Meeting Jane aka (Blondie's Journal) and Al, in Beautiful Galena, Illinois!!!!

 Dan and I were very lucky this past week-end!  We got to meet some of the nicest, warmest people you would ever hope to know!   Many of you will recognize the pretty lady above as Jane, also known as Blondie!  If you haven't met Jane, head over after this post to Blondie's Journal and tell her Cindy sent you~   Dan and I met Jane, and her husband Alan this past week-end in Beautiful, Galena, Illinois!  Jane and I had been talking for months about meeting and after lot's of planning, we were all headed to Galena.  Galena was a good half way point, about a 3 hour drive for both of us~ Here you see Jane and her husband Alan, shortly after we met at an Italian Restaurant called Vinnie Vanucii's!   But it wasn't just lunch, we had   2 days to spend getting acquainted!

Jane had found this lovely B and B with just the cutest name, Annie Wiggins for us to stay in!  More on that later.....
We were off to shop and visit and eat and enjoy beautiful Galena!

Galena is this beautiful, historic  little town located on the Illinois river.  Ninety percent of the town is on the National Historic Registry.  This is also the hometown of President Grant and I did an earlier post on touring his beautiful home.  This shop owner sure had a brilliant idea!   This was the cutest store window ever! Jane, Al, Dan and I spent a lot of time in this cute little store!  Besides the darling store windows.....

More cuteness!  They had a Guy Cave equipped with a big screen tv and beverages!  Jane and I shopped while the guys hung out in the Man Cave, but of course Jane and I had to crash the party!


We had so much fun just visiting and getting acquainted!  It was like old friends getting back together!  After a fun afternoon of shopping, eating and visiting we head over to the beautiful Annie Wiggins!

Here Santa greets us at the door!

It looks like a picture postcard and I am so excited!  Jane and Al had arrived the night before to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary, Congrats Jane and Al!! so they already know their way around.  Let's take a tour inside~

Our room is located on the 2nd floor and has a private entrance complete with fireplace and our own private balcony.

Our romantic looking bed! 

We had a charming  2nd story porch filled with wicker furniture!  Jane and Al are one floor up, I will let Jane fill you in on that story! After a little R and R we head down to the parlour to meet Al and Jane for cocktails, and dinner out!

As you head into the beautiful parlour, you will see a Victorian home built in the 1830's dressed in all its Christmas Splendor!

Your's truly!

Handsome Hubby!

The gorgeous tree!

The owner, our hostess had decorated many of the rooms with these beautiful gowns!  Very victorian looking!

The beautiful wallpaper in the foyer.

A view up the lovely staircase!

After some fun parlour games, ( isn't this just the neatest set!)  we have the Union and Confederate soldiers facing off, we're off to dinner.  We had a lovely evening at Fried Green Tomatoes!  This fabulous Eatery, in downtown Galena, served the most awesome food!  I don't have any pics, (too busy eating and visiting) but Jane may have some to share!  If you ever visit Galena, this should go on your Must Do list!

After a lovely evening of visiting we all retired to our rooms.  We will meet in the dining room for breakfast, but first I wanted to share with you the view I woke up to the next morning!  The Belevedere Mansion was right next door and although they are not a B and B, they do have tours!  This was our lovely morning view!  I don't ever recall seeing a more picture perfect postcard view!  The recent snow glistening and the trees lovingly flocked by Mother Nature!

What a gorgeous Mansion! 

Our hostess had the dining room gorgeously set!  Her collection of Johnson Brothers Old British Castles just took my breath away!


A dish lover's paradise!!

Jane and I just loved this tablecloth!  The food was scrumptious! 

Just look at that Apothecary Jar!  It would have been perfect for Marty's Cloche Party!!!

A gorgeous vintage Vignette!  After packing up, Jane, Al, Dan and I head downtown in search of some big screen tv's!  Now what could be more perfect than this!  My hubby, a rabid Green Bay Packer fan and Alan, a loyal Chicago Bears fan are in a border battle today!  Now if you follow football you probably know, that the border states are generally big time rivals!  For us it's the Vikings and the Bears!  Jane and I, have Dan and Al pinky swear to  still like each other no matter what team wins!      LOL!! 

