What you can get for the MOOLA! Old Houses and After Christmas Sales!

I love getting deals and I love looking at real estate from around the country!  I stumbled upon some of these homes on the internet and just take a gander at the great prices!  This beauty above is a 1880 Greek Revival in Beebe, Arkansas.  The home is 4100 sq. ft, with many updates!

The dining room with a real working fireplace, how cool is that?

Another fireplace in the family room with leaded glass windows!  This home has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths and get this, asking price is 169,000!  I think I need to move to Beebe!

Another town I might need to move to is Marlin, Texas.  This 2300 sq. ft., 1880 Greek Revival home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a seperate apartment over the garage. 

Gleeming hardwood floors and natural fireplace.

Look at these windows in the Master Bedroom!

And the storage!

The gorgeous dining room and the best most amazing part is the asking price!  Only 140,000!

Or how about this lovely home in Cordele, Georgia!  It's a 1912 Cottage style home with 2890 sq. ft. on one level!

Look at the charming picket fence! 

Fireplace and gleeming hardwood floors in the dining room!  There weren't too many pics of this home but it features hardwood floors, pocket doors, original working fireplaces and the asking price?  Only 159,000 !
So maybe I would like to live in Cordele, GA!  I guess I need to do some investigating! 

And yesterday, while hubby watched the Green Bay Packers whoop the Seattle Seahawks 48-10, GO PACK!  I was busy spending a few gift cards!  I found this darling shepard/bugle boy for only $5 at TJ Maxx.

And for another $5, I found this adorable stand for selling Hot Cocoa!  Isn't he just so cute!

Our Christmas went well, everyone made it in spite of the weather and now only one more to go!  We celebrate Christmas with my very large extended family on January 9th.  We usually go to Wisconsin Dells and do the waterpark thingy but this year were going to try an afternoon of snowtubing!  Should be fun!  Have a Great Week Everyone! 


  1. we just kept saying, "Wow!" "Whoa!" "Where is that?" Great post!!!

  2. There HAS to be a reason those houses are those prices!! depressed or bad neighborhood? poor school system within the city? infestation? and on and on... Amazing, because all of these homes look pretty good from the pics...
    I used to like looking at this particular feature in one of my favorite magazines and wonder why those homes haven't sold. The grass is probably not greener over on that side! LOL
    Enjoy ringing in the New Year, Cindy!
    hugs, Sue

  3. Wonderful photos!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Some real great buys in real estate there. I'm stickin' to glue right here on the Ozarks Ponderosa!

    You have a fun time with everyone. I'm thinkin' here water park.....Wisconsin.....gotta be inside...right? Pleeeeze don't freeze your tooshie off. Heeeeheeehe!!!

  5. Love these homes, Cindy. The floors in the 2nd home must have about 10 coats of poly!! Wow...how shiny!! I suppose the economics are just a little lower in these areas. But I'd love to live in any one of them. Okay, I love picket fences!! ;-)

    Love your buys! I just don't want to be in a store for awhile...I'll get out this week though.

    Have a Happy New Year!!


  6. cool houses...great buys with your gift cards ....Happy New Year Cindy

  7. Does it make you want to move? It's amazing to me that a shack in California sells for what gorgeous homes sell for else where! I guess one would have to look at a lot of things..weather, earth quakes, floods...I'm so glad for the piece of Heaven we have...wouldn't trade it for the world! Come say hi :D

  8. I love the first photo! what a beautiful house .In advance i wish you all the best for the coming new year.Catherine

  9. OMG Cindy! How can they give away those gorgeous homes at that price? Maybe I need to move with you too, lol. Love what you found at TJ Maxx and at that price, you can't go wrong. I hope you continue to enjoy this holiday season...Christine

  10. WOw!!!! I think I wanna go house shopping with YOU!

  11. Those are some wonderful houses and very inexpensive.


  12. OK deal! Let's move to Georgia! ANYWHERE BUT CALIFORNIA! LOL.
    Glad everyone arrived safe and sound for Christmas Day. I was thinking about all of you. Dreaming of a white Christmas - someday!

    Off to Glamis tomorrow to meet up with the rest of the family. My house is almost back to normal - whew!
    Happy New Year Girl! Be safe!!!
    Hugs! Karen

  13. Love the houses - look at the closets in that one - I could probably find ways to fill them up LOL. Also love that Prancers Hot Chocolate stand - very cute.

