Met Monday/Blue Monday/Thrifty Treasures/a chair/a wreath/ a deal!

Today I'm going for the gusto!! I mean the triple post! Please visit these lovely ladies blogs for so much creativity your head will spin! Susan, Sally, Rhoda

These lovely plates were found while on vacation recently in North Carolina. They were in a backroom of 2nds and close-outs! They fit my kitchen/dining area with the colors and style and the best thing they were mega reduced! Each plate was only $2.00 and the rack was $2.00 for a grand total of $6.00 !

The blackberry plate has very blue- berries and I love the little green polka dots!

I have been looking for a wreath project! I found this one in a magazine and on some other talented bloggers sites and thought I would give it a go! All supplies were bought at the dollar tree for a grand total of $5.00! You wrap the ribbon around the wreath and add a little glue to keep it in place.

All dollar tree supplies!

Get out the handy glue gun and go to town! Place the shells in various directions and layer to give more dimension!

TA-Da! I added blue ribbon for a little more interest and it will hang in my blue bathroom!!

I have been looking for a wooden office chair and of course I wanted it cheap! This one fit the bill and with a little bit of work....by my talented hubby.  The chair only cost $10.00 !

A coat of primer!

Two coats of Cottage White paint by Behr,  new casters and paint. Grand total of $20.00!

Now here's the Pottery Barn version.  There's is $299.00 before shipping, taxes and cushions!

And here's my $20.00 chair with an inexpensive cushion from IKEA for $10 and a pillow I already owned!

Another view, thanks for coming by.  Cindy


  1. the chair turned out fabulous, oh so amazing the power of paint isn't it?

    and the shell wreath is gorgeous, I must get around to making one of those


  2. The plates are cute, but that chair re-do...Awesome! The shell wreath is beautiful too! Great job!

  3. The plates and the rack are just too cute. I just love them and the price is unreal. YOur shell wreath is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job. Very pretty. Love the chair. What a great find. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Cindy! I cannot believe you got those plates for $2 a piece. They are so pretty and I love the dots too. An that wreath looks like it was done professionally. And of course, I like the wooden office chair....Christine

  5. Love the wreath! The starfish is great! The chair turned out awesome!

  6. Cindy your chair is fabulous girl!! It turned out great. Must be the night for shell wreaths. Your's is the second one I've seen. I'm going to have to put one together for my daughter. She would love it... hugs ~lynne~

  7. Great deal on the cute plates and rack. Really like the wreath and your chair redo.

  8. Great wreath ... I'm inspired to do one myself. But the best is the chair ... wow!! What a great transformation! Now I want to go get one! Thanks for sharing ... and please do visit some time.

  9. You did go for the "gusto" and you won Cindy
    The plates and the holder was an unbelievable deal
    The wreath was so very pretty....I really liked that very much
    my heart stopped when I saw the chair.....I have the huge old wooden desk that the chair probably went with....my FIL GAVE US THE DESK and I love it more than his son does....we almost didn't get it through our front door let alone in the office....they had the beautiful wooden captain office chair but sent it off to Goodwill....I liked to have died of a heart attack....
    this desk is wider than a twin bed and may be a 3/4 but not that long....I love it....it has the little wooden boards you pull out to write on......love it.....You did a wonderful job with the chair.......
    angel hugs

  10. Wow, that chair is straight out of Pottery Barn!! Fabulous job!

  11. Hi Cindy! I love your plates! What wonderful finds! And your wreath is sooo cute! I'm heading on over to Dollar Treee! Love the chair! Your hubby is a talented guy! have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  12. Hi Cindy, the polka dot plates are beautiful and a great buy too! Don't you just love it when you find just the right thing and it's a bargain too! The chair makeover is fabulous! It was meant to be white. Please repost when you find/make that perfect cushion. The wreath is just beautiful. I am a seashell collector. I have a huge glass canister filled with shells from every vacation we've taken, and friends and family bring me shells to add to my jar whenever they go on vacation. Have a great week! Hugs, Loretta

  13. Cindy, Love the plates - especially the polks dots! The wreath is too cute!! and the chair - wow!! You are really creative, girl! Linda

  14. Yes Cindy, we know you are a little backwards....LOL !
    I love that chair - looks like a pottery barn for $ 399.00- fab job - wasn't it soooo easy ?
    That wreath is the cutest I have seen in blogland so far - the ribbon make it - great choice.
    The plates and rack was a steal and so so rich looking !
    hugs ~ Kammy

  15. Cindy,
    Those plates are too cute. What a deal! I love the way the seashell wreath turned out. Very good idea. And the chair looks fab! I am need of an office chair too. You've been a very busy bee!
    Thanks for sharing,

  16. I do like those plates! Happy Blue Monday.

  17. The shell wreath is gorgeous! I can't believe you only spent $5.00 making it. If you bought it finished at one of the shops on Cape Cod, you'd easily spend over $50.00 for it.

    The chair was a great find and looks terrific painted.


  18. i love all your things..the wreath is adorable!

  19. I love your treasures! Those plates a wonderful -- your wreath would match my upcoming tablescape for this coming Thursday and great chair -- I'm going to tackle painting two items from my kitchen hopefully this coming weekend - I'm so inspired by seeing what others are doing! Aren't you?

  20. Everything is lovely, and I've got to have a shell wreath just like that for my blue bathroom. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration, and Happy Blue Monday!

  21. Hi Cindy, love all your pictures. The plates and shell wreath are just gorgeous! Happy Blue Monday.


  22. I had a chair like that once loved it because I can remember my fathers boss when I was a young girl sitting in a similiar one. I also love the seashell wreath what a wonderful idea and oh so special

  23. Wow, very nice. Those plates are gorgeous. I love the chair! Great job!!!

  24. Wow, Cindy! You have a whole pack of treasures in one! Love the plates and the chair, and that wreath is so clever. I have that same DT blue check ribbon! And I can't believe the prices you found on things. Great deals!

