Blue Monday/Beautiful Charleston

It's Blue Monday with our hostess Sally! Thank-you Sally for hostessing this weekly event! I wanted to share a few pics of some awesome blues!

We recently returned from a trip to Asheville, N.C. and Charleston S.C. Although I loved both cities, the homes in Charleston were awe inspiring . There is so much history in this city and it has so much southern charm. I loved the blue shutters , they really add so much to these charming homes.

This fountain was part of a mansion that we toured! Look at the cool blue water, so inviting and peaceful!

And my Clematis! I look forward to these blooming every summer. The previous owners planted them and they are a lovely shade of bluish purple.

They have really spread on this side of our house. I hope to share more pics of the lovely homes of Charleston soon! Have a great week my friends, Cindy


  1. I want to dive into that fountain!

  2. Cindy, my sister used to live in Charleston, and I miss visiting there on a regular basis SO much. It's one of my top five cities in the US. Love it!

    And your clematis is gorgeous. I wish I had a greener thumb.


    Sheila :-)

  3. I love historic homes and Charleston SC sure has it's share!The colors of the homes are so cool and refreshing. I love the fountain, and the brick walkway around it is beautiful. Your clematis is gorgeous. I love they way you have the ladder displayed next to it. Hope you had a fun weekend! Hugs, Loretta

  4. Cindy, Love the pics! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  5. I like the color combination on the first house pictured. It does look grand. Your blooms are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Well, now I need to go to Charleston! I am looking forward to more pictures of your trip there -- it looks amazing!
    Gorgeous clematis, too -- love it. it is so HEALTHY looking!

  7. The blue and yellow house is my favorite. I would love to have a fountain like that one!

  8. The homes and fountain are so pretty. Thanks for the tour. Your clematis are beautiful

  9. Someday - SOMEDAY I will get to the east coast. I love history, and could spend weeks and weeks just wandering around all the states. I especially want to go to some of the cemeteries As for the humidity . ...well that just might determine what time of year we go! "Sweating is not an option" you know! (hehehe)
    beautiful blues, loved the fountain, and love your Clematis! (Is the ladder for you to escape from the bear?) LOL. Sorry - had to throw that in. :}
    Have a wonderful, wonderful day! Karen

  10. Cindy,
    Beautiful,can't wait to see more pictures!

  11. I love the blues you've chosen to share with us. I do love that first house. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hey Girlfriend...

    Just wanted to stop by and leave a quick note...we're heading out to the grocery store. Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards are pretty bare after being gone for two weeks! Hehe! We had a fabulous time...I loved every minute of it! All three of my girls and all the grandkids were able to get together every day...it was so sweet!!!

    It looks like you had a wonderful time on your vacation as well! I've never been to Charleston or Asheville but would lovvvve to go! You took some beautiful photos! Looking forward to catching up with you Darlin'! Hopefully things will slow back down this week and I can get back to my blog!

    Have a marvelous Monday, my friend!
    Love ya,

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Your pictures are lovely! Thanks for sharing and Happy Blue Monday!


  14. Hi Cindy, I agree that Charleston is such a beautiful city....so graceful. Your pictures are lovely!


  15. Hi Cindy at Applestone, I love your wide page format and bigger photos. Charleston looks so inviting, but I'm jealous of that clematis! Love it.

    Kathy b

  16. Don't think I would want that humid heat but oh do I want those shutters. Lovely series of pictures.

  17. I love those blue shutters! Aren't they charming? Your clematis looks so pretty! Glad you got back to see it blooming! laurie

  18. What fabulous photos, Cindy! I love the white house with the blue shutters and door! I could live there forever! That fountain is fabulous! The jackmani clemantis is fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!


  19. That fountain is beautiful and looks so cool. I have never visited Charleston, but hope to when I return to my cousin's in South Carolina. We went to Savannah last year while there.

    I'm running behind with my drawing, but just added your entries and am double checking all of them. My DHs brother died early Friday morning, so things have been hectic around here.
    Thanks for stopping by Playing Dishes.

  20. Cindy I seen a few I could just move into...WOW!! what a fun trip you must of had...now girl I love that Old apple ladder you also have...and the fountain is to die for...wonderful post my friend...and you can come and stay in my guest room any old day...Love ya sis...May you have a great week...me I hope to get that dang guest room done..think I took on more that I could do in just a weekend..Have you ever been in a bigger mess than when you started...thats me...ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  21. The photos are beautiful and the houses are so charming, Cindy! I am so far behind too, just got back from the Caribbean, came home for 3 days and then left for Destin again. We just got back again last night. I am still trying to catch my breathe!...Christien

  22. Cindy, Asheville and Charleston are certainly two wonderful cities. The Biltmore house is beautiful, but you are right - Charleston takes the prize! The pictures you showed are fabulous - so Frenchy with their blue shutters and ironwork - love it! Linda

  23. i would swim in that fountain to! Your clematis are awesome, I've never had luck with them...and I sure wish i had.

  24. What a beautiful blue post. The fountain is incredible. I'm sure you had a great time on the tour. Sounds like fun.
    hugs ~lynne~

  25. Oh how stunning and gorgeous Cindy! ;)

  26. Such a charming city. And you look so cute, Cindy! I can imagine how much fun you had touring those old houses. I love touring antebellum houses too, they have so much character. I love the porches. Thanks for taking us on a tour....Christine

  27. We love Charleston! That's where we're going to retire! --- as soon as we win the darn lottery!!!!

    Thanks for your visit today and kind words!

    See ya!


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