Addison and Tabletop Tuesday

Hi All!
I have been trying so hard to get a post out.  But with part- time work and full-time babysitting duties I just seem to be getting farther and farther behind.
My little drooly grand-daughter!  She is teething like crazy now and I feel so bad for her.  But somehow she still keeps a smile on her face!  She is such a good little baby!

See what I mean? 
Her little face just lights up when she smiles!

So my blogging has fallen behind and I have missed a whole bunch of fun blog parties.
I had wanted to join my friend Marty's cloche party.  I just never got to it. 

So I made a little counter arrangement in belated honor.

And I added a little Chicky and wooden apples to my homemade cloche.  This consists of a cheese dome, a plate I had decoupaged and  little stand I found at GW for $2.
So that's my itty bitty entry to Marty's party.  Please join her at A Stroll thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday.
We are back to winter here for the first week of spring.  Last week was beautiful and I saw hope on the horizon.  Now there predicting a snow storm for us on Wednesday.  Oh I do hope they are wrong.
Now don't forget me!  I will be around to visit as much as I can!



  1. You are too hard on yourself Cindy. We all understand where you're coming from... life sometimes happens and other things take a backseat.
    You post when you can... and I'm here when you do... oohing and aahing at all you post on your blog.
    My goodness Cindy, I could no more than work part-time and babysit full-time! You are amazing if you can do all that AND add anything else.
    All to say, I'm your biggest fan... so be easy on yourself in this season of your life.

  2. Seriously, Cindy, could she be any cuter???? What a doll!

  3. Your little girl is a dream!!!I love the second picture!!! Hugs, Flavia

  4. She is so adorable. I understand what it can be like babysitting and working a job. Did that years ago. Just enjoy your time with her, you know they grow up too fast.

    Your Cloche look wonderful.

  5. Addison is just a doll!!! No wonder you want to spend every minute with her.
    I hope you don't get the snow...it's officially spring.
    Enjoy your day,

  6. Hi Cindy,
    I just want to squeeze her and kiss those sweet round cheeks! She's adorable and I know that you are so in love with her.

    Love your vingette too, but baby takes the show!


  7. Cindy, she is just so stinkin' cute!!!! Love her beautiful smile! Her whole little face just lights up. She is growing like a weed!! Seems like just yesterday you were sharing newborn pics with us and now she is teething, smiling and drooling all at the same time! She is already a multi-tasker!! LOL! Wow, time really does fly, doesn't it?

    Love your homemade cloche!

  8. Bless your heart for helping with this baby so much! Wish I looked that cute with dribble on my chin! Take care of yourself too :D

  9. my first post today in a month...so i know what you mean...

    she looks like a little baby doll...just precious
    enjoy every minute

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  10. Oh my gosh Cindy...one look at that chubby little wet face and I'm a goner!!!! Would ya just look at those eyelashes? What an adorable little lump of sugar ya have there.

    Let me tell ya a secret...Addison kinda over shadows the tablescapes even as beautiful as they are!

    Glad you feelin' better sweetie.

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful Spring day!!! :o)

  11. Her little face just makes me happy! I didn't realize you were full time babysitter! That is a big job! We are still really warm here today for this time of year (high 70's) but the storms come tomorrow and then back to the 40's for the rest of the week:(

  12. Hi Cindy. Oh, little Addison just stole my heart! She is such a little darling and she has the prettiest little smile. Poor little thing, that teething bit can hurt! :)
    Love your pretty vignettes.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. She is a doll! I love her headband. I have new grandbaby too and she will be two weeks old this thursday!

  14. she is growing fast...working and being grandma is a full time job...I know where your coming from...but it is worth every minute..

  15. What a doll baby she is! Precious smile!
    Love all your vignettes with your cloches.

  16. Cindy she is sooooo adorable.She has a beautiful smile!!I know you have a great time with her.Looking forward to Spring around here also.
    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  17. Your grand-daughter is adorable! I completely understand what you're saying though.I'm late on posting too.I've been so busy with my kids and grandkids this past week, I've barely had to time to breath! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  18. This may be a dup. comment - sorry. Just wanted to say she is adorable. My granddaughter is also trying to cut teeth and is chewing on everything in sight. Aren't our granddaughters beautiful !:-D

  19. Oh Addison, you are SUCH a little cutie!

    Grandma Cindy, the other day I looked up from my computer and saw 2 deer just BEATING it right up the middle of First Street!!!! And we aren't even out in the country round these here parts!

