Spring Time in Wisconsin, A Metamorphosis.

Hi Everyone!
I am joining my good friend Chari @ Happy to Design, for Sunday Favorites!  Make sure you check out her lovely blog, you will not be wanting to leave!  This post was from 3/14/2010.  Boy what a difference a year can make!
We have mounds and mounds of snow right now and it's cold as heck!
Maybe by reposting this, things will start to warm up!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone and if you have warm weather then I am jealous!

Oh Happy Days!!  It hit a whopping 65 degrees here today!  And for the first time, in almost two weeks we saw the sun!  The snow, which gradually had been melting nearly all disappeared!   I spent the day enjoying the weather and adding a few touches of spring to my home! 

I took a picture of a cardinal yesterday.   The one side of our yard slopes, and we get all the runoff from the woods.  See all of the snow still around him.

Here is that same area today! Go snow, Go!

And over here.  Just a wee bit of snow left around the edge of the woods.

And with the snow melting and the sun shining I decided to add a little Easter and Spring to my window ledge.

A homemade Easter Tree.  I spray painted the container white, grabbed some old branches, added some eggs and ribbon and for hardly any moola, I have an Easter Tree.

Here, I used some ribbon and flowers to make a springy arrangement in the little watering can.

I added this ceramic bunny that I won last year from Gloria @ Happy to Be and topped it off with the tag that Karen from Some Days are Diamonds so lovingly made!  Thanks Ladies!!

I love that these window's have such wide ledges!  They are great for vignettes and I love to change them to match the seasons!   On this one, I used a little tray, added my apple tea-pot, a little white cup and saucer, .70 cents at TJ Maxx and the spoon that Sherry made for all of us at our recent luncheon. 

I recently found an old book of songs for a mere $2.  They seem to be all the rage right now and this book has lot's of neat old songs in it.  My Mom has always loved this one.  She has many relatives in Kentucky and one of her dreams is to go to the Kentucky Derby.  I found the frame in a free box at a garage sale and I added some lace, buttons and tea dyed the little flowers!  I have  plans for more crafts with some of the other pages.  My Mom liked it and now she is dreaming of the Kentucky Derby!

Well that's it for my little bit of Spring-i-fying!
 I am adding to the following blog parties!
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Thank-you Ladies! 


  1. Hi Cindy, Everything looks lovely. I can't wait for Spring either. We are having alot of rain right now instead of snow.

  2. We still have 15 days before March 14 - - - we could very well have a warm-up and begin losing our snow any day now.

    Cheer up - - - by August it will certainly be hot!! :-)

  3. I like the framed piece of music -- very nice! Down here in the south we seem to be having an early spring this year.

  4. oh to see the sun coming thru the windows like it is as youe house! our snow melted yesterday! I like your tree, cute.

  5. Hi Cindy! Woo Hoo, Spring is coming. Everything looks so pretty and the sun is shining bright! Glad your winter is almost over.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. I wish I could send you some of our spring weather...we are loving it....

  7. Hi Cindy! Oh how I wish our snow was melting that fast. We still have lots of snow on the ground. We were down to about 3-4" when we got hit with another storm last week. But thankfully each storm brings less and less and it lasts for just a few days. Have you put out your spring decor yet? Maybe we can wish the snow away if we all decorate for spring. LOL Hope your days are warmer and full of sunshine! Hugs

  8. Hi Cindy,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are still experiencing winter conditions, should I tell you that Spring has well & truly arrived here in Normandy?
    Forsythia, daffodils, crocus, primroses are all out in bloom.
    I'm sure yours is just around the corner too.

  9. Speaking of Easter, I received my Pottery Barn magazine yesterday and they had some super sweet bunnies. Pricey, but super sweet.


  10. Good Morning! It was fun to see this. I hope to add a few spring touches around my house today...we are supposed to get to 60 here, but terrible storms are headed our way.