Jane and I spend the next 3 hours visiting, visiting and visiting some more!    Occasionally, we even check on the guys and the progress of the game! 

The guys view!!!  After a very close game, the Packers were able to pull off a win, and it was time for us all to hit the road!  Dan and I  had one of the most magical and fun week-end's ever!   Jane and Alan are just the nicest, most gracious people and a whole lot of fun too!!!!  If you ever get to meet a Blogger friend, don't hesitate!  I have been blessed to have met several and they will be friends for life!!!    I know this post was long so I am adding on to several Blogger Parties!  There are so many and so little time, and I doubt I will do much more posting before Christmas but I will be around to visit you all soon!  ( Pinky Promise!)

Please join Joan for Vintage Monday.
On  Tuesday, my wonderful friend Karen is hostessing, Doors of Welcome !
Also on Tuesday, Susan,  for Deck the Halls, and on Thursday, I am joining another Susan @ BTNOP for Tablescape Thursday!      Thank-you ladies for hostessing these wonderful Blog parties!  And thank-you Jane and Al for a fabulous, fun filled week-end, one we will never forget!!!       Cindy


  1. Cindy this is such a fun post!! I am so glad you all got to meet.

    Galena is on my wish list and has been for years. It isn't that far up the road for us. We just never have driven up there. I love your morning view and how perfect to have the snow.

  2. Oh Cindy...
    Looks like you Blondie and the Hubbies had a wonderful time. I loved the B&B you stayed in. Just absolutely wonderful. The little shop you visited was absolutely devine. Loved the children in costume as elves, and then later stringing popcorn. SO darn cute.

    My gosh sweetie. You cut your hair. I love it. I know it is easier to style, as I love mine short. More wash and go.

    Have a beautiful Monday sweetie. Stop by and say hi. I have written a poem today. You will love it. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  3. Oh Cindy! How much fun! You and your dh are traveling everywhere and meeting everyone! It looks like you and Jane had a wonderful time! I love that B&B...looks like a movie set...and all of that pretty snow!...maybe Groundhog Day!! lol I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas season!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Hi, Cindy!
    I LOVE the B&B ... and the mansion across the street. *swoon*
    What a FUN weekend you had ... and the snow making everything look like a vintage Christmas postcard .... and you smack dab in the middle of it!
    Thanks for sharing your fun time, and have a super week and Christmas!
    Hugs -
    Betty :)

  5. Oh Cindy how very special for you and Jane to meet...What a fun time you must of have...now that home is to die 4 my friend...WOW!! I want that house and girl look at all that beautiful china and wall paper...I seen a few things there that I do have...Always was mine and Wallys dream 25 years ago to open our own BandB but health issues got in the way...Thank you once again for your card and gift my friend...Your the best...May you have a wonderful day...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Dear Cindy,
    My favorite posts are those featuring bloggers who are fortunate enough to meet each other. Your 'vacation' with Jane and her husband sounds like perfection to me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, how awesome! I would love to do that! She looks like such a nice person too and what a beautiful place to stay! Wow..the bedroom is so pretty..we have stayed at places like this for our annivasary's in the past, loved it! How fun for you gals to meet and enjoy the days together...So happy for you! (by the way, you are so cute!) Come say hi :D

  8. HI Cindy!!!!
    What a fabulous week-end!!!!!I have visited Galena before and it is indeed a very fun historic town!!!!With the snow and Christmas decorations it is a winter /December destination for sure!!!!!How fun to spend a week-end getting to know a blogger friend in person, you have done that twice now in just a few short months!!!! Lucky You!!!!!
    The B & B looked amazing and the Mansion beside it is too!!!!!
    have a safe drive home

  9. What fun it looks like you two had gettin' to know each-other in person! Thanks so much Cindy for taking us on the beautiful tour with ya'll. What gorgeous B&B's.

    Have a wonderful day enjoying the joys of the season!!!

  10. I love Galena! It looks like your trip was awesome!

  11. wonderful wonderful and wonderful! I can't find any better words for this post!
    Love the B&B, wish we had nice ones like that!Unfortunately here it never snows, so i think it wouldn't be successful :(
    Would love to visit it though!
    Seems you're enjoying your season!:) and that's sooo good to hear!
    Have a wonderful week,

  12. Hey Girlfriend!!

    You did a wonderful post and I think you got a lot more pictures of the B & B than I did!! It looks even more beautiful in the pictures.

