Thrifty Thursday/ Or my thrifty (cheap) auction finds!

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday. Our hostess tonight is Chandy of What Now Tablescapes. Chandy is filling in for Leigh who is going on vacation. (lucky gal) Last Saturday was a beautiful day in the mid 70's. I attended an auction at a little town about 6 miles from us. The owners had been antique dealers for 20 years and this was their 2Nd auction. I was surprised at the low attendance. Probably because the weather was so nice or maybe because of their previous auction. After a short time I realized that things were going pretty darn cheap and I thought I better get in on the action.

I got this old chair for a dollar. It's sturdy and with some paint I think it can be darling. I might use it outside and put a pot of geraniums on it.

I got a huge box of old vintage ads for two dollars. I don't know my plans for these yet but they are sure fun to look at.

I also bid and won for 5 dollars an old box of postcards. The one above is an example. Some had been marked quite high. I think this one was from 1911 and is a real photo with color added.

I then bid on these neat old malt/milkshake glasses with stirrers. 2 dollars.

One of my favorite wins. This is a vintage hull covered dish.

Here's the inside. Only 2 dollars! Oh yes, I was thrilled, this had been marked for sale at $25.00

And my last neat win is this old watercolor. I loved the blues and water scene with the windmill. I only paid $2 for this one too! Total for these great finds.... $15.00. They plan on having another auction soon, they shut this one down early. I don't think they were happy with how low things were going. Now head on over to Chandy's @ http://whatnowtablescapes.blogspot.com/


  1. Hi Cindy! You got some great deals! I can't believe the prices!! I think the watercolor is my favorite! I can't wait to see what you do with your chair! Ohhh...I love the idea of a pot of geraniums!! I hope you are having a great week...Debbie

  2. I have missed visiting you and so many others.. such a nice feeling to find my way here.. and see you have pull a really good bargain once again!!

  3. All I could do while looking at your great finds was utter, "wow!" Love it all especially the malt glasses with stirrers. I would so bid on those! Thanks for joining in! :-)

  4. What a bargain. I don't blame you for jumping in, the prices are really great. Love everything, especially the hull dish. Just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  5. my favorite's are the dish and postcards..I love spending time looking at old postcards,,its so amazing to think of what was going on in someone's life so long ago, knowing they are long gone.

  6. I wanted to stop in before I leave....great bargains here! I LOVE the vintage ads and postcards! What treasures those are! I will bet that was a fun box to pour into! I would love to look through it! I cant wait to see what you do with the chair! Great finds! Thanks for playing along.

  7. Cindy,

    Quite a pirates booty you brought home! The chair is so cool. I too recently bought a small chair and want to use it outside but am wondering if I need to use a special paint or polyurethane. Let me know what you do.

    I especially love the watercolor. Painting or re~framing will really show it off!!

    Have a great rest of the week! :-)


  8. I love the pink dish! The box of postcards is also amazing! What deals. :)

  9. Hi Girlfriend...

    Wowzer...you made off at that auction! All of those treasures for just $15!!! That fabulous water color art would have sold for much more than that...all by itself! It's beautiful!!! Ohhh...and that pretty little hull covered dish...I love hullware!!! Love that it's a divided dish...great find and super great buy!!! I like all of the old photo postcards...I have a bunch and I'm still thinking about what to do with them! I'd love to showcase them some how...I really don't want to just leave them packed away! I know that I could frame all of them...would love to come up with something more clever...got any ideas? Ohhh...and that old chair!!! I think putting a pretty pot of geraniums on it is a great idea...so pretty, my friend!!! I'm just so happy for you...you got some really great things!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...me too, Girlfriend! Would love to live closer to each other!!! We could do some shopping, couldn't we? Hehe!!!

  10. Oh my goodness! What great finds! I just redid an old chair and love it. Very sturdy. You got great deals!

  11. We had a Nash when I was a wee girl - - - and funny thing, I was just talking about it to my class yesterday!!!

  12. Cindy, You got some wonderful deals and I know you will be able to use them all in fun ways. The vintage pics, chair, and picture are my favorites - you hit the jackpot! Linda

  13. I love the dollar chair! What great finds! You have motivated me to get out on Saturday and see what I can find!

  14. Cindy, I love your auction wins. The hull covered dish is my favorite. But, living in dutch country I adore the watercolor. We have lots of dutch windmills in our area. I can't wait for the tulip festival. The post cards and old ads are awesome. And what a cute little chair. Awesome, girlfriend!!
    Hugs, Terrie

  15. The Hull dish is gorgeous! I would have paid alot more for it and considered it a deal!

  16. You had some really awesome finds!! The Hull dish? I am SOOOO jealous!

  17. Cindy, these deals are just amazing! I love everything you bought, so it's a good thing I wasn't at the auction. I would have been bidding against you! Recenty, I attended an auctin where everything was selling way too low, and the owner stopped the auction. I think that they should realize there is a possibility of that happening with an auction (this was also an antique store, and I think dealers should certainly be aware that an auction might bring a lot less than what they want to get)! I don't think it is right to advertise that they are having an auction and then stop the auction. There were people who had traveled distances to come to this auction. I got a few great deals before he stopped the bidding, and you did too. Lucky us! laurie

  18. Wow! Did you do good! I love the covered dish! And the postcards! And the picture! And the milkshake glasses! I guess I love it all and I think it was a good thing I wasn't there, cause I would've been bidding against you and we probably would've been cracking up the entire time!
    Great job!!!! Hugs!

  19. Hi Cindy,
    What a great find,especially the hull dish, I thought the auction we went to last week had some bargains but i believe you got me beat. However we are heading out this weekend hoping to find some deals, I am looking forward to seeing how your chair turns out.

  20. Hi Cindy!

    I love the idea of geraniums in a pot on that sweet old chair. What a great idea for a chair that is past its prime!

    Love those milkshake glasses -- only problem is, I'd want to USE them! for milkshakes!

    And anytime you want to come to NJ, we have guest rooms and thrift shops waiting. :-)

  21. Hi Cindy,
    Wow! What great deals! You just see different things you can do with everything and love that hull dish. First time to your blog, I will be back :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. At each picture I was saying - "oooh, I love it!" or "I wish I'd been to that auction!" Chairs can go real cheap at auction - I once bought a wingback chair for a dollar and a set of dining room chairs for $5. I love your chair.

    The paper products that you won are so great. If you have space in your home buy 5 or 6 frames and put the advertisements in the frames and hang them as a group. Then every few months you can rotate the ads and enjoy them all. You could even do that with the post cards, too.

    Great job! You're going to have fun with all of it, I can tell.

  23. Wow you got some great stuff at terrific prices! I love going to auctions. We have one we go to on Thursday nights in Connecticut. It is amazing some of the great bargains...and it's soooo much fun to wave the little number and try to win!

  24. Wow! You made out like a bandit, Cindy Love those great finds especially the covered dish, what pretty colors. We have a home in FL and we go there a lot b/c the kids all live there that is why you probably thought we live there too. I would love for you to join us for Sightseeing Sat. Somehow only Chandy has joined so far so it wasn't even worth figuring out how to add Mr. Linky yet. Have a nice weekend!...Christine


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