The Men's short program starts tonight and I know who I will be rooting for.  Evan Lysacek is one of my all time favorite male skaters and also a very nice guy.  Here he is pictured with my daughter Katie (in the white coat) and her skating buddy.  We were attending the Campbell's Open Figure Skating Classic in St. Paul, MN.  I think the year was 06 so about 4 years ago.  Evan was just climbing the ranks at this time and still relatively unknown. There were several other skaters the girls got to meet as well.  My daughter became a very strong skater over the years.  She was doing axels and some double jumps.  But you just can't imagine the speed and strength of these top level skaters until you see them perform in person.  We got to see Michelle Kwan and Sasha Cohen perform that day as well but they weren't doing autographs.  But that's ok, the girls were more than happy to talk to cute Evan.

On another note.  Next Tuesday my Mom and I get to leave this.  ( My patio)

And go here!  We're flying out to Phoenix ( this pic was taken outside of Phoenix)  to see my son and his wife, my brother and some very special blogger friends.  I will keep you all updated!  Can't wait, I need some warmth and sunshine!  Have a great Wednesday Everyone!  Cindy 
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  1. Hi Cindy~ ~I had to stop by and see your skating connection. When I saw her picture I remembered your lovely daughter. Isn't it fun watching the olympics?

    Oh and you do have naughtly deer, Bad Bad deer!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  2. The olympics have been interesting! Cool that you all got to see some of the skaters.

    Hope you have a super time in your vaction with your mom.

    ps. I have been to Charleston when it was 100 too, as you mentioned on your comment! It can be dreadful!!

  3. Hi Cindy..glad you stopped by to help me plant the sweet peas....looks like you're headed to warmer climes...safe travels, my friend and enjoy the weather.....

    sending a warm hug

  4. Your daughter is so cute and what a thrill for her to meet some of the skaters.
    I can't wait 'til you get here. We will have such a good time. Hugs, Marty

  5. Sorry to say I have not watched as much of the Olympics this year as I usually do - don't really know why. Enjoy your trip to Phoenix - last time I was there was in the 80's.

  6. I saw Evan on the Today show this morning ... I love him and love to see him perform/compete. Your daughter is truly lovely. Must go back to my TV for more watching ... I am hooked.

  7. Hi Cindy....can I join you and the bloggers in Arizona...talk about being sick of winter...I don't know how you do it every year....have a wonderful trip...Sue

  8. Hi Cindy

    Hope Evan does well in the events! greta poto!

    Enjoy AZ ..I have lots of family there so I know it well.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

    ♥ Pat

  9. Cindy, how exciting that is that y'all met Evan! I'll be pulling for him too. Your daughter is so pretty. Have a wonderful trip to Arizona. I know you'll miss all of that pretty white stuff! laurie

  10. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! :)
    I love your snow! I thought you would have more . . . it must be melting. :(

  11. No doubt you and your mother will enjoy different scenery on your trip. Take care and enjoy yourself.

  12. Your daughter is so cute, Cindy! My daughter used to be a gymnast and she would always be so thrilled to meet famous gymnasts. She even attended a camp with Karolyi. Have fun on your trip with your mom and meeting with some bloggers...Christine

  13. I'm loving the olympics too...your daughter is too cute! Have fun in the sun...I'm needing some warmth too, might have to make a run for St. George soon! Come say hi :D

  14. i'm sure you're so looking forward to your Phoenix trip. have fun!

  15. HI Cindy!!!
    Cannot wait for you to visit us!!!!
    it is going to be so fun, sadly I think rain is on it's way next week :>(, let's Pray it does not!!!
    HOw cool to meet Evan, I know he is a GREAT SKATER!!!! I hope I run into him in Vancouver!!!!

  16. I was so proud and happy for Evan after his performance tonight! Your daughter is very pretty and has to have wonderful parents to support her in her skating pursuits. It is so cool you were able to watch some the worlds best.
    We also love to watch the skating.../ all the Olympics!
    Enjoy the sunshine and meeting new friends!:)~♥

  17. Great post Cindy.
    Happy Outdoor Wed.


  18. Hi Cindy,
    It must have been thrilling for Katie to meet the pros! You are a lucky little thing going to where there's no snow! We got dumped on yesterday 7-8 inches and it's a little depressing at this point when your sights are set on spring! Enjoy your trip and be sure to bring some warm weather back with you! Hugs, Loretta

  19. I'm jealous. We all need some warmth and sunshine. Have fun!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  20. Have fun with your Mom and other relatives out in Arizona.
    Mama Bear

  21. We watched him, and he was awesome! I'll bet you all were thrilled.

  22. Ice skating is so beatuiful to watch and I'm sure very hard to perform.

    Have a fun time in Phoenix!

  23. Hi Cindy
    Isn't that neat that you've met him. I will have to be sure to look out for that skater. Neat.

    Aren't you lucky to be going on a trip. I've never been to Phoenix...and great you'll be leaving snow behind. We continue to be so lucky here this winter. Great driving and thats always the concern.

    have a lovely day

  24. Love that mountain pic..Happy Outdoor Wednesday

  25. What a cute pic of your baby and Evan! Now about that warm trip to Phoenix.....can I come??? Heeehehe! My son informed me yesterday that it has snowed everyday for a month....not the normal weather of southern Missouri.

    You have a fun trip. I'm excited for you.

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!!

  26. Hi Cindy,
    Your daughter is gorgeous! She must have been thrilled to meet Evan and see Michelle and Sasha skate! I've been following the Olympics too although not like I used to! Loved seeing Evan skate his way into second in the short program and I am "willing" him to win the gold, too! lol!
    Those deer are soooo bad -but- they could be taller! lol! :0)


  27. Hi Cindy! I watched Evan perform last night and he did fantastic! I am really hoping he can beat that trash talking skater that is barely hanging on to the lead!! I hope you have a safe and fun trip out west! I am so jealous that you get to leave all the snow and cold temps ~ just kidding ~ I hope you have a great time!

  28. Cindy dear,

    YOU NEED SUNSHINE! and you deserve it. Have fun, fun, fun.

    Go Evan,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  29. Hi Cindy...happy to see you stopped by today..and Cocoa is adorable....what a sweetie...

    more later, my friend


  30. Hi Cindy!! I have to admit I've not watched the games. How exciting for your daughter to meet him. Cindy, she is beautiful!
    Have a wonderful fun trip.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Yeah! You're coming to Phoenix! We have been having really beautiful weather.

  32. Hi Cindy,
    Not sure about lunch on Friday... but let's for sure spend a few hours thrifting together. Call me when you get to town... and we can work around your schedule.
    Can't wait to see Evan do free-style tonight!
    See you soon!
    linda t

  33. Lucky daughter and even luckier you for getting to escape from the snow for a bit. Have a fabulous time with family, friends and some warmer weather!

  34. Does your daughter still skate? I remember skating when I was younger. It was so much fun!She is a pretty girl!! Have a fun time on your trip~can't wait to read about it!!

  35. How cool that she got to meet Evan. Have you already posted pictures of her skating? Maybe I need to look at your previous posts?


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