  11. Pretty touches of Spring. It is suppose to be 75 today, but severe weather tonight. :(

  12. Good morning CIndy!! How lovely are those pretty Spring pics, with a splash of old Man winter still on the scene LOL. I bet you are so ready. I know we are, and we actually are having a lovely February. I am heading to the park today to take some pics, and have fun playing. Have a great day!!~ XO

  13. Love your pictures...they remind me there is a Spring! It keeps snowing here too, a little every day...it does look pretty. Someday we'll see spring...maybe by June.
    Enjoy your day,

  14. I must have missed this post, Cindy...I don't remember it. Love the Easter egg tree and the wire cloche. I wish I had a window ledge like yours that the dog wouldn't jump on. They would definitely take it over!! lol! The framed music is such a neat idea. I brought home a lot of empty frames from my Dad's house and I may try something like this!

    Hope all is well with you. The cold isn't bothering me too much since I don't get out much with Abby having my car 4 days a week. She just got accepted into UIC for the fall semester. I am hoping we can get her a car if she decides not to commute. Otherwise. all is well here. I told Al I really don't want to go to the lake unless we have friends or family up...it was sooooo boring, if you couldn't tell from my post!

    Take care and stay warm! ;-D


  15. Cindy, your Easter tree is so cute! Those window ledges are so wonderful, and perfect for your beautiful vignettes. Love your framed Old Ky Home music. Did you get my email. I want to be sure you know that if you come to Bly., you (and whomever comes with you) are more than welcome to stay at our house. I would LOVE for you to come. The jumpin' up and down I'd be doing would cause earthquakes all over the country! laurie

  16. HI!!
    I BET IT WAS 65 here today!!
    And all the mountains surrounding the valley got snow last night!!
    YES, SNOW in Maricopa County!!
    YEAh, to bad I woke up sick yesterday and more sick today, so I stayed home in my PJ'S both days!!
    I have a very small voice left, so did not want to over due it, but then my Son in law left the funniest message on our phone machine and I busted out laughing out loud for like 5 minutes over it, so my voice is almost gone!!
    happy MONDAY to you!!
    Wish you would move to AZ

  17. What a gloriously fab job ya always do. I just adore your homemade Easter tree and that little caged bunny is to darn stinkin' cute!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a glorious week!!!

  18. Hi Cindy....what beautiful flowers! My hubby's family has roots in Kentucky. We have been to "My Old Kentucky Home" in Bardstown - charming. About the French Document Fabric - I got it at Karen's Decorator Fabrics(tel.770-664-4090) for $19 a yard. I'll bet they would send you some if you wanted to place an order. Let me know if that works out! Linda

  19. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh my...I am just now getting around to seeing everyone from the SF's party! So happy to see you join in this week, dear friend! This was a great post to reshare...ahhh...applestone cottage and all of those beautiful woods! I love it! Girlfriend, I love that you have sooo many big windows in your house...what a great view that you have! Ohhh yes...I have always admired your wide window ledges and you always have them decorated so beautifully! Hmmm...I don't remember seeing your Easter egg tree! I love it! Sounds easy enough to make...I should try one! Love your pretty red tea tray! Of course, you knew I would! Hehe! Is the pretty red and white checked plate one of the plates that you have added the fabric to the back? I love that and love all the pretty red toile napkins! Such sweetness! Thank you so much for sharing more of your beautiful home with us for the Sunday repost party!

    How are you doing, dear friend? What's on your agenda for this week? I am feeling much better so hopefully I can get caught up on some housework...yuk! I would like to start thinking about changing a few things since spring is on the threshold...or at least I am hoping so! We'll see...I'm sooo slow! Well Darlin', you have a wonderful week and I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

  20. I love your springy images Cindy. We had 60's over the weekend...melted all the snow we got last Thursday. Last night we had typical spring storms with damaging winds, etc. I'd say we are well on our way to Spring!

  21. The flowers and the Easter vignette has me anxious for Spring.
    We do have warm temps. but a storm is brewing for tonight.

  22. I love old sheet music. My sister even found sheet music for a song called "Linda"! I immediately framed it. I love it!
    Hang in there Cindy. Spring is coming!


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