A Fireplace and Door Facelift /Met Monday/ TodaysThrifty Treasures

Hi All! I hope you all had a wonderful week-end and got all rested up for the week ahead.

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Today I'm joining Susan @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ and Rhoda @ http://southernhospitality.blogspot.com/ for there blog parties. Please give them a visit when your finished here. I like my stone fireplace but have always felt it was a little too rustic for my taste. The previous owners had made a rustic looking mantle and it was supported by these big ugly posts. I also thought the gold doors looked pretty bad and needed a changed. See pic above and below for before pics of our fireplace. We've lived in this home for almost 2 years and are gradually getting it to where we want.

I was so happy when Dan said he would do a fireplace face lift! Oh joy, a new mantle for me! Keeping the thrifty in mind he started out with a can of black spray paint to the doors.

Old mantle removed and he's getting ready to go!

Black paint to the doors.

We found these travertine tiles on sale at Home Depot for 15.00 a box. We took a chance and just bought one box and actually had one tile to spare. There is a lot of tedious work getting the tiles on and grouted just right. It's hard to tell, but the tiles have lots of interesting variations that add some character and the off white brightens things up a bit.

My talented hubby then went to work constructing a new mantle. Our floors our hickory so he used a combination of walnut,maple, and cherry to give it variations. He also used the old mantle as his core.

Here you can see the routered edges he added. I am so happy with the lovely wood variations and the beautiful edges.

We found these cool bronze metal brackets last week-end and I thing they add a nice touch.

A finished view!

I am so happy with the results! Total thrifty cost for our fireplace facelift is about $50.00 and of course a lot of hard work by hubby! I bid on a fireplace screen that I love on E-bay and lost but then I got offered a 2nd chance at the highest price I was willing to pay so hurray, hurray it's on its way. I'm also working on a new wreath to put up and a few new decor ideas!

Now on to the ugly steel door. This door is at the end of the hall that leads out to our garage. I thought we should just replace it because it was major ugly and there were dents in it. Dan thought that he could fix it up just fine and make it look lovely!

He primed and painted and smoothed out the dents. He then painted the inside of the indentations an apple red and crackled over them. The rest of the door was painted a cottage white.

A finished view! I can't believe it's the same door and it brightens everything up so much!
I won't be posting much this week because the County Fair starts and I'm taking some exhibits! I will be coming around to visit all of you as much as I can. Have a wonderful week! Cindy


  1. Oh your fireplace makeover is lovely! What a difference!

    Debbie :)

  2. What a transformation! I love the black paint with the stone and the travertine matches beautifully! That was a good idea. Of course, I knew the mantel would turn out beautifully. ~ Robyn

  3. What a difference that makes ... love it! Good luck at the fair! TTFN ~Marydon

  4. The fireplace looks fabulous. I love the tile and the mantel is just gorgeous. He did such a wonderful job, so pretty. The door turned out just awesome. You do have a talented hubby. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh Cindy what an awesome job Dan did on both of these projects...He is so good girl...that fireplace doesn't even look like the same one...and WOW!! on that door...Now I want you to know I just drooled over that crock Cindy...May you have a great show at the fair my Dear friend...I will talk to you when I get back from Texas leave tomorrow...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Cindy,
    I can't believe what a difference you were able to make for only $50.00! It looks so wonderful and I know you are enjoying it. The door looks so much better too. I bet it really does brighten things up.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. I like how both projects turned out. I was skeptical about just changing the mantle, thought it might just look out of place with the stone...but I WAS WRONG!

    The door is much nicer, too. Your husband is talented, too, as I'm sure you realize.

  8. Love the transformations--you tow are certainly talented. That rocker is amazing--is there a history to it?
    Come over for a visit anytime...

  9. Hi Cindy, very nice make-over for your fireplace! It turned out beautiful! I have your same rocker! Aren't they great and comfy to! My mom had gotten it for me for my birthday a few years ago. Then years ago my mom had purchased a chair like that for both of my daughter-n-laws for their baby showers and she also had one, she passed away last year. I hope that you have a wonderful day!

  10. Cindy, your fireplace makover is lovely! Love the idea of painting the screen! The door is so full of charm and character now! Your hubs is a gem!


  11. Oh Cindy, everything your hubby touches transforms into something incredible. I need to borrow him, lol! How can he be so talented! But of course, a lot of ideas I know come from you. You make a great pair! Your home is so warm and beautiful...Christine

  12. Fireplace redo looks great. Nice work.

  13. Hi Cindy !
    I am so in love with your new mantle ! Your hubby did great once again - think he's a keeper !
    The door had a great facelift too !
    Hugs ` Kammy

  14. Cindy I would say that Dan is a keeper. He is like my DH they work cheap and they aim to please us. How beautiful everything looks, and the idea on the door is devine. It looks so new and fresh. He did a great job on the mantel also. Just awesome. Kudos to both of you. Outstanding!! Have a wonderful time at the Fair and good luck on your entries. Country Hugs, Sherry

  15. That is a fantastic change. I love both the fireplace and the door.
    A steel door is good to have between the garage and the house! Glad you kept it.

  16. What a great makeover! I love what you've done to the door too. Great job!

  17. Hi Cindy,
    Those are two amazing makeovers! The fireplace mantle is beautiful and the tiles look great. They give the fireplace a fresh new look!
    I love crackle! I do crackle on just about everything but I've never thought to do it on a door! It looks fabulous! What a talented guy you've got. The red undercoat was just the perfect color! Hmmmmm....I wonder if you can crackle an entire wall? Hugs, Loretta

  18. great job,,you cant beat the price and talented he sure is! Have fun at the fair.

  19. Wow, not one but TWO great transformations! I'd say you've earned a week off to focus on the fair!

    Good luck at the fair ... you know we'll want to know all about it ... lots of pics, OK?

