It's a Blizzard for an Outdoor Wednesday

It's snowing buckets outside!  These pic's were taken between 4:00 and 5:00p.m. today and the snow was coming down fairly lightly.  At that time, we had Winter Storm Warnings for 6-8 inches!  WEATHER UPDATE!   We've  upgraded to Blizzard Warnings with a foot or more of snow!!!   HELP!!!   Just kidding, we'll stay put in our cozy little house!

It was  snowing at a strange sideway angle .

And this is what it looked like through my camera!

But a few  brave little apples are still hanging on!  WEATHER UPDATE!  It's 10:00 p.m. and the Weather Man now tells us to expect up to 15 inches of snow!!!!!  The Governer has declared the whole state of Wisconsin a Weather Emergency and the National Guard is on alert!   YIKES!   It's been quite awhile since we've been hit like this.  Stay tuned for further updates and please join our hostess Susan for more Outdoor Wednesday Posts! 


Looking out our back patio.

Looking out the picture window in our living room.

Our front yard by the road which you can hardly see right now and the snowplow went by already!  All schools are cancelled and I am settling in for a day at home!  I think there is a good chance we will have a White Christmas!  LOL!  Cindy


  1. We got dumped on last night and right now as we speak it is 9 degrees outside. LOL guess I wont be heading out for a late night walk.

    Thanks for sharing the quiet beauty.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  2. Oh hi sweetie...
    I hope you caught some angel kisses for me to send my way. I need all I can get this year. Did you venture out to make a snow angel? Please do so and I want a picture of it. You can do it. Do it for me.

    I love the pics of the little red apples still hanging on. Isn't that just the most precious picture of all. I love it.

    Stop by and read my new post of tonight. You will love it.

    Stay warm sweetie. Light a fire and have a warm cup of tea. I can see you already with your feet up. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. It sounds like everyone is getting some winter this week!! We have had 3 snow falls and 4 more inhes the last few hours!! I wanted to get the outside decorated but at 10 - minus 10 degrees just tooooo cold!!


  4. Great pictures..poor little apple tree..looks cold! What a snow storm! Well, here it snow a lot..all around us! I thought for sure I;d wake up to snow this morning..NO..I can't wait til it does! :D

  5. Brrrrrrr! And I thought it was cold here! It must be beautiful though to sit in your house and watch it snow outside. Hope you have lots of firewood.
    Stay warm! --Delores

  6. I must live close to Claudia! We also are still getting it and it only got up to 18 as a high today and parts of the little suburb I live in got 13 inches! I was afraid to go to the post office and to see dad that I wouldn't be able to get my car back up our driveway! LOL So I grounded myself and decided to hope for warmer weather to melt this white fluffy stuff! mr B is out of town or it would have been shoveled.:)
    I enjoyed seeing the snow dancing sideward and the gorgeous all the tress covered in snow in your photo!

  7. I got a chill just looking at those pictures! I remember that kind of snow, along with wind, in Chicago. I think I'll pass...BUT...I did post pics today of the snow we had yesterday...quite different than yours, but its still snow, and we loved it!

    Stay warm!


  8. HI!!!
    I would say yippee, but that is alot of snow!!!! I love the stuff, but never had to live in it!!!!haha
    be safe and warm!!!!

  9. Oh Cindy! To see pictures of snow like that is something really neat for a Southern California gal like me! We are having our own bit of very cold weather here too! I guess you are getting the brunt of what we had yesterday here! We also have snow in our local mountains and ski areas. Our night temps are in the chilly lower 30's. And believe me that is cold for us here in S.Cal. But I love it...makes it feel like Christmas. But then when I see your pictures your cozy home looks just like a Christmas Greetings card! How pretty!! Stay warm..and I will too! Hugs! Oh...and your apples look so pretty against the cold!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    Your pics are so pretty! We've got around 4" but now we're getting ice and then later some rain. We are actually supposed to see the sun later today! God has provided for the deer by keeping some apples on your tree. Stay warm and cozy by that beautiful fireplace! Hugs, Loretta

  11. My teeth are chattering, and I had to go put on a pair of wooly socks now. Col-l-l-l-d!!

    My Wednesday post is published. Do come by if you get a chance...it's all Gulf Waters today. Found HERE

  12. Wow you're having a blizzard and we were under a tornado warning all night! Stay warm!


  13. Okay, so I won't tell you that I'm sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt with the fan blowing on me. BUT, I was in 9 degree weather on Saturday here in Florida.