    Alan and I had the best time and will do it again in a heartbeat. It will be fun to catch up! You are one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and I love calling you a friend. And Dan is the greatest!

    Until next summer...


  13. It looks like such a fun weekend! I've never been to Galena, although we have talked about making the trip. It looks like a great place to visit!


  14. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Oh,if only I had known. I think I'm about 3 hours from Galena too! And my husband is a Bears fan and I'm a rabid Packer fan, so it would have been a real fun time!
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh my gosh! This sounds like so much fun! I LOVE Jane! She is truly a doll and it is so great that ya'll got to meet!!

    And what gorgeous scenery! It took my breath away!!

    Thank you for sharing...

    Lou Cinda

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! You knew I would just die when you posted these didn't you? Oh. . . sigh. . . to stay in a place like that, in a setting like that . . . sigh. Perfect. My gosh, it's all so gorgeous! I have never stayed in a B & B, but this has me thinking . . .
    Hugs! Karen

  17. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh Cindy...I'm so happy for you and Jane...getting to meet! And...what an absolute fabulous place to meet! Galena looks sooo beautiful! Girl, that B&B that ya'll stayed in was just breathtaking!!! When I seen the photo of your room...ohhhh, I just sighed!!! How very beautiful and sooo romantic too!!! Don't you just love that beautiful netting over the bed? I just sooo enjoyed all of your beautiful photos of the parlor and dining room!!! Girl, you must have been in your "7th heaven"...getting to meet Jane and then to be able to stay in this magnificent B&B!!! I have never stayed in a B&B...ohhh, and all of your photos just really...really make me want to!!! Hehe!!! Wow...can't believe that you had that beautiful mansion as your window view...how glorious!!! You're absolutely right...it was so picturesque...and especially all decorated for Christmas!!! Well Darlin', it just sounds like ya'll had the best time ever!!! I would have loved to have been there! Jane is such a sweetheart and of course, meeting you would have just made my heart sing!!! Some day, my friend!!! Hehe!

    I really enjoyed seeing your photos of Jane and you...and your dear hubbies too!!! You both are such beautiful ladies!!! This has been a real treat, my friend!!!

    Now...I really must apologize! When I came over I didn't realize that it had been sooo long since I've been by to visit! Girl, I'm having such a hard time keeping up with things lately! I didn't even realize that you had posted a tablescape...so sorry! Anyway, I left you a note on that beautiful Christmas cardinal tablescape...I just loved it!!! I do hope that my note finds ya'll doing well! It's been really cold here...of course, I think I'm singin' to the choir here...especially after seeing all the snow that ya'll have gotten! Hehe! Stay warm, Darlin'!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!!!

  18. Cindy, how lucky could I be just to come home in time to see this wonderful post! I love, love, love everything I just saw and how nice that you got to meet Janie and Al. Aren't they just the sweetest couple? You all look so happy and beautiful! Thanks for the great tour, what a lovely B & B to stay in!....Christine

  19. Galena is absolutely stunning. I've been there several times and love it. Fried Green Tomatos is awesome to eat it. Looks like i need another trip there and that bed and breakfast looks awesome to. Its so great your getting to meet some blogging buds!

  20. How exciting! That B&B is gorgeous too. I'm so glad you guys had such a fun time. Always nice to meet blog friends. I've met a couple myself.

  21. I will be back to look at everything later, but would you please come by to see me!?!? :-)

  22. Hi Cindy !
    Why aren't you the little socialite...meeting so many bloggers within weeks of each other - you lucky duck ! Looks like you had a fun time !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  23. Oh, soooo much fun for all of you!!! That B and B is fabulous and even better, what a treat to meet and spend time with a fellow blogger.

  24. What a great post! Your enthusiasm is catchy and I almost feel that I was there with you and Jane. How lucky and wonderful that you were able to meet. You and Jane both write and photography such lovely blogs, it is no wonder you two became close friends so easily.