  20. Hi Cindy, Addison is adorable!!! I get to babysit mine this weekend; so I'm sure I won't be blogging :) Have fun with Addison!
    ~ Julie

  21. Addison sure has the prettiest smile, Cindy. What a joy to be taking care of her! I love your home made cloche, pretty stand!..Christine

  22. She is so sweet Cindy, I don't know how you do it all, don't be so hard on yourself, I only babysit 2 mornings a week and I'm retired and just do Etsy and ebay and I'm tired. Don't feel bad, those special moments with her are way more important than blogging! Hugs, she is Too Cute! Marilou xoxox

  23. Addison sure is a cutie pie! We too are back to winter this first week of spring and I could just scream! I am so ready for sunshine and warmer temps!


  24. Addison always has such a pleasant expression Cindy. I know she is pure delight!!

  25. My heart just melts every time you post new photos of Addison, she is the cutest little angel baby. You know, if you have to be too busy to blog, this is a really, really good reason and honey, I've never, ever forget you!


  26. Hi Cindy! Little Addison is PRECIOUS. I totally get where you are in life right now...it's a tough place to not spend every waking moment with these grandies, isn't iT? I've found it challenging as well to keep up with blogging as much as I'd like to. We'll figure it out...the most important thing is in front of us, these little babes from heaven. :) Hugs friend! Thx for stopping by to say hi recently.

  27. Hi Cindy! I know what you mean about being busy! I love that little gingham plate with chicky under the cloche. That is adorable! But sorry, nothing you do is going to top that beautiful baby! She does have one of those joyful smiles for sure. It just shows that she has a beautiful spirit too. She is precious!

  28. Addison is certainly little Miss Fashion...so cute! I know what you mean about being so busy and blogging falling by the wayside even when you don't want it to. Having 16 student teachers to supervise along with grandchildren duties and a few other things has kept me busier than a bee at a flower festival. I'm ready for some R&R!

  29. Good Mornin Cindy, Girl she has to be the cutest thing ever..I just love her sweet smile and just know you are so enjoying being a Grandma..I have Landen 2 days aweek now and I don't get a thing done..Oh well blogging will be here long after he's grown and the baby years won't ha ha!! we got over a foot and half of snow and another big one coming in tonight..losing our power all the time ..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  30. Will never forget you my friend. And Miss Drooly is just adorable! And don't feel bad, I missed Marty's party too! UGH!
    Work just seems to suck up my time anymore.... But we are outta here tomorrow! YAY!

    HUGS! Karen

  31. Your granddaughter is so sweet. Love your bird cloche.

  32. What an adorable, happy baby girl! Is there anything better than being a Grandmother? I think not!

  33. Hi Cindy, I know about those grandies....they are so special and desire all the time we can give to them! Great cloches anyway! Linda

  34. Oh Cindy, that Addison is just too precious! I can't look at that sweet, smiling face without breaking into a huge grin myself. Love the little headband with the flower on it. I know you are having such fun. Your vignette is so pretty, and how smart of you to use that $2 stand for your cloche display. Glad to see you are using the little "cherry" bowl, and I like your plate on the wall above it. Don't worry ~ you are unforgetable! laurie

  35. Hi sweet friend...

    Ahhh...it's sooo true! Your little Addison really does light up when she smiles!!! Bless her little heart...I really hate the teething thing! My heart always goes out to these sweet babies when they are getting their little toofers in! Cindy, she looks sooo darn cute in that pink and green outfit...simply adorable!!! How many days a week are you keeping her now? I remember you saying that Katie was going to nights. Does that change your babysitting times? Well sweet friend, no worries about this blog thing! Like Gloria said...the blogs will always be here...and getting to spend these time with the grandbabies is so precious! Jenni told me that they may be coming up this weekend but I haven't heard back from her. Guess I will call tomorrow to see what's up. I'm sooo excited to see her and my five grands!!! They are all growing up on me...sure hate that I'm not closer!

    Well dear friend, I love your pretty splashes of spring color through all the fruit and veggies that you added to your counter! Sooo pretty! And your spring cloche is just darling with the little chick and apples! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us, my friend! Well Darlin', I will talk to you later...you guys take care and stay warm! Spring really IS on its way!!!

    Love ya,

    PS...just got my second issue of my Taste of Home mag yesterday. It really has some great recipes in this one! I have plans to try at least a couple of them!

  36. Cindy, I completely understand about being behind. Life keeps throwing me curve balls.

    I adore Addison's cute outfit and that bow! Oh, how adorable. She just gets cuter and cuter and cuter. Like her grandmother! :-)




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