The calendar only says February 9th.  But as I look out my window and  see more snowflakes swirling about. I come to  realize I have been bitten by a bad case of spring fever.  I begin daydreaming of my beautiful lilacs picked daily while their in bloom.

 To the side of my home, slowly  filling up with ivy.

And my pansies!   Planting them in April last year was such a treat!  So often, we have to wait until early May to get things started here in Wisconsin.

To my surprisingly lovely Baby's Breath.  I was so thrilled, I didn't know I had it in me!

And to the bright red geraniums I hang on our front porch~  oh how I miss these!

And to my painted daisies, I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did.   It could be our kitties, you know.  They like to use it as their litter box in the warmer months.  All that fertilizer must be working.
So there you have it.   I am dreaming of Spring too soon.  But, by golly, a girl can dream can't she?
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  1. You sure can dream girl. I think ALL of us has the spring fever. I have the winter blues now and NEED some sunshine. Dreaming of warmer and flower filled days.

  2. hi cindy!
    i have spring fever too!!
    once valentines day hits i end up super excited for spring to start!
    of course living in the NE it takes until May sometimes for it to get nice around here!

    we bought a new house and i am excited to see what the yard brings to life. i know we have rose of sharon i am just not sure what else lurks!
    it is so exciting to see your pictures it makes me want to plan and helps me to look forward to what is coming next!

    many blessings

  3. How funny that you're blogging about flowers in spring... and I just blogged about finding winter coats in the dead of summer back in Wisconsin! I am so glad you get to come enjoy our warmth & sunshine shortly. And YES, let's do some thrifting while you're here!

  4. Thanks for the hope of spring! And the hope that my plants will come back after the winter Texas has had. EVERYTHING in my yard is dead and brown....and it's hard to imagine that some/most will come back. You've given me hope...THANKS!!!

  5. Cindy your lilacs are beautiful. I miss our big old fashioned lilacs at the farm.

    I did more snow photos, for ODW, but with a twist. Making the snow and winter a bit more enjoyable.:-)

  6. We are headed for another snow storm this evening and tomorrow. I love lilacs, I have several bushes in our yard. I quess Phil was right when he said 6 more weeks of winter.


  7. Golly gee girl, there ya go again feedin' my fever. I've had my nose in the seed catalogs, Jackson and Perkins and my landscapin' books while the Ponderosa is blanketed with the white stuff and now ya do this to me! {SIGH} What's a girl to do!

    You have a great day and dream on sister, dream on! :o)

  8. I am right there with you! The sure is shining today, but it is only 23 deg. burrr. I am ready for Spring. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.

  9. You have a beautiful garden. Lilacs are some of my favorite spring flowers! I have three big shrubs out in the back. I thought about putting in more on the other side, but not sure if it gets enough light,, and may need to find something that does better in the shade over there.

  10. Girl - - - you live on the southern edge of the northwoods - - - you'd better put that spring fever on HOLD for at LEAST a month and a half!!!

    Did you like all my directional words????

  11. Dream away...it will make the shoveling go easier!

  12. Cindy, I hope you get warmer weather soon. Your flowers are always so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  13. I want to walk right up to that bouquet of lilacs and breathe in deeply. Their scent is so entrancing.

  14. Cindy I needed that! With a possible foot of snow coming tonight and tomorrow, that little touch of spring just warmed my heart. I could almost smell those beautiful lilacs. I'll have to try planting some of those painted daisies this spring. They are gorgeous!!!! Hugs, Loretta

  15. I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up.
    Pansies in the front yard? check
    geraniums in the front and back yard? check
    Daisies blooming in the pots on the patio? check
    OK, so I don't have babies breath or Lilac. But we did have lilac at our first home. I used to have to put buckets of ice on it to get it to bloom. . . ? what's with that?
    TRADE YA!!!!!!! :)
    I'll take your white ANY DAY!!!!!

    HUGZ! Me

  16. I think I really needed this today. The snow keeps coming down here in Illinois and the wind is blowing. I just want to curl up in the afternoons and sleep...not good at all! I love lilacs. We gave up big ones when we moved here, but I have a baby one that finally should have enough flowers this year to bring them in the house.


  17. Cindy, I am so excited that you are coming out. I would love to have lunch. I sure hope that Karen gets to come over too. Keep me posted. You can email me at my new email address astrollthrulife@live.com. Yip-skip, that would be so much fun. Hugs, Marty

  18. such pretty flowers Cindy....

  19. Beautiful!! I'm beginning to wonder if spring is really ever gonna get here! *sigh*

  20. I am dreaming along with you, Cindy. Although I have a few blooms, red and pink camelias and some cyclamens, but I cannot wait for the peach trees and azalea bushes to bloom.....Christine

  21. Oh my. What a beautiful garden. Spring can't come too soon!

    Thanks so much for stopping by on Blue Monday and leaving a note. These are our grandchildren. We call them our "baby grands" and we are quite smitten with their adorable yumminess.

    Hope you have a great week and hope to see you again on Monday.

    Stop by anytime. Blessings.

  22. Hi Cindy! What gorgeous lilacs! What beautiful flowers and you'll have them again.
    Now, I'm craving some warmer weather.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. I will look at these pictures to brighten my day. Right about now I need it.

  24. You have a great idea. Dream of Spring. I look in our backyard and realize that Spring will eventually be here, as we have a lot of small weeds from the days of the sunshine that we have had.