  25. I am SO jealous...not pretty in this season of good will :) I know you two must have talked like magpies!! It really does look like a postcard in the snow. I really am so happy you had a good time...thanks for sharing it! And thanks for linking to "Deck the Halls"

  26. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! What a pretty place to stay. If we had that much snow, it would create major problems here. People can't drive in snow here. :)

  27. What a wonderful visit for the both of you! Galena is such a fun place to visit and shop. We'd like to visit again next time we're in Dubuque, IA- Mr. S's hometown. You stayed in such a great looking B & B. Glad you had such a fun, fun, time with Blondie. Wouldn't it be fun to meet everyone we chat with? Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! hugs, Sue

  28. Cindy, I loved seeing this and what a gorgeous place Galena is with those beautiful homes and neat stores!

    And I loved seeing two of my very FAVORITE bloggers having such a good time. I just wish I could have been with you all. This is truly special, and I feel like I was on holiday, too.

    Thanks for sharing and glad you had fun!


    Sheila :-)

  29. Cindy this is really one of the loveliest things I have ever read. I have learnt so many things since starting blogging but this post has really taught me how wonderful the blogging community is.It is fabulous that you were able to meet each other and I hope one day I might be able to meet some of the amazing bloggers I have met on my blogging journey.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories today.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  30. Hi Cindy,
    I so enjoyed reading your post and seeing your lovely photos. It was a delight. How wonderful for you & Jane to finally meet and in such a gorgeous place as Galena.
    Merry Christmas from Normandy.

  31. Hi Cindy! Oh, how wonderful to meet Jane! You two look adorable and what a wonderful time you must have had! Even the hubbies had a great time. The B&B is so pretty! I would love to see something like this! How special to meet and really connect with a blog friend. I have yet to do that!
    Thanks for popping in to see me,
    Shelia ;)

  32. WOW! What a lovely tour! I know you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  33. Cindy...what HANDSOME couples you are! It sounds like you had a fantastic time.
    I loved that romantic bed. How I would like something like that but I doubt I could get by with it! :)
    What a great view to wake up to! Just lovely! I see snow on our distant mountains...
    Thanks for sharing Blondie with us. She is fast becoming one of my favorites! :)
    Tell your Mom "Hi" for me..ok?

  34. Cindy you and Jane got to meet! That is so wonderful. You two are both such special people. Very cool! You both look so gorgeous!

    What a fun and elegant place! I enjoyed the pretty tour. :)

  35. Thanks for the stroll through your part of the coutry. I may have to visit it sometime!

  36. Cindy so glad you all had a good time...Jane had a nice post about it also...

  37. Wow, Cindy just beautiful! The mansion, your home, by the way if you find that someone broke in and stole those cardinal plates you'll have to look all the way to Jersey to find them. lol
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugz, z

  38. Oh Cindy, what a wonderful trip! I don't know which was better - two fun bloggers meeting; staying at that charming B & B, or maybe the scene of the fresh fallen snow. Oh heck! It all looks absolutely fabulous. That bed; that balcony; you two beauiful bloggers - I loved seeing all of it. I am little jealous though. laurie

  39. Cindy, how wonderful that you and Jane and the boys could get together! Your photos are great, and I love the B & B! How I would love to take my hubby there...we would so enjoy a place like that!

    So happy for you all that you had a great visit...you're right, the blogging world has the best people ever!

    Merry Christmas...God bless!

  40. Hi Cindy! Wow...what a fun and festive getaway weekend you had! That B and B was beautiful! Sigh!! I need a getaway!! Whew!! Back to reality! How nice that you were able to meet a fellow blogger. I think that is really neat! Oh and that view outside your window...as you said...picture perfect postcard! Have a great week! Hugs!

  41. Cindy, I know (and love Jane too) so I can well imagine what a blast you two had. I'm so glad that you shared your experience with Blogland. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  42. What a beautiful place to meet a new friend and have such a fabulous time! Everything you shared is just so amazing, I don't know where to start‚ the B & B, the store windows, the view outside your window. I love it all, but the best part is making new friends.

    btw, your Cardinal table is stunning! Thanks for dropping by The Hut, it led me to your cottage and what a delightful place to visit.

