Sunday Favorites with Chari/ My Naughty Deer/My Beautiful Phlox!

My theme this week is Phlox and naughty deer. You see, I have both! I love my Phlox, and when they start a blooming I think it's the prettiest time of year! I also have deer here at Applestone Cottage and I mean LOTS of deer. I have always loved deer, but lately they have been getting under my skin. We have quite a few near blooming apple trees, and heck, I don't mind sharing, but I want them to wait until the apples are ripe!
I am also joining the lovely Chari, for Sunday Favorites.  This was originally posted as an Outdoor Wednesday last summer.
So go say hi to Chari when your finished here and see her lovely blog!

But first ,my Phlox! I can't take all the credit because the previous owner had planted these but I am their caretaker now!

An up close pretty view.

Oh yes, I can sit at my dining room table and just enjoy the view! Come back on Thursday for my Phlox centered tablescape! And now, on to those naughty deer!

Here's the gang! Every morning and every evening they are here; they think they own the place! I yell," go away deer, go away deer" but it's no use! I run out my door and yell at them, but.......

Here's their ring leader. He snorts, he stomps his hooves and he is growing horns! I tell him to just wait a little longer, but no, he won't hear of it! ( sometimes I throw a tin can at him but he doesn't care)

The naughty do-er!! The nerve of him, just helping himself right out of my tree! They don't call the County I live in the deer capital of Wisconsin for nothing!     Cindy


  1. The deer and the phlox are lovely. What time of year do phlox bloom?

    It just gets so hot where I live in South Texas.

    I enjoyed visiting.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  2. Hi Cindy! How fun to see your deer again! And your yard is beautiful! I needed a little breath of spring with pretty flowers! Happy V Day!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Cindy...your pholox are gorgeous! Do they come that close to your home? Wow...they are brave! Wonder if they would leave the apples along if you bought them some Purina Deer Food. HA! Think they make that? :-)

  4. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Happy Valentine's Day!!! I just left you a note on your Valentine post. Hehe...I remember this post, Cindy! OMG...those brave little deer! Well...I say little, but seriously...those are some of the biggest deer that I've seen! They are so pretty and I bet they provide lots of entertainment but I'm sure they can be a nuisance too! Ohhh...your Pholx are gorgeous! I'm sorry that the deer bother them...oooh, that would make me mad! We used to have deer come up in our yard but its been several years now since I've seen any. I guess they have moved on. But, I never had enough of them to cause problems with the flowers, etc. My folks down in Texas always put in a really big garden. Dad has had to put electric fence around it because the deer would just eat it dry! Kind hate doing that but what do you do? Anyway...so glad that you shared this post again with us for Sunday Favorites! Great photos of the deer and your pretty pholx!!! Sure makes me yearn for spring!!!

    So happy to hear that ya'll went out to the movies! I've been seeing Avatar advertised on TV...it does look good! They say the special effects were awesome in that movie! Well my sweet girl, have a fabulous Valentine's Day today...you know that I love ya!!!


  5. The Phlox is just gorgeous. So pretty. Boy, the deer really do think they own the place. Can't wait to see you. Hugs, Marty

  6. I have always had white and pink phlox but last year planted a purple...now if I can just remember where I planted it.
    I don't have deer in my yard so I know they didn't get it.
    Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it is a good one.

  7. What a neat post..I loved it! These deer have long legs and they are pretty...so are the flowers, guess they too have good taste! Do you have a dog? That might help?! Thank you for your kindness to me...you are a good friend and I really appreciate it! Have a Happy Valentines day :D

  8. They say if you can't beat them, join them! Put a salt lick someplace you don't mind them being or go out and sit in your chairs when they usually come to see you!

    LOVE the phlox, doesn't it have a great smell?

  9. Cindy, I must have missed this past post! I love seeing all your gorgeous phlox and those naughty and haughty deer. I long for better weather and to see some green! Hope you enjoy Valentine's Day with your hubs. hugs, Sue

  10. I didn't realize at first this was a repost and I was totally confused-I couldn't figure out why you had flowers and I had still had snow! This really made me want to pull out the garden catalogs and start ordering flowers!

  11. ooooooooooohh... your photo's make me long for Spring!! The phlox (and the rest of your flowers) are so pretty! I love the deer pic's... we have deer too, but we only see them in late afternoon or early morning. Yours are very "cocky" aren't they?

  12. Your flowers look lovely btd (before the deer). I know EXACTLY what you are going through as our deer think I planted a big salad bar just for them. Last year was the first time they actually had me in tears though as they ate their way through every flower garden. We have Liquid Fence now. They still walk through the place (although rather rapidly) so we can enjoy them but the don't touch anything. Thank goodness. They are so beautiful but such a pain in the bumper. It's a love/hate relationship.

  13. Thank you for the get well wishes, and what beautiful pictures. Those deer are really adorable in the images, but eating all of your apples probably makes them less endearing in person. Speaking as someone who has gone from living in the kind of greenery your pictures hold to desert dwelling your pictures are heaven sent. Have a Great Valentines day!

  14. Hi, Cindy! That is the funniest post! And even though he's a thief, he's a cute thief and an entertaining thief for us at least. ;-) Those apples are shiny objects to him. He can't help himself. Spoken like a true magpie! LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  15. I love your deer!!! Naughty or nice.

