Target Birdies on Holiday or Bill and Barbie's Big Adventure

It's the day we've all been waiting for! Leave it to Susan to come up with this idea! When your finished here ,head on over to her beautiful blog @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for more wacky and wild Target Birdies on Holiday! And now on to the saga of Bill and Barbie! (got to turn up the music for this one!)

Bill and Barbie had been waiting for what seemed like forever! Not that they didn't have any friends, but it was getting a little crowded in that old antique hutch. It' seems like every time they turn around that lady is stuffing more things in.

And although they enjoyed hanging out with Red and Robyn it seemed lately that Red was taking on a sinister look. Just look at those eyes! So with that crazy lady (whose always taking pics) turned away, they decided to make their get-away.

They had heard about a wise old troll who lived under a tree, maybe he could offer advise. He said, "Bill and Barbie you need not leave home, there is plenty adventure right under your noses. But be sure to get an education. Nothing is more important to your future". With a promise to heed his advice Bill and Barbie were off in flight.

Now Bill loved his wheels and when he got a gander of this, well how could Barbie refuse!

Bill also liked his pretty girls! But this was one thing Barbie was not having any of.

So he whisked her off to a romantic spot, and whispered sweet nothings into her tail feathers,... soon all would be forgiven.

They went for a little dancing and partying at the Bird's Nest Inn. Those bluebirds sure know how to kick up their tail feathers!

With all the dancing and romancing Bill got carried away. The next thing you know Bill and Barbie are at the Little White Church saying their I Do's.

Fat Bluebird was kind enough to preside over the ceremony.

And just like they had promised, and before the honeymoon, Bill and Barbie took a quickie course through Miss Bear's School of Knowledge. They graduated with honors.

They hurried back to tell the wise troll all about there grand adventure!

But before this magical night comes to an end,it's off to dinner and a spot of tea.

And a romantic carriage ride home.

Then it's off to dreamland because tomorrow they are scheduled to work a tablescape. Sweet Dreams little birdies and you better get back in that hutch!


  1. Hi Cindy! How cute! I love your little birdie's adventure! All that kicking up their tail feathers at the Bird Nest Inn must surely have worn them out!!! And...needless to say...great music!!! Loved this fun post!!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Oh Cindy that was too funny girl..loved them taking a carriage ride..I just know this was going to be funny before I came here..great post dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Oh sweet! I love Bill and Barbie's adventure! Sounds like a great one!

  4. Cindy this is such a cute post!! They enjoyed their holiday and I enjoyed the story!

  5. Cindy,

    This was just darling! Such great fun!


    Sheila :-)

  6. So so cute! What is so funny about this is everyone actually calls me "Barbie" and my hubs name is "Bill." :-D
    Thx for sharing the cute post and for the laughs! Barb

  7. Oh Cindy...what an adventure! Bill and Barbie had me laughing...love their bike ride! :-) Love the music, too! :-) I love the darling little tea set...it was just their size! These little Target birds have so much personality! :-) Susan

  8. I loved your story and was glad the kitties didn't interfere with the birdies' adventure!

  9. I love a happy ending!!!! Your bird community really shines in this Cindy!
    I love the wedding chapel and the romantic carriage ride. :D Jewel

  10. It took me FOREVER to find your comments place. For the LONGEST time I thought you didn't allow comments. (I'm used to looking UNDER the post and I guess I'm too old to learn new tricks. Hehehehehehe)

    This bird post Mr. Linky was such a cute idea.

  11. It was fun to visit you and all the others doing the Target birds holiday posts. Now I wish I had some too. I could still get some I guess. Unless Target has sold out already.

  12. I'm so glad they listened to that wise troll! Great story!

  13. Hey Cindy..
    Great minds think alike.. My little birdies took a spin on a big wheel cycle too. Loved Bill and Barbie's adventure.

  14. HI Cindy! How cute was this little story! Bill and Barbie are just perfect for each other! :) Wasn't this so much fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. How romantic, so cute! LOL....Christine

  16. It looks as if love is in the air! Thanks for all the fun!

  17. Oh Cindy, this is a good one! How sweet that they get married by the fat bluebird (at least it wasn't the fat Robyn - LOL). Your little tea set is adorable, BTW! ~ Robyn

  18. So sweet! What a great adventure!

    Fun to visit to see Bill and Barbie's outing.

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and FArm

  19. Cindy, how cute! I'm so glad Bill and Barbie's adventure ended happily ever after! laurie

  20. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh my...you just gotta love Bill and Barbie!!! What a hoot, my friend!!! I got the biggest kick out of Bill's ride...hehe!!! (That's got to be the coolest picture!) I'd say that your birdie's adventure was alot like "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure...hehe!) You sure know how to tell a story, Cindy!!! I loved every word of it...and had myself a good ol' belly laugh!!! Oh yes, I just loved their little tea party too!!! Thank you so much, Sweetie...I really enjoyed your birdie's adventures and vacation photos...wink!

    Love ya,

  21. Cindy the little white church and carriage ride were so cute!!!! I really need to get a set of birdie shakers. Hopefully the birdies will have a new adventure sometime soon.

  22. How cute! You are so very clever!!

    If you like tulips come and see my OW post on the Missouri Governor's Mansion!

  23. What a darling post...you did GOOD!!
    XO bj

  24. The Birds Nest Inn! HAHA!

    Loved this. Too cute ! ;)

  25. Love the troll under the tree advise! What a cute pair! Mine are resting up for tomorrow's tablescape as well...

  26. So funny! What a cute story. I love your bird houses and other little birds too.


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