  43. Hi Cindy! I'm trying to get caught up with visiting and I see I've missed so much. How wonderful you and Jane got to spend so much time together. It looks like a perfect town to spend time in during the Christmas season. The B & B was so lovely. I oohed and aahed over all the wallpaper! I'm so old-fashioned that way! LOL!
    Christmas Hugs,

  44. Sounds like you all had a fabulously fun time. And the B&B is gorgeous. The snow makes everything look picture perfect as well. Thanks for sharing.

  45. That looks like such fun!!!
    And what a romantic B & B to stay in. The view from your room was awesome.
    I loved all the ballgowns displayed.

  46. Oh Cindy, this just looks like you had the best time. I just can't believe that beautiful B&B and the mansion next door. All the pictures are just wonderful. It really is such fun to meet fellow bloggers and you are so right, they will be friends forever. I am so thrilled for you that you guys got to meet. I follow her blog and she is the sweetest person. Thanks also for stopping by my TT post. You always leave the nicest comments. You asked about the tealight candle stems that I used. Actually they are part of my GW finds. I found them at 2 different GW's right after Easter. It seems that's when a lot of people must be cleaning house. I hope you have a very Blessed Christmas. Love ya, Hugs, Marty

  47. Hi Cindy,
    What a great time for you and Jane and the hubbies! Galena looks like my kind of place, too! Real history, and so pretty with the snow everywhere. You're definitely not in California!! I'd love to stay for a few days and poke around in all the stores and historic homes...
    It's wonderful that you could cement your friendship with this weekend meeting. Both of you are special and lucky to have had the opportunity.
    Have a beautiful Christmas!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  48. I was on Janes site and I loved her pictures so much that I thought I would pop over to your site. I just can't get enough of this little town and the beautiful BandB. so beautiful in the snow and the shop windows! Like a fairy tale! Glad you got to meet! There are some wonderful people here that share common interests! Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing! Sherri@lavenderfields

  49. Glad you hear you had a wonderful time in Galena. Come back and visit soon. Lots of fun things to see and do...and great food and wine to taste! Visit our site for help planning your next trip. http://www.visitgalena.org

  50. What a great post!! I'm so happy you all were able to get together. You both are just beautiful. What a delightful place to stay. It is gorgeous!! What a beautiful place to make memories and new friends... hugs ~lynne~

  51. Hi Cindy,
    It's great that you and Jane met and that it went so well (and that the husbands did some male bonding)! I enjoyed seeing all your great photos. The b&b looked amazing.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

    P.S. Sorry I'm not showing up on your reading list. You might try following again and see if that helps. If not let me know. Thanks!

  52. Mornin' sweet friend...

    Just thought I'd stop by for a cup of coffee this mornin' before the day get crazy busy! Hehe! Got the coffee pot on? Wow...as the days go by...it just gets busier and busier! How are you doing, my friend? You never told me what ya'lls Christmas plans are...are you staying home and having family in or are you traveling? We will be staying home...just Russell, me, and the two kiddos...so it'll be pretty quiet! I am really missing my daughters and grandkids right now...sure wished that we could get together! My youngest, Jenni, and her family will be coming up to Nebraska to see her in-laws for Christmas. We may try and drive over there to spend a couple of days with them after Christmas...we'll see! Jenni's MIL has cancer and isn't doing very well...she is only 50! It's so sad! So the kids are planning on driving from Texas to Nebraska to spend Christmas with her. It's about a 5 hr. drive from our place. I'm hoping that we can see them!

    Well Darlin'...just wanted to come by and say hello! I was thinking about you, my sweet friend!!! Have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya, Sweetie!

  53. Thanks for your visit and sweet comment, Cindy. I wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, in case I don't get a chance again. This week, actually, these past weeks have been so busy. I am traveling again, this time in California for a niece' graduation. And I met another sweet blogger also named Cindy. She and her hubby drove 2.5 hrs. to meet us. Isn't that too sweet? Happy Holidays!....Christine

  54. Love the blog post. Your pictures are beautiful. And I bet it was fun. I was fixing and still doing so the follow I did on your post about your other trip to Galena. Just trying to get the links and tags fixed there when I spotted this one trying to find the old post. take care, have more fun.


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