  14. I LOVEEEEE OLD HOMES!! Oh, some day when I'm rich and famous I will move into an old cottage... somewhere beautiful and grow flowers... and drink sweet tea sitting in my wicker rocker.... on my front porch...watching the world go by. I have more dreams than I do money, Obviously!:)

    Greetings from California. My grandbabies are napping so I get to visit my favorite blogs.

  15. Love the houses!! Usually there is a reason for the lower prices ...such as the job market...but love them!!

  16. Hi Cindy,
    Arkansas has been hit hard with the bad economy in some areas. We visit Mountain View Ark every few years for the Bluegrass music in town square. Lovely quaint town. I love the house in GA. Are these foreclosures? They do appear in very good condition, sometimes foreclosures are not. I am not retired yet and don't plan to be soon, so I better not start looking around the country (boy have I done that in the past) again for someplace to move and retire. Thing is my children/grandchildren are not about to move out of Florida. I love your $5 shepherd/bugle boy. That is a deal. Enjoy your next family celebration coming up shortly.

  17. Hmm, those seem too good to be true..
    Have fun spending your gift cards!
    I did a little shopping today too..Not very much left in the stores here..60 off the week before and still that at WSonoma...

  18. HI!!!
    I love that first house!!!! hmmmm.. maybe we should move to Arkansas too!!!!
    The second one would be nice as well, as then my MOM could live above the garage!!!! Hmmm... I might have to show those to my hubby!!! My kids would have a fit if we moved away!!!!haha
    How are you surviving all that snow!!!!!
    My family in Chicago are just about going nuts already!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  19. Wonderful homes that you found. Amazing prices! Glad you found a few treasures for yourself. ~ Sarah

  20. I had my husband come look at the homes! Wow!
    Your own finds are so cute! Have a wonderful week after Christmas!

  21. Wow, even my family of 8 could spread out in Beebe. Now, only if my Baby would move to Beebe!
    We've even got relatives in Arkansas. It looks like you got some nice decorations for next year too. I always buy new ones at the after-Christmas sales too.

  22. Hi Cindy! You found some great deals! I used to live in Americus, not too far from Cordele. It's in south Georgia in the farming area...lovely little town! There are some wonderful old houses in the small towns in that part of Georgia! Come on down...then you'd only be a few hours away from me here in Atlanta! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Have a great week and a Happy New Year!...hugs...Debbie

  23. Do you suppose buying one of those houses and moving it all the way up here to Michigan wouldn't be cost effective? ;-)

    I love your new treasures, especially Prancer's stand. :)

  24. I like to browse online real estate also. There are lots of homes with those kinds of prices in Missouri small towns. We wish we were younger, we'd buy one of them. Usually in older homes there are some things to fix up, but these all look fabulous.

  25. The prices astound me! Those homes would cost SO much more in my neck of the woods!
    Great post. I love looking at homes. Gives me ideas for my own! :)
    Glad you had a good Christmas and I hope you enjoy your family time in January. :)

  26. I typed a long message for you then realized I wasn't on my computer or signed in so I lost it :(

    Not living in California, just visiting daughter and grandkids. We used to live here but got transferred to Oregon 4 years ago. It's hard for all of us to be so far apart but son in law is licensed in CA (structural engineer) and has an ill mother close by so they have their life here. I am hopelessly in love with my grandkids so it's torture being 8 hours away from them.

  27. Fun real estate!

    But even more fun are those great deals. Love the little reindeer selling goodies! LOL!

    Glad you're having fun with your gift certificates. I'm in today to try and REST.


    Sheila :-)

  28. Cindy, I LOVED this tour of homes for sale. I too love old architecture and I could enjoy living in any of these homes. My husband and I have a dream of someday owning a home large enough to USE as a B&B, but not charge anything. It would be a ministry and outreach for missionaries to come to for a reprieve when back in the states...or for couples when they need restoration in their marriage. These homes rekindle my dream. :) I have so enjoyed getting to know you as a fellow blogger this past year. Some day I hope you make it to GA and you get to spend a day with me. :) I'd just love that! You be blessed and take care! Enjoy your time on the 9th with your family! Hugs! ~CC Catherine

  29. Beautiful old homes! You can get a great deal on many of those homes like that in small towns, but with the job market being so bad, no one wants to or can't move the to smaller areas.

  30. Cindy, what great buys you found - houses and treasures! Love that cocoa stand! Yep! I think you need to move to Beebe. You'd make a great Arkansan, and maybe I'd finally get to meet you! laurie

  31. Forgot to say that I hope you'll post pix of snowtubing, since I don't even know what that is! I guess we've never had enough snow for anyone to do that. Be careful, and have a great time! laurie


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