    Stay warm and drink lots of cocoa!

  14. beautiful pictures!!!.
    just voted for you over @ homesence contest,good luck you did a beautiful job!!..

    happy holidays..xx

  15. Morning, Cindy! Oh, my goodness! That is some snow! I'm enjoying it, but of course we don't get snow very often. I thought those little apples on that tree were Christmas balls until I read your comment! LOL Maybe apple frozen slush?
    I don't think I've ever seen that much snow before! Now, I pray your power stays on and you all stay warm but it sure is beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  16. Cindy, I love seeing these photos of your snowy wonderland. You got some great shots to share. Love the ones of the Santa on the bicycle looking out the window and the apple tree. Stay warm and cozy! ~ Sarah

  17. OhMyGoodness, Cindy, you have waaaay more snow than we have!!! Drink hot cocoa and enjoy the great indoors!

  18. we just got about 4 inches of the wet heavy stuff last night. Very hard shoveling. Hopefully...your stuff is light and fluffy! Stay cozy and warm!!

  19. Wow!! Beautiful to see, but glad we don't have that here. Stay warm and safe.

    Girl, I'm going to hunt down Santa and we'll come early!!!!!
    Oh I Just ENVY YOU! it is so beautiful! i love how the apples are still hanging. Do you suppose that is how someone thought of Christmas decorations on the tree?
    Oh my gosh, I could look at this all day!!!!!
    Nice warm hugs! Karen :) YOu made my day!

  21. lol...you got more than we did..but its still snowing here. we're at about 10 inches right now. What a heavy white mess!

  22. Cindy, I am just amazed at all this snow. I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of what to do, but I love to look at it! It is lovely!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday, dear friend. Sending you very warm hugs from Florida...


    Sheila :-)

  23. We were lucky, the snow didn't get down this far in Illinois...just a few flurries that are currently snowing sideways from this horrible wind. Our temps are dropping quickly and as it is trash day...there are garbage cans and Christmas decorations both blowing down our street. Winter has arrived.

  24. What fabulous pictures. I'm sure being housebound has put a crimp in your holiday tasks, but thank you for sharing these pictures with us. From a distance it looks magical. Have a great "Indoor" Wednesday and enjoy the holiday to come.

  25. Beautiful and amazing photos of your snowfall...wishing you a white Christmas!

  26. We have flurries at 18 degrees and the wind is blowing 45mph. I better go check on Tiger the Wonder Dog....forgot to tie him down!!!!

    God bless and have a wonderful day...INSIDE!

  27. Oh my! It sure is beautiful! We need to see the beauty in every season. Everything looks so pristine draped in white! Keep us updated on how many inches you get. Hugs, Loretta

  28. Hi Cindy,
    We dodged the 'Bullet' and just got pounded on with rain...more rain...just coastal storm after coastal storm. I just loved the pictures you've taken of all that snow and that sweet little apple tree outside your window! Stay warm and cozy - this too will pass! Thanks for stopping by!


  29. Looks like the apples are not ready for this, I thought it was Christmas decoration at first sight :) This is so very beautiful, like a dream. Stay warm and save !

  30. We had snow like this every day for a over a month last year. Very rare for our area of British Columbia. So far we are just starting to get a few flurry warnings for the weekend. I think I prefer without because it just doesn't behave.

  31. Amazing! I love the picture of the apple tree. It is as though you decorated it yourself. I wish I was looking out on the snow, but I don't think I would want to have to drive in it. I am going to attempt to mimic your tablescape centerpiece I think. It was such a great idea!

  32. This looks like a Christmas card! How pretty! Hope you've gotten your shopping all done. Thanks for your sweet visit.

  33. Wow!!! Did you get hit or what? Have you been able to dig yourself out?? I love the apples still clinging to the tree. You mean you still had some and didn't send any to me? ;-)

    I hope it get's better soon!! We are okay...not as bad as they made it out to be.


  34. Cindy, the snow looks beautiful! Brrrrr, I'm glad I don't have to go out in it though! What do you think the rest of the winter will bring? laurie

  35. What awesome photos Cindy! I don't think I'll ever know what it will be like to be in weather like this. All that SNOW!

    Keep warm, Bonnie


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