  25. I think everyone is ready for Spring. These photos of your flowers are beautiful. Those lilacs are wonderful!

  26. Thanks for bringing me hope that some green does still exist under all this white stuff on the ground. Ah! I can just smell the lilacs.

  27. Oh My Goodness Sweetie...
    Time sure has gone by quickly, and you are already coming back. I hope I will get to meet with you all again, do a little shopping, have a little lunch. Would be delightful.

    The weather here has been pretty nice right now. We are enjoying the cooler temps, they don't last long and then the heat is here to stay. We have a 50% chance of rain today. We can use it.

    Stay warm, and sweetie, your flowers were so beautiful. I love the geraniums best of all. They have the most exquisite color I have ever seen.

    Please be my Valentine.

    Country hugs and so much love...Sherry

  28. Gorgeous post and flowers, Cindy! I love lilacs. My grandparents grew a tall hedge of them that blocked off the view of their alley, and oh, lilacs smell so wonderful!!!
    Hoping you have a beauty-filled day,

  29. Your post is the biggest tease! Oh how I dream about that kind of weather too..that beautiful season of spring. We had some flurries today for a change but no matter what next month is spring...so we are in the good of it all.
    Beautiful beautiful pictures.
    All your plants are so pretty and colourful.
    have a lovely day

  30. WE all feel better with some picture of flowers and spring , don't we?

  31. Cindy, you're torturing me! Stop it! I cannot WAIT for the red geraniums - my favorite! It is cold here in Georgia today - high in the upper 30's to low 40's and WINDY! Brrr! Of course, that's probably nice for Wisconsin! Linda

  32. stop it! i can't take another subzero day when i see such beautiful spring flowers --- lilacs and geraniums....awwwwkkk I miss spring! LOL.


  33. Yes, you definitely have an early case of spring fever...but I think I have it too :) All of your photos are wonderful but the lilacs have me craving spring the most...I'm off to find my Yankee lilac candle jar!

  34. Well we know the saying, a girl can always dream!!~ We are all waiting and your pics made me excited!!~

  35. Hi sweet friend...

    Just read your sweet note...thank you so much, Darlin'! You always...always make my day with all of your warm and generous compliments!!! You're the best, dear friend!!!

    Ohhh my...I am now trying to play catch up on everything! Jenni and the kids left late Monday so I've been doing a little house cleaning and trying to catch up in blogland as well! We had such a great time though...loved having all my grandbabies here!

    Wow...just went through your post with your trip to Madison! It looks like you had a great time and I love history too! I'd love to visit the Veteren's Museum! Ooooh...and I loved that big old desk too! Loved the urns with Grant and Lincoln on them...aren't they gorgeous?

    Cindy, I do declare that you had the most beautiful flowers at your place last spring and summer!!! Ohhh...those lilacs are gorgeous...my favorite! After seeing all of your fabulous flowers...I have spring fever too!!! I know..by this time of the year, I'm getting sick of cold weather! Hey...you will get out of it for a little while! Are you ready for your trip to Tempe? I'm so happy that you're getting to go and visit your son and DIL!!! Well Darlin'...I will talk with you later! Sure missed talking with you...but I'm back now! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  36. Oh Cindy, you definitely are allowed to dream. Thanks goodness you let us dream along with you.
    Cause' Lord know I need it after this "white" Wednesday. Blizzards are definitely no spring kind of dreamin'.
    Thanks again for wonderful flowers and making me smile.

  37. I'm ready for spring too, and I can just smell the lilacs! Love the red geraniums.

  38. Cindy, now I'm dreaming of spring (in your garden). How I'd love to have all of those lilacs to bring inside. I've tried to grow Baby's Breath before, but it has never done as well as yours. You (or your cats) sure do something right! laurie

  39. Beautiful pictures, Cindy! Just beautiful! I think we're all dreaming of spring! I know I am!


    Sheila :-)

  40. What a great shot of springtime just when we all need it most! Stay warm Cindy!!!

  41. Oh my gosh...every picture is so pretty...makes my heart ache for flowers!!! Even though I have non as pretty! Come say hi :D

  42. I'm sure you are not the only one Cindy! I feel badly for all of you burried under all that snow. It's so beautiful but I bet it gets dealing with it after a while.

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment at Mona's. You all had me crying.
    Happy Valentine's Day

  43. Hi Cindy! I would love for you to come by and see my brand new grandson...Christine

  44. Thank you! I believe we all needed a break from the cold and this post did the trick. Even though I live no where near the snow and blistering cold, this old beach gal needs some sunshine and flowers too!

    You ask what happened to the hot boyfriend in my post. Well, he eventually left the music business for the corporate world and I left him for another musician, lol. We've stayed friends all these years and still talk a couple of times a year, even though we're on opposite coasts now.

  45. I dropped by to say that I wish one year you could come down here and visit during the winter to get away, but this year, we've had cold and rain. It's been an odd year. Our winters are usually not bleak, though, and we can get out and about with a light sweater or jacket. Sometimes, shirtsleeves... provided you're not an old lady like moi! I have become that. I used to not get cold, but after the "pause," oh, I freeze now at 65 degrees! LOL! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  46. It is never too soon to dream of spring!
    I'm doing the same thing -- can't wait to put those first pansies out.
    Hang in there, winter WILL end!


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