    Love to you today and always...


    Sheila :-)

  25. Morning, Cindy! Oh, what gorgeous plates and the holder! $6? What a deal! Your wreath is just beautiful! Love how you put all the shells on it to make it full and the big star fish just sets it off!
    The chair! It looks great! I have a similar one with arms that I use at my sewing desk! These are oak, you know, very sturdy!
    Thanks for popping in this morning.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. I adore the little fruit plate. They would fit in well at my place.
    The finished wreath is beautiful!

  27. Hi Cindy,
    Wow! I love your plates! You have made a sweet summertime wreath and great job on your office chair! You've been a busy lady! Happy Blue Monday.


  28. Love the plates, LOVE the wreath, and really, really love that office chair! I keep seeing those on blogs, and I wish I had the room to squeeze one in here!

  29. I love the wreath you made, but the redo of that chair is the star here. I love your blog. It reflects the time and effort you put into it.

  30. Hi Cindy
    Love your plates, but that wreath is CUTE. I have seen a couple while surfing yesterday (no pun intended).
    Your chair look like a good twirly one.
    Happy Blue Monday
    Love Claudie

  31. Love your finds and LOVE your wreath you made! That desk chair is awesome, I so want one of those!

  32. Hi Cindy!
    Great post! Enjoyed all the goodies! Those plates are so pretty! What a great deal! Your wreath looked so easy to make and came out great. Loved it! The office chair turned out fabulous! Awesome job! Huggy Hugs!

  33. CIndy - I am amazed! I loved all three of these! The plates are adorable and boy! Was that price right!
    I have got to go to a Dollar Tree. I am going to copy your wreath an put it in my office/guest room.
    And the chair! (But I would definitely need a cushion cause I have no rear-end!!!!!) Love the view especially. (Seen any bears lately? Oh I forgot, you are OK cause you can just climb the ladder to the roof! YAY!) LOL
    I love teasing you. Sorry! ;}
    Great, great post! I'm off to the Dollar Tree store!

  34. Cindy, all cute things, those plates are beautiful. And the wreath is really neat too. My fave is that chair! Love the old vintage style of it & now it looks brand new with the casters.

  35. You rock! LOVE the chair LOVE the wreath and LOVE the plates. You go girl!

  36. Wow what a lot of creativiy. I love the curtains behind the white chair that I also love.

    Those plates are great. They were a steal at that price.


  37. Wow, love how the chair looks! I use Cottage White by Behr as well! Love the color!

  38. OMG Cindy, that chair is fantastic, but the work on that wreath is just so gorgeous! You did a great job! KUDOS!

  39. GM Cindy...girl I love that wreath you made..it looks simple enough...but oh the burnt fingers I get every time I use my glue gun ha ha!! But hey no home should be without one right!! Girl you did great on those plates also..it all is wonderful what you have done...May you have a great week my dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  40. Howdy Cindy
    Happy Belated Blue Monday.
    I am late ,I took some much needed family time yesterday.
    Your photos are all so lovely.
    I am so happy for you ,an office chair that is all your own :)
    I love the wreath I must try that.
    The plates are so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing the awesome how to and makeovers and all the many delightful photos made my day.
    Blessings of joy to you and yours.
    Happy Trails

  41. Cindy,
    Your view is wonderful and so is the office chair. It turned out better than great!!! I love the shell wreath too. I may just have to run over to Dollar Tree & buy me some supplies to make one.

  42. Hello Dearheart...

    Sheeshh...I've been slackin'...haven't I??? So sorry Girlfriend that I missed this post! Well...better late than never, right? Hehe!

    Ohhhhh...Cindy, I just love your new plates! Girl, if I had seen them, I would have definitely bought them...they are so me! I just love them and you got such a great deal on them too! I bet they look beautiful in your kitchen! I don't know why but I have always gravitated toward anything and everything berries...especially blackberries and raspberries!!!

    Ohhh myyyy goodness...I love your pretty shell wreath!!! Girl, you did great!!! It turned out so pretty and I love the pretty little blue polka dot ribbon running through it!!! I'd love to make one! Bet it looks pretty in your blue bath!!! Darlin'...you're soooo talented!!! We sure would have lots of fun together, wouldn't we? I just love doing crafts like that! We have so many things in common...can't believe that you live clear off in Wisconsin! wink!

    Love your old oak chair too! You did a great job painting it! I have one that looks almost like yours...I found it for a couple of bucks I think! But I just left it in the oak finish...it's downstairs at the computer desk! It weighs a ton...they just don't make chairs like that anymore!

    Well Darlin'...I love all of your treasure finds and your shell wreath!!!

    Love ya,

  43. This post is just filled with inspiration! I adore your new plates! The shell wreath is beautiful, and that chair makeover is amazing! You rock! (I hope one of your prizes will be one of those lovely handmade shell wreaths, cause I sure want it)! laurie

  44. Hey Girlfriend...

    Was just going through all of the Friday Furniture makeovers and seen you link! Just had to stop by! Ohh yes...I remember your pretty chair...I love how you transformed it...gave it new life! Girl, love the photos of it in front of your big picture window...gorgeous! I love, love, LOVE your fabulous shell wreath too...you did such a great job making it!!!

    How are you doing today, Darlin'? Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!
    Love ya,

  45. The wreath is sooo cute and such a great idea. Much easier to dust than a dried flower wreath! And I love that chair. It looks exactly like the PB one. I actually have this same chair and I've been toying with painting it white. It think this has swayed me. :) Thanks for linking up and for the inspiration.


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