Met Monday/ The Hall Tree

Welcome to Susan's Met Monday! Met Monday is chalk full of wonderful before's and afters. Be sure to check out Susan's blog http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ to see more wonderful Met Monday posts. Several years ago I was really wanting a Hall Tree for my house. The one's I liked the most were made by the Amish. While shopping at a little mall one day, my hubby and I came across the perfect one. One problem, he had nothing to measure with and we didn't have a camera with us. Now my husband Dan teaches woodworking and Building Construction- beginner to advanced courses. Being the resourceful teacher that he is, he found a piece of paper, pencil and began sketching. Did I mention we had no tape measure. Well, he just happens to wear a size 12 shoe, so he used his foot as his measuring guide. Pretty Resourceful Hey!
Here is the sketch he made that day, with only his size 12 shoe as a guide.

Several weeks later, my new hall tree! He made it out of Red Oak. (Click on any pic to enlarge)

A closer view of the bottom.

A closer view of the top. My contribution was moral support and the little cushion I made. If you missed my first Met Monday Post, you can view it directly below this post. Thanks for stopping and have a great Monday. Cindy


  1. OMG Cindy this is totaly awesome girl..how great Dan is at wood working..and if the shoe fits ha ha!! just love tthis and your garage doors...WOW! I would have bet money on those being Iron my friend...I even mentioned to you one time about them...Hi_Five the MAN!! May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Wow! Your hall tree is just beautiful! What a smart hubby you have! He did a marvelous job!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. The hall tree is just gorgeous. Your DH did such a fabulous job. I also like the cushion. It is perfect in that spot. Beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a handy guy to have around!!
    It turned out really great...

  5. One of these days I would love it if my husband built me something!! That is gorgeous and amazing!!

  6. Cindy, your husband has just created a family heirloom. That is wonderful! I have always loved hall trees, too. Nice job! Linda

  7. It's wonderful to have a talented, crafty husband... what a great job he did! You should be proud... and that cheerleading on the side had to be the best thing to get him motivated in the right direction!

  8. Well I guess, a shoe or a tape measure didn't matter, he knew how to make it work! What a great looking piece! I think I'll send my hubby over to live with you for a while until he can come back and build me an entertainment center! LOL

    Love that piece!

  9. What a talented hubby you have!! Love this hall tree!! DH built me a small corner cubboard which I simply love - I wish he had time to do more of this kind of thing


  10. Cindy, you are going to have to farm him out if you keep showing us all these great things he makes! No fair keeping him to yourself! LOL!

    That is a neat piece, you lucky girl, you!



  11. Wow! This is fabulous, Cindy! Your hubby is so talented! Outstanding job or could it be your moral support?...Christine

  12. This is wonderful, Cindy! Your husband did a great job!!

  13. Wow Cindy that is amazing. Your hubby is one talented guy! I think the hall tree is just beautiful! Your rooster cushion looks wonderful on it too! I also love the ice skates hanging on the hook. Are they antiques? I've said this before, but I think I will buy hubby a book on woodworking for Christmas this year. Maybe I can inspire him to make me some pretty furniture too. Have a great week! Hugs, Loretta

  14. I come here to see the fab projects you have gotten your hubby to do! I wasn't disappointed at all! How beautiful!

  15. I love it! you have a talented husband, my Dad does wood work and builds with metals

  16. Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for coming by and following my blog! I really appreciate your visits and kindness. You're always welcome!

    The hall tree is just beautiful how it turned out.
    ~Wonderful MM transformation.

    Have a blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  17. Hi Cindy! I love that hall tree! Your hubby did a great job! He is so talented! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  18. What a beautiful hall tree Cindy!!!! Your hubby did a great job! :D Jewel

  19. OK, Cindy, now this is TRULY amazing. do you know how lucky you are? A guy who can not only MAKE that gorgeous hall tree, but do it without a measuring tape? Just using his shoe?
    I am awed!
    And the hall tree is really pretty... love it. Sure could use one here!

  20. Cindy, your husband is a genius! Of course you know that, because you are the genius who married him. What a beautiful job he did on the hall tree! Does he know how much he could sell something like this for? laurie

  21. He did a great job! It's beautiful! I like your role in the whole project, too! :)

  22. Cindy, I have always, always wanted a hall tree and yours is truely lovely! I used to keep my eye out for an antique one...I probably could work one in now..but it would have to be awfully slender...and yours is perfect. Um...you wanna trade something for it? Hmmmmmmm?? Naw..I guess not.
    Love and smiles to you.. :)

  23. Hi Cindy
    what a talented hubby you have! Wow. He did such a great job and good thing he had his shoes on and some paper and pencil! I'm sure he always has some paper and pencil to do things like that...wow. Love it!
    have a lovely day
    come by and visit when you have some time.

  24. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Ohhh myyy goodness!!! Cindy, I just love your hall tree...it's fabulous!!! Girl, you have such a sweet and awesomely talented husband!!! You are so blessed to have a honey that likes to make such beautiful furniture (and garage doors...hehe!) Seriously!!! I loved looking at the photo that he drew...that's really good too!!! And to think that he measured that entire piece with his size 12 shoe...hehe!!! Did you have people looking at ya'll while he was measuring it? So funny!!!

    Well this piece is simply exquisite...I love everything about it...even the little rooster cushion that you made! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us today...love, love, LOVE IT!!!

    Have a terrific Tuesday, Sweetie!
    Love ya,
    PS...Girl, I completely understand about trying to get this stuff figured out on the computer...sometimes it just takes me forever! No worries about your Sunday Favorites post...I hope that it goes more smoothly for you next time!!! I'm just so happy that you joined in!!!

  25. Your hall tree looks amazing! What a talent that is to be able to build it.

    Thanks so much for coming over to see my bedroom redo! The green balls came from Christmas Tree Shops. They had them in blue, green, black and red. I've also seen them at Pier 1. Most people put them in a bowl but I was afraid of two little toddler hands getting to them!

  26. You truly are lucky for having such an amazingly talented hubby, Cindy! That garage door and of course the hall tree are superb! Thanks for the birthday greetings and I would gladly love to share my dishes? When would you like to come over for dinner?..Christine

  27. What a handy and talented husband you have. The hall tree turned out awesome!


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