    Last Sunday, I looked out my front door to the field on the left side of my house, and there were 8 deer standing there watching me.

    I've never had a black bear here in Indiana, though.

  16. Hi Cindy! Oh, that little stinker! Beautiful though! He is a brave one, isn't he? That's so cute of him stretching his little neck up to bite the apples! I'm trying so hard to feel your pain! :)
    Happy Valentine's Day, Dear One.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. OK, I think you are going through "can't wait for spring" (I'm trying to think of a clever word here, like "Springosis" or something but it just ain't happenin'.)
    I love your deer. I love your snow more.
    Did you get my $5 check - what? you threw it away!?! Oh CINDY!
    Hey, maybe if you fed them more corn, they'd leave your apple trees alone!! (hehehe)
    See you in a few weeks! I'm getting excited!!!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Hugs! Karen

  18. You are making me pine for spring Cindy! I remember this post and commenting to you about the gorgeous vibrant color of your phlox!

    Enjoyed reading and see your wedding pics on below post too! How fun to get married in a historic little church like that!


  19. Thanks for the little breath of spring. I can certainly use it as snow is falling again today. The deer pictures are so cute even if they are naughty.

  20. I love this post, Cindy, glad you posted it again. Your phlox are just so pretty and the deer, I love them, they are such gentle animals....Christin

  21. Your phlox is phabulous! LOL How wonderful to be able to sit at the table and have such a view of them! LOVELY!! And the deer.....Awwwww, I know he's naughty but I just love him! He is the same color as my Maggie Bleu too. We sometimes have deer come through our yard too.

  22. I can't imagine seeing deer on my property... that is SO cool :) Your house looks lovely, by the way!

  23. Beautiful flowers!! Are they blooming now??

  24. Happy Valentine's day to you and dan...May it be a GREAT one...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  25. i'm going to the nursery tomorrow..


    so Happy to see you today at Farmhouse, Cindy

  26. Cindy, those are great shots of the deer. We had deer to eat our pansies one year - just ate those blossoms as if they were salad. I love the phlox - such a beautiful flower. You have really beautiful plants. Oh, I enjoyed the wedding photos in the previous post - so sweet. Are the 7 year olds twins? We have twin granddaughters. Linda

  27. Both the phlox and the deer are beautiful! You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful set ting! I"m sure there are enough apples to share with the wildlife. :-)

  28. What a great post, I can't believe those flowers, how lovely they are.
    Your deer also look sweet but I can imagine your frustration when they damage your apple trees this way.
    Thanks for visiting me in Normandy.

  29. This was a fun post, I remember reading it the first time ! I haven't posted this week - Spring cleaning.... I loved seeing your wedding pictures ! Still have snow ?? Ours came and went yesterday and we will get more this week !

  30. Oh my that phlox is gorgeous! We have so many deer that hardly anything will grow. Your home is lovely! Lisa~ www.livingmybestlifeii-lisa.blogspot.com

  31. I feel your pain with fightin' the critters away from your beauties. Deer just love roses,and I've got 38 rose bushes. This may sound nuts but have you tried tying some hunks of Irish Spring bars on your lower branches and scattering some human hair in your flower beds. (the barber shops and hair salons are more than willing to share) The hair breaks down and feeds the soil. I know you've probably tried everything already but just in case...

    Ya'll have just a marvelously blessed week dear Cindy!

  32. I love this post, Cindy. Your phlox are a welcome site on this snowy morning!

  33. Gorgeous phlox - and well, the deer here are naughty too. Along with the rabbits. So far I've only moved native plants to my foundation garden, but I'd love to include Foxglove, and Phlox, and Bleeding Heart, and, and, and. But I'm not too keen on planting them if the naughty deer & bunnies EAT them! :)
    Thanks for visiting me & leaving such a sweet comment. It's always a joy to hear from you!!!

  34. Oh Cindy, I loved seeing this post again. That phlox is absolutely gorgeous! Those deeer are so pretty, but I know it must be so frustrating to have them eat your apples and flowers. Every time I've I see the ice skating on the Olympics, I start thinking "I bet Cindy is watching this". It is such a beautiful sport. laurie

  35. WELL..well...darn! Just darn!!

    smiles and hugs,
    Mona :)

  36. Cindy, The phlox is beautiful. I love the purple. Awesome to have deer that close. I would love to be able to photograph them. However, having them eat your beautiful phlox and apples must be most frustrating. I had to laugh at you "yelling at them to go away"! They do seem very tame to come that close and ignore you. Keep us posted on both the deer and phlox this Spring.

  37. The phlox are so pretty and the deer are pretty cute too. We don't see them around here. You used to hear coyote back when we first move here, but they're long gone. I thought we'd moved to the middle of nowhere back then. Now it's just another suburbia. What a difference 20 years makes.

  38. Your flowers are so beautiful! I love your deer ♥ I would keep them around. Do you have a deer feeder? They are awesome. It would be so nice to look out the window and see them everyday. Your blessed!

  39. The phlox are astonishingly beautiful and a bright color. You are doing well to keep them thriving, and I hope the deer ignore them.
    How lovely to see the phlox from your dining room.


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