    Bye for now,

  20. Did you a special type of paint for the door? I love it and want to paint our door now!

  21. Great job on the fireplace! You are lucky to have such a talented DH!
    I can just see it all decorated for the seasons, Cindy!

  22. Wow, do you do this much every week. I need a nap.

  23. Both are nice transformations, but oh that mantle and tile work...gorgeous!!!

  24. Cindy, what a fabulous transformation! Everything worked out just perfectly and it is so charming. I have tile around mine, too, but it is 30 years old and ugly, and I would love to use what you used. Linda

  25. Oh Cindy I love your fireplace.. and the makeover. Mr Dan is quite the carpenter! Hopefully you got my email letting you know my package arrived all safe an sound.. I did a post today showing it off. Drop by if you get a chance and tell me what ya think. I love my sweet teapot.. and thank you so much for it.

  26. Fabulous makeover on your fireplace and door! I want to work on mine and lay new tile too! You did a great job. Hugs!

  27. Cindy, I swear your Dan is a magician! That fireplace looks fabulous -- SO much more sophisticated and sleek ... I love it!

    Love the door too. Your hubby is amazing! Love your house with all the special handmade touches -- so charming!

  28. Hello! I came over from Debbie @ JadeHollow. I love your blog! What a great metamorphis! and for only $50! Ya'll did good! I love the door too! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  29. WOW! What you can do with a mantel like that at Christmas!! I can't wait to see what happens! Just beautiful...and large! Gorgeous!
    And the door...I have never seen one like that! I love it! Oh to have my energy back. Soon I hope!
    You are taking things to the Fair!
    Please do share with us what you take and be sure and take loads of pictures! :) What fun! ENJOY! :)
    See you soon!
    Hugs and smiles~

  30. Ok these are two class makeovers. The door is fabulous. What a cool idea. Does Dan use a brush or a roller to get such a good crackle?

    The fireplace mantle is a work of art. He is truly gifted with wood.

  31. Hello Cindy - nice to meet you! Love your fireplace and door make-overs! What a talented hubby you have. Both make-overs look fabulous! You've inspired me to paint the brass around my fireplace! Did you have to use a special fire-retardant paint?


  32. Hi Cindy! I love your new fireplace...especially those grape brackets! And your door really looks nice. You did a great job! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  33. Ok, you really scared me for a minute...I thought you were going to change that beautiful stonework on the fireplace! I love the makeover, and it's just perfect, like it was supposed to be! The door redo is great too. Oh, I just love that room, with the fireplace. I can't wait to see how you decorate it for Christmas, so now I'm a follower!

  34. I would give anything to hang out at the Jackson County Fair with you Cindy!! We could look at all the exhibits and be reminded at all the 4-H projects we brought each year.
    Remember the carmel popcorn lady? Hot carmel drizzled over popcorn, devoured with a spoon... oh my gosh, the best!
    Can't wait to hear all about the fair and to see your exhibits!
    Hey, check out the blog post I did about my 4-H dress revue dress- http://lindathompson.blogspot.com/2007/04/sewing-in-70s.html

  35. WOW! Cindy how fantastic! :)
    Your fireplace re-do looks just stunning. Love the grape finials.

  36. Oh it is such a good thing ya'll didn't make it to Ark. I would have kidnapped Dan and kept him at my house for awhile! Between the two of you, your makeovers are just incredible! Both transfor-mations are wonderful! I'm so glad you went to big pictures. I love seeing your home with so much clarity. laurie

  37. It looks great! What kind of paint did you use on the scree?

  38. Your fireplace makeover would be amazing at any price! It is so much more elegant. Your talented hubby did a great job on the all of it! But I can't believe how little it cost - WOW!
    Good luck at the fair! What exhibits are you doing? My "baby" goes off to college on the 22nd - I'm going to need some hints to fill my time. :D Jewel

  39. Hey Girlfriend...

    It sounds like your busy with fair and your exhibits! It sounds like fun...you'll have to let me know how you do with your entried!!!

    Girl, I love your big ol' stone fireplace...I bet lots of work went into that beauty! I just love what ya'll did to update it...love the black doors and ohhhh...the mantle that Dan made is gorgeous!!! I just can't believe how different it looks! I also like the travertine tile...it really lightens the entire fireplace...so pretty!!! I'm so happy for you, Sweetie! And I would have never believed that was even the same door if you hadn't told me! Hehe! Your Dan sure is a handy man to have around! I love the red crackled door inserts! So pretty!!!

    Well Darlin'...you have fun at the fair this week and I'll talk with you soon!

    Love ya,

  40. Can I borrow your husband to come over and fix up my fireplace? Great job and it looks so pretty against the beautiful stone.

  41. Oh so much better! I love both projects!

  42. The fireplace is GORGEOUS - and what a smart and inexpensive solution for the door- it looks great!

  43. Love that fireplace wall!! The changes are so creative, kudos to the contractor. :) Door is really cool too, I love crackle.

    Thanks for linking up to SNS #6!

    Funky Junk Donna

  44. Your fireplace is lovely!!! I, too, have a stone fireplace and I'm always looking for new decorating ideas.

  45. Hi Cindy!!!!
    Your door is great...lovin the crackel and the mantel goes without saying...fabulous.
    I'm really in love with your pillow on the rocker!!!! How cute is that!!!
    Loved visiting,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  46. Wow what a transformation! The black spray has done absolute wonders for the fireplace!

  47. The fireplace redo is great...I do love the rock,too. That door redo is amazing...Thanks for joining my blog! I following you as well! Lezlee

  48. I was just wondering how the paint on the doors had faired over time. Has the paint chipped or anything. Could you please tell us what process and products your DH used in refinishing these doors? Thank you.


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