look great.

    ~ Tracy

  15. I love the crib bedding and your moon...perfect together. We don't have a crib up, our grands are only here about once a month, so we had a port-a-crib and now a toddler cot for the 4 year old and the 2 year old sleeps between us!

    The pillows are beautiful. Our snow is long gone and I hope it stays that way!

  16. Cindy, that moon was just waiting for you to find it. How perfect it is with the baby bedding! OOOO, I love your pillows~I'm SURE you couldn't find pillows like that for anyhthing near that price - they look like designer pillows. Of course, I luv blue and yellow, but the fringe just makes them. You are so talented. Have I seen that cobalt blue vase that is on your mantel? It's beautiful. You DO still have a lot of snow. You'd better think about heading to Ark.!! I hope you're still thinking about that. laurie

  17. I think blogland just lost my comment I had left!!
    I see Marty took you to the same Fabric Store. Isn't that an amazing place!! I wanted to take back several rugs as they were so reasonable I thought!

    One of these days when I am down AZ way I hope you will be there at the same time!! Course you can always visit glorious Colorado!!

    I love the fabric you found and the sweet pillow you made with it!

    bee blessed

  18. What pretty baby bedding and yes you need that moon.It is perfect and Addison will love looking at it. I will be keeping Leila possibly two days a week starting next week.

  19. The moon is so cute and goes so well in the room.
    Your pillows turned out great! I love blue and yellow.
    I did a bedroom in B & Y toile.
    Great price for the material!

  20. Hi Cindy! The moon is precious...and perfect! Of course, I love your blue and yellow! :-) Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  21. Wow! You still have lots of snow! Great shopping finds, Cindy. I love the moon and the pillows look great. Love the vignette too. It's warm here now, 70's but it has even been up to 86...Christine

  22. That moon is so neat. Cindy, we play tennis indoors at the YMCA during the winter. :)

  23. Hi Cindy, I am making Springtime inside too--I can't wait for the weather to cooperate. Your crib quilt is adorable and so is the moon! So peaceful, and it is nice to think of it watching over the baby! Your frame is perfect with those photos! Linda

  24. Your pillows are beautiful! I love blue and yellow too.
    I wish the snow gone too. Ours is gone mostly except for the gigantic filthy black mountains of it in the parking lots! It was 15 here this morning, no signs of Spring yet!

  25. Oooh Cindy I love how your pillows turned out and they so match your drapes..I can see why that fabric had to come home with you ha ha!! I love that fabric store that Marty took you too..How sweet seeing little Addy again..I just know your so enjoying being a grandma..I have my little guy tomorrow and Sat..so it's play time for granny ha ha!! Of course in another month he might have to carry me around..Good Lord that kid getting so heavy..Your snow looks just like mine and I'm so sick of it..give me some sunshine and flowers ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  26. HI CINDY!!!
    OH I love that sparkly MOON, it looks perfect hanging over her crib, what a perfect accessory.
    She will love staring up at that!!
    ANd what great fabric you found!!!
    I am planning on purchasing a sweing machine any day now, I can sew simple things like pillows --tablecloths, fabric banners, I need one, and I want one!!I saw a singer at Wal-Mart for under 100.00 bucks and then one of my friends said she saw a very simple model at Joanns for under 50.00, so I will be getting one soon!!
    It will be a fun new hobby, then I will shop at the fabric store with you girls!!
    SPring should arrive soon.
    I feel so bad for WISCONSIN and all the stuff in the news right now.
    I hate that teachers get picked on, they do not make that much money and this is so sad.
    I understand the state is broke, but can't they find something else to cut back on????
    LIke SOCIAL SERVICES for people who DO NOT EVEN TRY to work????Cut out help for people who keep having kids to just get more money???
    2 kids max and if you want more no more money.....
    OK, no politics today'
    hugs 2 U,

  27. So beautiful...love the moon and Addison will too! Love these colors together too...a breath of Spring time for sure! You are so talented and creative! ;D

  28. Hi Girlfriend...

    I was just coming over to say hello when I realized that I missed this delightful post! Sheeeshhh...I think I have been having way too many "senior moment's" here lately! Hehe! Don't know how I missed this post!

    Anyway, I just adore that little moon and stars that you bought! It really is soooo perfect since it goes with Addison's crib bedding! I love it! It looks perfect hanging up above the crib!!! Don't you just love when you find the "PERFECT" piece!!! Ohhh...and I love, love, LOVE your new blue and yellow decorative pillows! That really is a pretty pattern...very french country! Hehe...no wonder that you were attracted to it...since your drapes have the very same pattern! How often does that happen? Anyway, they turned out beautifully and the fringe is gorgeous! Such a sweet addition to that pretty sofa! Girlfriend, I also just love how you have your mantel right now! Love the pop of spring yellow flowers and I also love that little blue floral garland that you have up there too! Sooo pretty!!! Thank you for sharing your new treasure finds and more of your lovely home with us! It's always such a treat, sweet friend!!!

    Not to much going on here at my place! I'm moving about as slow as molasses! I really am trying to get some of my winter put away but haven't gotten very far. Of course, we are like you guys...it's been snowing since yesterday! Sheeeshhh! Well sweet friend, you take care and I will talk with you later...

    Love ya,

  29. What a Gorgeous little Baby Girl AND I LOVE her in that sweater looking like the "Living Doll That she is"!!! TOO SWEET AND you'll be having another Sweetie to "Doll Up"! Isn't life Grand!!!
    I LOVED your Ottoman! So Creative! I remember when our Dear Marty made her's and showed us! That chair setting looks "SO COMFY"!!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs to you,


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